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Romantic Moment of the Week: Michael and Nikita


THE SHOW: Nikita

THE PAIRING: Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West)

THE EPISODE: “Canceled” – (aired December 27, 2013)

THE MOMENT: Michael and Nikita, finally free from being on the run, elope and then decide what they’re going to do on their honeymoon: Save a child from being taken by warlords to become a soldier.

Just two weeks ago, the finale of the CW’s Nikita “Canceled” aired and it went out with a bang. It was a series a lot of people unfortunately missed out on with great writing, memorable characters, and a wonderful representation of female characters on the small screen. Not because they were “strong” but because they were well rounded. The female characters were even allowed to be friends and talk about subjects that weren’t only revolved around men. That all said, Nikita wasn’t afraid to also be intensely romantic in a show about spies and taking down the big bad. But don’t worry, if you were unfortunate to miss the show while it was on, you can catch the first three seasons on Netflix.

The fourth and final season (with only six episodes) had Nikita and her crew on the run after she had been framed for murdering the president by an evil group “The Shop” who had joined forces with her nemesis Amanda. Needless to say, it was a suspenseful final run. But the finale wrapped everything up with a nice little bow. And while they lost one of their own, Ryan, Nikita and Michael were able to somehow get a happy ending. Not bad for a twist ending where in La Femme Nikita, the original Michael and Nikita weren’t as lucky.

Anyway, that brings me to this week’s romantic moment. I decided to go with an unusual choice. I chose the final few minutes of the entire series. Not because Michael and Nikita were finally happy together on the beach in Ecuador, or that they finally eloped, but because of what happens after it. Now that they have freedom as a couple it’s what they decide to do with said freedom that makes it so memorable and romantic.

Nikita begins the scene with a Voice Over.

“Freedom’s a scary thing though. We’ve got no one to answer to but ourselves. We used to answer to them. The step child nobody wanted, but the world needed.”

Michael and Nikita walk into an idyllic bar on the beach ready to sip martinis and enjoy their freedom together. Michael goes to the bar, Nikita sits down. She breathes it all in.

Nikita 2

She is finally free from the imprisonment that has surrounded her, her entire life. No more abuse. No more drugs. No more Division, Amanda or the Shop. She doesn’t even have to answer to the government anymore. She has saved the world and been given a second chance at life.

Michael turns to look back at her and smiles.

Nikita 3

Now taking in the scenery, someone catches her eye. It’s Ryan. Or at least his “ghost.” Even after death, the memory of his pure goodness haunts her and reminds her of who she is and should be.

Nikita 6 sees Ryan Nikita 8

Ryan directs Nikita to look behind her where she finds a corrupt man with a gun trying to force a child to take it and join their war. Even after all she’s done, there’s still bad in the world.

Nikita 9 Nikita 11 Nikita 12 Nikita 13 Nikita 14

Nikita understands what it is she needs to do. A moment later Michael joins her with some drinks and a smile; they hold hands. It’s here that we get a nice surprise and a reveal. They’re wearing wedding rings.

Nikita 15

“You think they’ll be mad we eloped?” Nikita asks.

Nikita 17 FINAL

“Well it’s not like we planned it.”

It’s then Nikita reveals her plan for what she wants to do for her honeymoon. She shows Michael the boy and the man with the gun. He understands. He doesn’t even hesitate to accept her plan.

Nikita 19 Nikita 20 Nikita 21 Nikita 22

Nikita smiles and heads toward the boy. Michael smiles and does the same.

nikita 23 nikita 24

The last shot we have, that we’ll ever have of Michael and Nikita is going out the door and heading toward the car that took the boy. They’re going to put a stop to this injustice because that is what they do. That’s who they are. Saving people is romantic to them.

Nikita 25 Nikita 26

Nikita herself wraps everything up perfectly.

“Now that we’re finally free, I get why we fought so hard. The real gift isn’t freedom it’s what we get to do with it.”

And this is what she chooses to do with that freedom. Personally, I can’t think of anything more romantic than saving the world with the one you love. Nikita and Michael leave the drinks behind, our final shot of the series.

Nikita 28

“I don’t know about you…but I could never just sit on a beach anyway,” Nikita finishes.

Did you catch the finale? What did you think of these final, romantic moments between Michael and Nikita? Sound off below…

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  1. The relationship with Nikita and Michael makes the show special and has kept me watching but I’ve got a bit behind with the episodes. Don’t know why.
    After reading this, I will definitely have to catch up 🙂


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