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Romantic Moment of the Week: Second Chance – Mary and Pritchard

Second Chance mary and pritchard


THE SHOW: Second Chance

THE PAIRING: Mary Goodwin and Jimmy Pritchard

THE EPISODES: “Geworfenheit” and “Gelassenheit” (Aired March 18, 2016, and March 25, 2016)

THE ROMANTIC MOMENT: Mary saves Jimmy, tells him she loves him in twin-speak which leads into the finale’s romantic moments.

Second Chance has been one of those shows that fell under the radar. With poor to mediocre reviews, name changes and time slot moves, it’s been a hard show to catch. Plus, even if you did watch the unexceptional premiere like I did, then you may have given up watching after the pilot. Thankfully, I decided to give the show a “second chance” by watching a couple more episodes on Hulu. I was pleasantly surprised to see that by the third episode, the show had improved by leaps and bounds. And as it continued, it actually became quite. It’s never going to win any Emmy’s, but if you enjoy shows like Moonlight then I recommend giving Second Chance another try! All of the episodes are still available to watch on Hulu.

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If you aren’t familiar with Second Chance, the series tells the Frankenstein-inspired story of the 75-year old disgraced ex-sheriff, Jimmy Pritchard. After he’s murdered, he’s brought back to life by a pair of brother and sister twins named Mary and Otto Goodwin. Pritchard returns young, handsome (the best of his genetics) and with superhuman strength. They brought him back so they could use his blood to cure Mary of incurable cancer. And now that he has a second chance at life, he works to repair the bad relationship with his son while also working to gain redemption by saving people with his new abilities. Meanwhile, Mary and Pritchard develop a kindred romance that threatens to destroy the bond Mary has with her unstable and very jealous twin.

Besides the wonderful father/son relationship between Pritchard and his son Duval, the romance between Mary and Pritchard really makes the show worth watching. And with the two-part season finale (likely series) airing last night, I felt it was time to cover the appealing romance found on this underrated sci-fi drama.


The importance of the “twin” bond is something that is very important in Second Chance. Mary and Otto, for instance, have a co-dependent bond that is so deep they have their own language (scientifically known as Cryptophasia) only the two of them understand. Personally, I find this to be an interesting idea as I also happen to be a twin. Many twins have “secret” languages when they’re babies/toddlers but I imagine the majority – if not all – twins grow out of this stage as they learn to speak to others. However, in a fictional world where two geniuses don’t outgrow this phenomenon, is compelling.

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But it’s not just the familial twin bond that is important to the story. In fact, there is more than one type of “twin” connection on Second Chance. The twin bond doesn’t have to always be literal. It can be a kindred spirit connection in a romantic way. You can see this type of “twin” connection between Rochester and Jane, for instance, in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Two souls that are so similar in spirit they become one.

On that note, it’s not surprising that Second Chance, a series loosely based on the Romantic and Gothic classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, hones in on this very Gothic story trope.

While Second Chance is more romantic sci-fi than Gothic, the romance angle is highly influenced by Gothic storytelling.

Often in a story from this genre, the romance is very powerful and deeply felt – almost to the point of being “overwhelming.” Not to mention the uncertainty involved. Are Mary and Pritchard in love with each other? Does she reciprocate his love? Does he? Then there’s Otto who plays the part of the disapproving father (in this case, twin brother). But it’s this intensely emotional romantic “twin” connection that builds and ultimately sells the romance between Mary and Pritchard.

As the season progresses, the two only continue to grow closer as they share blood (his blood is used to heal her cancer) and solve cases together. And just as she’s cured, Otto decides he’s had enough of Pritchard and asks him to leave. The only thing is that Pritchard doesn’t want to leave and Mary doesn’t want him to go. Mary begins to reveal her feelings to Pritchard by teaching him a few phrases of twin speak. This works to show the audience that Mary has developed a new type of twin connection with Pritchard – a romantic kindred spirit one. Unfortunately, Otto witnesses Mary sharing their “secret” language with Pritchard and loses it – which brings us to the romantic moment.


Otto, in a rage of jealousy, leaves their home in a fit of bad temperament. He shuts down “Lookinglass,” the computer system he created that runs all of his inventions, including the tank/machine that keeps Pritchard alive. From there, he takes off to join the “evil” Connor Graff and experiment on more people to create a way for them to become immortal.

second chance mary and pritchard

Meanwhile, Pritchard is in the tank when the system shuts down. Pritchard opens his eyes in realization. He’s drowning.

second chance mary and pritchard

Mary runs to save Pritchard from what her brother has done but doesn’t know if she will be in time.

Mary and Pritchard the tank

She reaches the tank to find him drowning and dying right in front of her eyes. They hold up their hands toward each other through the glass as a means of expressing their feelings. But Mary isn’t ready to lose him. So she turns off the water and then shatters the tank, rescuing Jimmy from death – at least temporarily.

mary and pritchard

Now that he doesn’t have a machine to rejuvenate him, he’s on borrowed time and will ultimately die.

Soon after she saves him, Mary and Pritchard share a moment of truth. With time running out, Pritchard decides he’s going to work with his son to stop Otto while Mary wants to look for Otto in her own way so he can save Pritchard. And with only 24 hours left to live, the two finally reveal their feelings before they part ways.

Just as Pritchard is about to leave, Mary tells him something important in twin-speak as she stares into his eyes.

mary and pritchard

“What does that mean?” he asks.

mary and pritchard

The two continue to stare meaningfully into each other’s souls. “I think you know,” she confirms.

After a few moments of her “I love you” sinking in, Pritchard kisses her.

mary and pritchard kiss

She returns the kiss. The two then break apart to go do what they need to do. Without words, he gives her a smile and leaves as she sadly watches.


Ultimately, Otto does redeem himself from his own monstrosity and saves Gracie (Pritchard’s granddaughter who had been kidnapped by Connor because of her DNA) while also plummeting to his death. But was Mary able to find a way to save Pritchard?

With his organs failing, Pritchard says goodbye to his son and makes his way back to Mary. The two embrace, holding onto each other with obvious love in their eyes.

mary and pritchard hug mary and pritchard hug

Sadly, Mary was unable to figure out the code that would save Pritchard which would allow him to enter another tank to be rejuvenated. Mary holds onto Pritchard as he begins to die, tears in her eyes. She tries to comfort him in his final moments.

“We’re all leaving you,” Pritchard states sadly.

mary and pritchard

“Otto…me…you’re gonna be okay.”

Otto me pritchard and mary

“Yeah, I’m gonna be okay,” she reassures him. “The pain will start soon. I can get you something so you don’t feel it.”

the pain will start soon mary and pritchard

“No,” he weakly tells her. “Then I wouldn’t feel this.”

then i wouldn't feel this mary and pritchard

The realization of what he’s saying sinks in with Mary. He refuses medicine because then he wouldn’t be able to feel his final moments with her.

mary and pritchard

“Hey. Guess what?” He asks changing the subject.


“This time, when my life flashes before my eyes…you’ll be in it,” Pritchard admits warmly with a feeble smile.

mary and pritchard

Mary smiles in response and kisses his forehead as they prepare for the worst.

 mary and pritchard

Just then, a miracle happens. The code to save Pritchard shows up on Lookinglass. Otto had entered it into the system before he died. Mary and Alexa (another person brought back to life by Otto) help Pritchard into the tank, saving him in the nick of time.

With Pritchard now alive, Mary decides to return to her home country to spread her brother’s ashes and say goodbye.

Pritchard and letter

In a letter to Pritchard, she admits to loving him but that she needs to find herself first before they can be together because she had been living for her brother for so long.

In the end, Mary discovers two surprising truths. One, Otto had somehow transferred his mind into Lookinglass before he died and begins communicating with her. And two, she needs to get back to Pritchard because apparently he will soon begin facing some violent side effects from his resurrection. Looks like this story would become even more Frankenstein inspired if the show were to receive a miracle and be given a season two. Something tells me the Mary and Pritchard relationship would only get more romantic from here on out.

Did you watch Second Chance? What did you think of the romance between Mary and Pritchard? If there were a season two, what would you like to see? Sound off below!

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6 thoughts on “Romantic Moment of the Week: Second Chance – Mary and Pritchard”

  1. I watched 2-3 episodes of this one and LOVED it. Cannot wait to return to it, even if (sadly) these will be (in all likelihood) the only episodes. Either way, I really enjoyed the show and its premise not to mention its fun (albeit subtle) sense of humor. 🙂 Sounds like this was a lovely moment! Thanks for spotlighting it, Amber.

  2. I haven’t collected all my thoughts since the finale, but I’ve been obsessing over this show since I caught episode 2, and it’s only improved from there. Those near ‘last moments’ with Mary and Jimmy were beautiful. I was afraid their blossoming relationship would be spoiled by unnecessary drama or by being dragged out too long, but this is one of the best executed romances I’ve seen on TV in a while, and I expect it to only continue as such, given the chance.

    I wrote up a mid-season review of the show and I was surprised at just how much the second half delivered. Fox has got a little diamond in the rough on their hands, and it’s already shining. I just hope people figure it out before it’s too late.

    • Yeah, I agree. This show just keeps on improving. Some series just take a little time to find their voice. It’s a shame most people aren’t watching. I hope so too but at this point it seems pretty much a sure thing for cancellation. Fox isn’t exactly known for giving shows second chances. Thanks for your thoughts! The Mary/Jimmy romance has been really wonderful to watch develop.

  3. I am halfway through Second Chance. I’m truly saddened by the fact it’s likely not going to get a second season. I had never seen an advertisement for this show but found it on Hulu. I Love It! The chemistry between Mary and James is so…gentle. Some tv couple have explosive chemistry or violent chemistry, these two actors’ chemistry has a very gentle devotion kind of feel. I love the parent/child dynamic too. Jimmy to Duval, Duval to Gracie. I love that Jimmy isnt wasting his Second Chance with his son.

    It also doesn’t hurt that Tim Dekay is in it. Hes absolutely fantastic in everything. And of course I must be honest and admit that Robert Kazinsky is VERY easy on the eyes. Hes got a terrific smile too!

  4. It is quite sad that good TV series with a that subtle balance of drama, action, comedy and romance seem to tank because of poor ratings. The masses want mind numbing reality shows or sports. With COVID, TV series have suffered even more, right when we needed some distraction from being locked inside the house those first months of the pandemic. That’s why I unearthed Second Chance, a series I kept, even though it was cancelled after just one season.

    It was a pleasure watching it again and I wish some other broadcasting corporation had picked it up after Fox cancelled it. the acting was good, the stories were good and the relationships grew in a dynamic but subtle way. It reminds me of another very good show that was also cancelled, that another pair of great actors – Life, with Sara Shahi and Damian Lewis. Again, I think that some of the negative reviews that shows like these get is unfair and at times unwarranted. Reviewers sometimes take themselves too seriously and forget what such TV series are about. Ah well! We will just have to imagine the progression of Jimmy and Mary’s relationship and how the story could have turned out with Alexa being part of the undead team.


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