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Love Sarah Review: A Delightful New Movie Full of Romance and Comfort Food

This delightful new British movie is full of romance, family dynamics, and comfort food. It is a good mix between a Richard Curtis movie and a Hallmark production.


Are you looking for a new, warm-hearted movie with romance, dynamic female characters, and mouthwatering-looking food? Look no further than Love Sarah, a sweet British film about love, family, and the importance of friendship. Director Eliza Schroeder proves she’s a filmmaker to watch out for in this inspiring new movie.


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Soon after her mother’s tragic death, Clarissa sets out to fulfill her late mother’s dreams of opening up a bakery in Notting Hill. But she can’t proceed without the help of her prickly grandmother Mimi and her mother’s best friend, Isabella. Together, these three generations of women honor Clarissa’s mother by naming the bakery Love Sarah.

Unfortunately, Sarah was the baker of the business, so they now need someone to bake all the tasty pastries. Enter in the delectably handsome man from Sarah and Isabella’s past, Matthew (Persuasion’s Rupert Penry-Jones), a Michelin-trained chef who mysteriously decides to work for their unknown little bakery.

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Rupert Penry-Jones and Shelley Conn in Love Sarah
Rupert Penry-Jones and Shelley Conn in Love Sarah. Photo: Miraj Films

Naturally, tension bubbles between Isabella and Matthew, all while the small group of friends and family work to make the business and the relationships with one another a success. Meanwhile, Mimi has a perfect love story of her own with an eccentric inventor who stops by the bakery.


Celia Imrie in Love Sarah
Celia Imrie in Love Sarah. Photo: Miraj Films

Overall, if you love endearing movies with excellent British casts, swoony romantic leading men, and feel-good movies about overcoming loss, Love Sarah may just be the antidote you need after a dark year. Fair warning, though: expect to leave with a serious craving for dessert. Everything looks scrumptiously delicious.

Content Note: While unrated, Love Sarah feels PG-13 with brief strong language and implied sexuality.

Where to Watch (last updated 10/4/21): Hulu, Hoopla, Kanopy. Rent/buy on Digital and DVD.

Have you seen Love Sarah? Do you agree with our review of Love Sarah? What are your thoughts on this British movie? Discuss in the comments!

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Four Vintage Hearts Rating

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