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Romantic Moment of the Week: Are Rafael and Jane Meant To Be?

Jane and Rafael bench talk promo image

THE SHOW: Jane the Virgin

THE PAIRING: Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni)

THE EPISODE: “Chapter Six” – (aired November 17, 2014)

THE MOMENT: In a romantic meant to be moment, Jane and Rafael finally kiss.

For those who haven’t been watching Jane the Virgin, you have been missing out on one of the most adorably funny and romantic shows in recent years (Selfie was on this list too before it met its unfortunate demise). The series has a kind of silly charm that sucks you into its ridiculous, yet enjoyable moments of romance, family, and humorous antics. Front and center is of course Jane, played by the amazing Gina Rodriguez, who accidentally gets impregnated through artificial insemination. The father? A rich and handsome man named Rafael (Justin Baldoni) she met and kissed five years earlier. Was it meant to be? Was it fate that brought them back together? That’s the ever important question of the week. Rafael believes in “meant to be” and perhaps Jane (ever the romantic) does too. The latest episode brings the two together closer than ever before with what we all want to talk about: Jane and Rafael’s shocking kiss!

While Jane’s feelings for Rafael are confused at best, one of the biggest confusions these past episodes is her engagement to another man. The writers even revealed Michael and Jane’s own meet cute (cop meets drunk 21 year old girl at birthday party; doesn’t arrest her…), and I could finally understand what Jane saw in him. Admittedly, I haven’t been on team Michael. He spent too much of his time doing anything he could to not have Jane raise the baby, including covering for a murder suspect, Rafael’s scheming and cheating wife. The whole situation was gross, so when Jane figures out the truth, she understandably needs some space. But would she give Michael another chance?

During “Chapter Six” (each episode a chapter), Jane confesses to Rafael her problems with fiancé Michael. Rafael later sees this as an opportunity to confess his own feelings for Jane before it’s too late, to convince her not to go back to Michael, claiming that he’s never had this kind of connection before in his life. He says:

Rafael confesses his feelings

Rafael: I’ve been the type of guy before that believes in fate or destiny. What are the chances, huh? We kissed five years ago and now we’re here? It sounds crazy, but doesn’t this all feel meant to be?

rafael confesses his feelings 2 fate and Jane

Rafael leaves Jane to consider what he said. Jane can’t help but think…

Jane meant to be

With these new thoughts in her head, Jane decides to forgive Michael but break off the engagement at the same time. Now I thought it would have ended there, leading to a slower build between Jane and Rafael…No, instead we got our romantic moment of the week, the romantic moment Jane had dreamed about all her life.

At the end of the episode, Jane sits on a white bench, upset that things are now over with Michael. Rafael comes up slowly from behind.

Jane white bench

Turns out Rafael saw her sitting there and noticed she looked upset. He asks her what happened, she looks at Rafael…

Narrator: “…and said the words she knew would change everything, forever.”

Jane looks at Rafael

Jane: I broke up with Michael.

The two stare at each other with knowing looks…

Rafael's face at the news Jane stares at Rafael

Rafael seizes the moment he’s been waiting for, and the two come together for an epic, slowed down kiss.

Rafael and Jane kiss 1 Rafael and Jane kiss 2 Rafael and Jane Kiss 3 Rafael and Jane kiss 4 Rafael and Jane Kiss 5

White petals begin to fall down, freezing the moment into a romantic fantasy, Jane’s romantic fantasy.

Jane kiss falling petals

No seriously. When Jane first met Michael, they watched a telenovela where a couple kiss as the snow falls down around them in what Jane described as “the epitome of romance.” But back to the scene at hand:

Narrator: Jane knew in her heart that this was absolutely the last thing she should be doing.

Jane the last thing she should be doing

Narrator: The absolute last thing.

Then the two kiss again, the petals falling harder down from the tree.

Jane and Rafael kiss again Jane and Rafael kiss again 2 Jane and Rafael kiss again 3

Rafael grabs Jane in his arms and lifts her into the air…

Rafael grabs Jane Rafael grabs Jane 2 Rafael grabs Jane 3

…the audience left to swoon as the two stay in each other’s arms.

Jane and Rafael final kiss

…ending the show as it fades to white with the words:

to be continued

How is this going to continue? Some may argue that Jane moved on too quickly from Michael (and I do think they could have waited at least a couple of more episodes to bring Jane and Rafael together), however, after that kiss? I can’t say I care and honestly cannot wait to see what happens for these two next.

What did you think of Rafael and Jane’s ‘second’ kiss? Sound off in the comments…

Photo Credits: CW


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5 thoughts on “Romantic Moment of the Week: Are Rafael and Jane Meant To Be?”

  1. I thought their kiss was so beautiful. It wasn’t cheesy or anything, it was just perfect. At that moment you kind of forgot that Jane just broke up with Michael and the fact that they were moving little too fast,that’s how good the kiss was.
    Also, the sexual tension there was amazing. They are fast becoming one of my favorite tv couples.

  2. Full disclosure, I love Michael. I agree he’s been doing some very scummy things but I guess I can get behind him doing them because he’s so afraid of losing her. And in the end the scummy things ended up costing him Jane instead.

    BUT…. I’ve also been rooting for Jane and Raf so that kiss was amazing and I squealed like a little girl, LOL.

    This show to me has such an amazing triangle because I actually find rooting value in both couples. So while I’m really sad for Michael and Jane I’m really loving Raf and Jane.

    And I loved this kiss! So romantic. Jane is such a fantastic show. I just wish more people were watching so they could love it as much as we do.

    • I like Michael too (and actually found his lying antics funny), though I definitely lean more to Rafael. And the kiss really was romantic!

      I wish the same as you, that more people would give this show a chance. I think the title scares people off.


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