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15 Amazing Olicity Moments that Made You Fall in Love

Oliver and Felicity. Theirs was a breathtaking romance that left Olicity fans swooning on more than one occasion. Through good times and bad times, their relationship always gave us hope. This past Monday, we bid farewell to Felicity in Arrow’s season finale. While the episode was gut-wrenching, it was also a love letter to one of television’s most iconic couples.

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Olicity defies explanation. Of course, you can point to the natural chemistry between leads Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. Or, the almost delicate way the writers (mostly) developed their relationship. But, it was more than that. The spark that is Olicity is something that does not happen often. When it does, it captures the imagination and gives viewers something to cheer for.  

To celebrate Oliver and Felicity, for this month’s classic romantic moment, we take a look back at 15 times Olicity made us swoon. From flirtatious teasing to soul-baring confessions, these Olicity moments exemplify why Oliver and Felicity will go down in television history as one of television’s most romantic couples.

15 Amazing Olicity Moments that Made You Fall in Love

(In Chronological Order of Arrow Seasons)

#1: Nope….Nothing Platonic Here

You just know Oliver is imagining his own “very platonic circumstances.” This Olicity moment was sizzling!

#2: She’s the Only Choice….Every Time

There are a million and one delicious Olicity moments in Season 2. Normally, that would make it hard to choose. However, my mind immediately went to three specific moments. First, this moment here, after Oliver kills the Count to save Felicity. His reassurance, the way he reaches out to touch her, and her expression…..a perfect moment capturing all the unsaid emotions.


There was so much emotion in this scene. Grief, fear, and so much angst! They stood so close to each other, neither saying what we know they want to say. The tension between Oliver and Felicity was off the charts. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I yelled, “Just kiss her already!”

#4: Neither of You Fooled Us

Yes, I know….there are so many other Olicity moments before this one that are….well, more Olicity. But this conversation just gutted me. Felicity puts everything out in the open. Oliver (gasp!) does, too. In his own way. It’s his expression, though, that really sells this moment. The look in his eyes and that smile is enough for Felicity  (and the audience) to know that he meant it. 

#5: Flirty Flirts

I love when Oliver and Felicity get their flirt on! Apparently, Diggle and Roy do, too!

#6: Heartbreaking First Kiss

Oh, the angst in this moment. This first kiss was perfection. From the tender way Oliver holds Felicity, do the way they linger over the other. While heartbreaking, it remains one of the most romantic first kisses. 

#7: A Call Back to Coffee and a Heart-to-Heart

Yes, I could have gone with the obvious scene of Oliver, Felicity, candles…..but I chose this Olicity moment because of how starkly honest it is. Both are metaphorically stripped bare, painfully vulnerable to the other. It’s a perfect Olicity moment.

#8: Affectionate and Adorable Olicity

These two are sooooo cute!

#9: Partners….Always

Some of the best Olicity moments are during times of extreme danger and stress. These two manage to create a bubble of serenity around themselves and share extraordinary moments.

#10: Always Willing to Sacrifice for the Other

There is so much to love about this moment between Oliver and Felicity. I love the push and pull as they passionately argue their side. I especially love that no matter how far apart they grow, they are still in sync with each other.

#11 The Keys to His Heart

So, it’s really a key to his apartment. But, I love Oliver is the one taking this step. He’s bringing their relationship into the open. It’s a new side to Oliver and clearly, Felicity approves!

#12: I Do

Ah, the moment so many Olicity fans were waiting for! Moreover, in a way that is the epitome of Oliver and Felicity!

#13: Domestic Olicity

I will forever love how flirty they are with each other!

#14: Back In Each Other’s Arms

This reunion was so heartbreaking. Every episode before this was simply a lead up to this moment right here. It was emotional and so fragile!

#15: And Baby Makes Four

Oh, what a sweet way to begin wrapping up Oliver and Felicity’s story. The perfect culmination of Olicity and their epic romance.

BONUS: Farewell, My Love

I’m not crying, you are.

And one more bonus Olicity moment….that kiss at the end made me swoon!

So, it was more than 15 times. Like I said above, there a million and one more Olicity moments to swoon over. These are just a snapshot of some of their most flirty and romantic moments.

What are some of your most favorite Olicity moments? Share your favorite Olicity moments in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “15 Amazing Olicity Moments that Made You Fall in Love”

  1. My favorite will be when Oliver leaves to the mountain top and he tells Felicity..he knows two things… He will always save Thea and He loves her. That is so Oliver. That is it for me. The quiet way he says it without a big romantic gestures. Just a fact that he has always known and he wants Felicity to know it too. I am so impressed by EBR and SA. It is easy to get lost in the superhero stuff, the magic, the unrealistic fighting. They always bring it back to these are two people that fiercely love and respect each other. I will always always be a fan. Now this fangirl has to go into mourning, but it was well worth the ride.

    • Yes!! I loved that moment. I also love the scene at the end of Season 2 in the foyer where Oliver “fake” professes his love for Felicity. Yes, it was a ruse but it really wasn’t!

  2. It will be a really really long time before we get another super couple like this. And I don’t mean the writing. I mean everything. The way the actors love and respect each other. The way SA leads his show. The way this grew from a bit part to the most important part of Arrow. The way that EBR grew into a fine actress. The way the show was not afraid to explore a non-canon storyline. And most of all, the way these two actors and the writers portrayed a real life couple, with ups and downs, but with a mutual respect for each other while their fierce love story grew to end game. We will miss you Oliver and Felicity. Thank you for the journey.

  3. Ok I NEED help. I just randomly remembered this scene when Oliver and Felicity were trapped or something and they were almost out of oxygen and so they kissed to save oxygen. I asked my sister if she remembered this scene and she did but we CANT find it anywhere! At first I thought it was season 5 episode 20 but it isn’t. The only time they kiss in that is I’m the flashback. If anyone knows what I’m talking abt, please let me know what episode it was!!!


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