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Romantic Moment of the Week: Logan and Veronica

Logan and Veronica header 2
Logan and Veronica
Photo: Warner Brothers

THE MOVIE: Veronica Mars

THE PAIRING: Logan (Jason Dohring) and Veronica (Kristen Bell)

THE MOMENT: After all these years, Logan and Veronica reunite romantically.

Veronica Mars. It’s been a while since us Marshmallows have been able to enjoy a good/romantic Logan and Veronica romantic moment, but with the release of the Kickstarter backed movie (I backed of course), we got several! Sure, nothing will ever compare to Logan and Veronica’s first kiss…hardly anything can, but that doesn’t matter because they’re back and they are back in full style.

Even though it has been nine years since the two lovers have seen one another (Veronica in New York, interviewing for lawyer jobs now), Veronica can’t help but drop everything (including nice boyfriend Piz) to help him uncover who killed his pop singer girlfriend Carrie Bishop, as he is the number one suspect. At first, she only plans to help Logan find a good lawyer, but we all know Veronica…she just can’t help herself, becoming entrenched into quite a compelling movie long mystery.

That mystery however, is not what leads to the romantic moment of the week. Sure, I could have gone with the obvious choice of that perfect ending (need I say more anyway?). Instead, the focus on Neptune’s corruption in the police force and class war between the rich and the poor leads perfectly into Logan and Veronica finally reuniting after all these years. Tragedy always did bring these two damaged lovebirds together after all.

While Veronica is working on her own murder mystery, Keith Mars is working on his own investigation of this clear corruption. He even meets with Deputy Sacks in his car, whose conscience has led him to confess some of the force’s dirty secrets.

Deputy and Sacks 2

Unfortunately, before he gets to say much, a truck crashes into Keith and the Deputy full force.

car crash

Luckily, Logan is around to save the day.

Logan sees crash

Well, as much as he possibly can because that truck is ready for seconds; the crash no accident. Although he doesn’t have time to save Sacks, Logan pulls Veronica’s unconscious father out of the car just in the nick of time.

Logan saved Keith

Once at the hospital, the two learn that while Sacks didn’t make it, her father would most probably live, though she wouldn’t be able to see him for a couple of days. Logan takes her home, Veronica passed out from exhaustion. Thus, we reach our romantic moment (thanks to the great build up from before). Logan reaches Veronica’s house, sees Veronica is passed out.

Sees Veronica passed out in car

With only a slight hesitation, Logan has Veronica in his arms.

carry one carry 2

He carries her inside, places her on her bed, takes her shoes off, and romantically covers Veronica up with a blanket.

carry bedroom one carry bedroom 2 takes shoes off blanket

Logan, a true and more mature gentleman now, leaves Veronica a note, telling her to call him when she awoke.


And, just when he is about to leave, his hand on the door handle, Veronica calls out to him. “Hey,” she says.

Logan reaches for door Wait

Logan turns around to see Veronica, who has since left her bedroom.

Wait 2 Logan


Wait 3 Veronica Wait 4 Logan

VERONICA: Don’t go.

Logan says okay, clearly ‘kind of’ knowing what Veronica means by the look on his face. She goes to him with intention, a look of longing on her own face.

Wait Logan goes to Veronica 2 kiss one

When she reaches him, she kisses him. Logan returns the sentiment them. They never could resist one another for long…

kiss 2 kiss 3

Veronica then wraps her legs around Logan’s waist and Logan carries Veronica, pressing her up against the wall.

kiss wall one kiss wall 2 kiss wall 3 kiss wall 4 kiss wall 5 kiss wall 6 kiss wall 7

The scene could have become steamy, but instead the focus turns to their faces and the soul connection between the two. They are back in each other’s arms and nothing could be more right.

What did you think of the film? Are you as satisfied with the Logan/Veronica relationship as I am? Sound off below…

Photo Credits: Warner Brothers


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  1. The chemistry between these two actors…wow.. i still don’t understand why this guy is not a more successful actor..he has acting skills and charisma to boot..


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