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My 10 Favorite Prince Charming Characters – Film Edition

Thor and Jane featured image; prince charming list

Prince Charming, he’s not just a Disney character.

Not long ago I wrote a list of my 10 favorite “Prince Charmings” of YA literature, which was super fun. Writing it got me thinking, there are more Prince Charmings out there. What about my non-literary crushes?

Okay, really I was watching The 10th Kingdom and thinking about all of the film princes out there who are equally fantastic characters that I love just as much. So here is my list of all of the princes of film who capture my heart and probably yours.

And this time, they’re actually all princes.


#1 Prince Hal (Henry V) 

The Hollow Crown

the hollow crown prince hal; prince charming list
Tom Hiddleston in The Hollow Crown. Photo: BBC

Once upon a time, when I was a young English major I turned in a paper analyzing Shakespeare’s Henry IV. When I got the paper back there was a note scrawled across the top of it. “I think you have a small literary crush on Prince Hal, don’t worry we’ve all been there.”  His assessment was mostly correct; I did have a small literary crush on Prince Hal which only grew when I saw the lovely Tom Hiddleston play him in The Hollow Crown.

I’ve said it before, I love a good scoundrel. Han Solo, Flynn Ryder, gosh they’re the best. What I love even more though is a reformed scoundrel. The “you were my new dream,” “Chewie, you have to take care of the princess,” scoundrel. If anyone is that kind of scoundrel it is Prince Hal/Henry V.  For him it is a journey that the viewer gets to see, stretching across three films. He goes from a shiftless scoundrel to the noblest of kings to a perfect romantic hero. Anytime I’m feeling down and out, like romance doesn’t exist anymore, all I have to do is watch the proposal scene at the end of Henry V and butterflies start dancing around in my tummy and all becomes right with the world.

#2 Robin Hood

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; prince charming list
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Photo: Warner Bros.

Prince of thieves indeed. Back in the ’90s, Robin Hood stole the hearts of thousands of young girls, some who did not even realize they had hearts to be stolen yet. I loved Robin Hood from the first moment that I saw Disney’s Robin Hood but he was not the only Robin Hood I gave my little heart to. Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood taught me everything I ever needed to know about romance, specifically that if someone really loves you they will overthrow tyranny for you. This Robin Hood is not the most dashing Prince Charming out there but he is one of the most charming. He carries his love for Marian through one war and into another. When asked if she is worth it, he answers “worth dying for.” If that did not make you melt you are made of stone.

#3 Kit

Disney’s live-action Cinderella

Cinderella and Prince Kit; prince charming list
Cinderella and Prince Kit. Photo: Disney.

How could I not include Cinderella’s prince? His name is literally Prince Charming “It’s Kit! It’s Kit!”

I’ve never been a huge fan of Cinderella but I adore this movie. It’s like a dream, especially the prince. Kit is exactly what a handsome prince should be. He’s charming, good, loves his people, and is resolute in his mission to find the one person he loves. Kit does not care that Cinderella is just a commoner and a servant, all he cares about is the fact that she is good and kind, and beautiful but beauty isn’t all that matters to him. Maybe he doesn’t fight any dragons to save her or wage war against tyranny for her but if that’s a real requirement for Prince Charming then we will all be waiting a while to find love.

#4 Aragorn 

The Lord of the Rings

Aragorn in The Lord of the RIngs: The Two Towers. Photo: New Line; prince charming list
Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Photo: New Line

I guess, according to the books, that Aragorn is a king but he does not have a kingdom yet and I believe that a king before becoming a king is always a prince, so he counts.

Unlike most charming princes, Aragorn is a rugged, rough and tumble, sort of hero. He’s dirty, he knows how to track and survive in the wild. Aragorn is a ranger first and Royalty second. That is why he is the perfect prince charming; he is a Prince Charming with a life of his own. Aragorn’s love for Arwen is not his only driving force. He has evil to defeat and a Hobbit to help. He isn’t shy about going into a fight or standing up for right. We all love him for it and cheer him on in the hope that he will find his way back to his one true love.

#5 Prince Wendell

The 10th Kingdom

Prince Wendell turns into a golden retriever in The 10th Kingdom. Photo: Hallmark; prince charming list
Prince Wendell turns into a golden retriever in The 10th Kingdom. Photo: Hallmark

Prince Wendell is not a romantic hero but he is a prince and he is especially charming as a golden retriever. He is also the grandson of Prince Charming and Snow White so, by default, he truly is Prince Charming or Prince Charming III.

He is one of my favorites because throughout his journey he learns what it means to be a true king. Prince Wendell starts out as a spoiled child but steadily becomes noble and gains a lot of wisdom.

For most of the film, we only know Prince Wendell from the sarcastic comments he makes to Tony and there is not much that is more attractive than wit and sarcasm.

#6 Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Photo: Walden Media; prince charming list
The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Photo: Walden Media

Prince Caspian is also not a romantic hero, no matter how much the director tried to pair him off with High Queen Susan.

However, he is a prince who is on a journey, facing a great evil. It is a fact that Prince Charming always faces a great evil. Caspian is heroic and good. He is a hero we love for that very fact. And let’s just face facts, Prince Caspian is so attractive.

#7 Prince Dastan 

The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Photo: Disney; prince charming list
The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Photo: Disney

Another reformed scoundrel, I told you I love them. Prince Dastan is not really a scoundrel but he is one of those un-serious sorts of men who seem to only be out for themselves until it is time to show their real colors and we see how good they really are. Insouciance is a better word for him, rather than a scoundrel. Dastan has a certain insouciance that makes him so interesting to watch (insouciance: a casual lack of concern; indifference.).

The other reason I love him so is he reminds me a lot of Aladdin, my first crush.

#8 Thor


Thor and Jane. Photo: Marvel/Paramount; prince charming list
Thor and Jane. Photo: Marvel/Paramount.

Technically speaking Thor is a Disney prince, which I promised myself I would not write about… Oh well.

I know that hundreds of screaming fangirls love Loki, maybe you’re one of them, but before you make any snap judgments let me argue on Thor’s behalf.

Thor does not start out necessarily good. He’s kind of selfish and headstrong and definitely violent but he learns. Thor meets Jane and becomes a hero. He fails to lift the hammer and still steals the information Jane needs. He sacrifices himself to save a small town. Thor is even willing to sacrifice himself to save his evil brother. All of that is true prince charming behavior.

#9 Prince Charmont 

Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted. Photo: Walt Disney Pictures; prince charming list
Ella Enchanted. Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Prince Charmont. Charm is literally in his name.

Okay, Prince Charmont is the film’s way of making fun of the whole Prince Charming trope and yet they manage to create one of the most charming princes of all time. He’s such a charmer that he has more fangirls in the kingdom than Tom Hiddleston has in real life, and that’s a lot. Fans whose love is so dire they chase and bludgeon an enormous talking snake for trying to hurt him. We also see him as sweet and kind to Ella, as valiant, and as someone who wants to be loved for just being himself. My heart is all twitterpated just thinking about it.

#10 Prince Alcott

Mirror Mirror

Photo: Relativity Media; prince charming list
Mirror Mirror. Photo: Relativity Media

Last but certainly not least.

Alcott was off seeking an adventure and found Snow White. It’s a perfectly sweet love story. In fact, it almost gave me a cavity. Despite being a prince he is delightfully awkward with Snow White and shoves other dance partners away so he can continue to dance with her.

Every time I watch Mirror Mirror I fall more in love with him just for the fact that he is who he is. I have no other reason.

The Runners Up (Really it was an honor just to be nominated):

Prince Henry – Ever After

Faramir – The Lord of the Rings

Jack – Jack the Giant Slayer

Loki – Thor movies

Prince Charming/David – Once Upon A Time

High King Peter – Chronicles of Narnia

Kili – The Hobbit

Fili – The Hobbit

Legolas – The Lord of the Rings

Prince Eddy – The Prince and Me

That’s them, all of the loves of my life. What Prince Charmings did I forget and who are your favorites?

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3 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Prince Charming Characters – Film Edition”

  1. Love this list! Kit (*swoon* because BEST prince EVER and best movie EVER) and Capsian would be my favorite pick although I do adore Eddy (“The Prince and Me”); Henry (“Ever After”); Prince Charmont (“Ella Enchanted”); Prince Alcott (“Mirror Mirror”); Thor; and even (if I remember right), Dastan. It’s been years since I watched “Prince of Persia.” Also, love the princes in “Into the Woods.” Obviously Prince Charming in that one is a little… well, conceited, but that scene when they sing ‘Agony’ gets me every time. It’s so perfect. 😉

  2. Great list! Although I’m afraid that, in Britain, everyone just laughs at Kevin Costner’s version of Robin Hood. (Michael Praed in the 80s, on the other hand…) And Caspian is a romantic hero when he proposes to Ramandu’s daughter in the book. It’s so sweet!

  3. I love this list (though I’ve never been a fan of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, for some reason)!! Yes to Prince Hal (and basically everyone else on here).

    Thanks for a really fun list!


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