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Romantic Moment of the Month: These ‘Lost’ Relationships Will Make You Swoon

Ten years after the series finale, we rank the Lost relationships from least to most romantic. From the popular Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet quadrangle to the tragic romances.

When Lost premiered in 2004, it was an event. Epic. From the massive Oceanic plane disaster on an island, the secretive characters, to the mysterious dinosaur sounding monster in the jungle, I was hooked. Like Charlie, I found myself asking, where were they? What exactly was this crazy island?

But most importantly, I wanted to know who the survivors were. What were their stories? In a clever use of structure, the writers slowly revealed the characters’ unique backgrounds in compelling flashbacks.

More than just the intriguing mythology of a crazy island, I wanted to know more about the characters. I fell in love with the Lost ensemble and the show because there was authentic emotion in the scripts (a fact most copycat shows fail to understand). But let’s also not forget the romance and the epic Lost couples.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely tuned in weekly to see how the Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle was going to unfold. Would Kate choose Jack, the Doctor, or would she prefer the island’s own Han Solo? I know who I was rooting for in the show!

Ten years after the series finale aired, I returned to Lost and re-watched all six seasons. Once again invested in the various Lost relationships, I decided that this month’s classic romantic had to be all about the love stories, the romantic Lost couples from one of the best shows of all time.

So, I ranked each pair subjectively and included their most romantic moment (even if a few aren’t really romantic at all). Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

The Lost Romantic Relationships Ranked

#17: Nikki and Paulo
Nikki and Paulo

“I was… afraid… of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn’t need me anymore.”

– Paulo

Nikki and Paulo’s late introduction into the series never seamlessly meshed with the rest of the collective group. Still, Nikki and Paulo had an unforgettable ending, an ending that was all about lies, a spider, and a little romance.

Most Romantic Moment: Paulo hid the diamonds from Nikki because he didn’t want her to leave him. It’s tragic really that Paulo got caught in Nikki’s poisonous web.

#16: Ana Lucia and Jack
Ana Lucia and Jack

“No ring because you’re single or because you don’t like wearing one?”

– Ana Lucia

Ana Lucia and Jack hit it off before they set one foot on the plane. Who knows how things would have progressed if fate hadn’t stepped in the way? But, other than a brief friendship, flirting, and jealousy on Kate’s side, not much to see here.

Most Romantic Moment: While they don’t have real romantic moments, their flirty introduction at the bar before the flight indicated potential.

#15: Boone and Shannon
Shannon and Boone

“You brought the money because you’re in love with me.”

– Shannon

Boone and Shannon are complicated characters. But their romance? Ugh. A little uncomfortable considering that they are also step-siblings. Still, they loved each other like family and would do anything for one another.

Most Romantic Moment: He sweetly gives her the inhaler on the plane with a smile even after she manipulated him. Boone is always looking out for Shannon, no matter what.

#14: Jack and Juliet
Jack and Juliet

“He knows how I feel about you.”

– Juliet

Look, I love Jack and Juliet’s friendship. But their romance? A slight cringe in the Lost relationship department. The chemistry just wasn’t there. However, I liked their intelligent conversations and plotting against Ben. Plus, their scenes together are always great. I feel bad for Juliet because she always falls for men who love Kate.

On a side note, I find it fascinating that in the sideways afterlife, she and Jack were exes with a son. Who was this son anyway? Things to think about…

Most Romantic Moment: Juliet tells Jack how she feels about him, and he kisses her.

#13: Richard and Isabella
Richard and Isabella - Lost Relationships

“I miss you — I would do anything for us to be together again.”

– Richard

Before Richard’s immortality, Ricardo was married to Isabella. Unfortunately, she dies before he can get her medicine. And while their love story has so little time on the show, I still appreciated the epic nature of their romance.

Most Romantic Moment: Thanks to Hurley’s gift, Richard can once more talk with his wife. He can feel her love and her presence. It was a beautiful scene and certainly a memorable moment. What can I say? I have a thing for immortals.

#12: Helen and Locke
Helen and Locke

“You don’t know what’s going to happen. None of us do. That’s why it’s called a leap of faith, John. You don’t have to be alone.”

– Helen

Helen and John Locke had a complex and tragic Lost relationship. From the beginning, we knew there was no happy ending for Helen and Locke. Nevertheless, what I loved about these two is that they completed and made one another happy.

With Helen, Locke would have had a real family. It’s too bad that Locke ran back to his terribly abusive father. Not to mention, Helen wasn’t in the church in the afterlife. But, perhaps, they will finally find each other somewhere in the light. After all, they were engaged in the sideways world.

Most Romantic Moment: Helen asks Locke to choose between her and his father. In this instant, Locke walks away from the pain and takes Helen’s hands. It’s a sweet moment in which Locke almost had happiness.

#11: Nadia and Sayid
Sayid and Nadia

“You will see me in the next life, if not in this one.”

– Nadia

Sayid, ever the romantic, always kept a picture of Nadia with him. She was the woman and childhood friend who helped him change, to turn away from the life of a torturer. So, he scoured the world looking for her. What could be more romantic than that? As one of the Oceanic Six, Sayid eventually reunites with Nadia, and the two even marry. But their marriage is cut short after she dies in a hit and run.

Now, some are disappointed Sayid ends up with Shannon and not Nadia in the afterlife. But the sideways world foreshadowed this ending when Nadia asks Sayid, “Why didn’t you want to be with me?” With Nadia, it would always be about redeeming himself from his dark past. Perhaps with Shannon, Sayid would finally be free to have a fresh start.

Most Romantic Moment: After his rescue from the island, Sayid discovers Nadia had finally found him. Nadia and Sayid embrace with a romantic kiss.

#10: Daniel and Charlotte
Daniel and Charlotte - Lost Relationships

“First time I saw her was walking through this museum, few weeks ago…. She was on her lunch break… She has these incredible blue, blue eyes, red hair. And, as soon as I saw her, right, right in that moment, it was like, it was like I already loved her.”

– Daniel

Daniel and Charlotte had potential as an epic Lost couple, but both die before their relationship develops into something more. New characters introduced in season 4, Daniel and Charlotte already knew one another before arriving on the island. And it’s not long before it’s clear Daniel is one hundred percent in love with Charlotte.

With longing romantic stares and selfless gestures to help and save Charlotte from time to time, these two new characters had serious potential. But then, time travel rears its ugly head for both of them, and all before Charlotte can admit her own feelings. Even though their ending remains unfinished in the afterlife, I’m hopeful that their momentary reunion, in the end, hinted to a happily ever after.

Most Romantic Moment: After traveling back in time, Daniel, Charlotte, and the others left behind, are taken prisoner by Richard and “the others” from 50 years back. To convince Richard that he wouldn’t detonate a hydrogen device, he gives a swoony confession in front of Charlotte.

“Because I’m in love with the woman sitting next to me. And I would never… I would never do anything to hurt her.” When Charlotte tells Daniel, he didn’t need to say that, he reiterates that he said what he did because he “meant it.” Charlotte looks rather pleased with his confession and smiles.

#9: Rose and Bernard
Rose and Bernard first meet.

“You don’t want to be rescued, do you? You think if you leave, it’ll come back. And if you can’t leave, neither can I. We won’t ever leave Rose.”

– Bernard

Never full-time cast members, Rose and Bernard nevertheless stuck around to the very end. Originally, the plane ended up at two different points on the island. However, Rose always believed her husband was alive. She had faith. Thankfully for Rose, she was right.

Through all their years on the island, this Lost couple stayed away from all the drama and even created an oasis of their own. Their love story is an admirable example of a good marriage. Hey, Bernard was even willing to stay on the crazy island for Rose and proposed to a woman dying from cancer. That’s love.

Most Romantic Moment: When the tail section of plane passengers and raft boat survivors arrive at the camp, Rose sees Bernard from a distance. Then Bernard sees her, and the two smile and embrace. It’s a beautiful and romantic reunion.

#8: Charlie and Claire
Charlie, Claire, and baby Aaron

“Today, I realized I really like Charlie. There is something about him that`s just so adorable and sweet. Even in a place like this, Charlie makes me feel safe.”

– Claire

Charlie and Claire were one of the sweetest Lost relationships since day one. I just wish they would have given these two more moments to shine as a couple. Nevertheless, it was adorable how Charlie cared for pregnant Claire and even helped take care of baby Aaron. Despite Charlie’s drug addiction, he always knew how to lift Claire’s spirits with humor.

Most Romantic Moment: It’s all about the peanut butter. In a season one episode, Charlie spends an entire day looking for peanut butter because of Claire’s pregnant craving. Well, being on a deserted island and all, Charlie can’t find any peanut butter.

Instead, he uses his imagination and describes the smoothy, creamy peanut butter in an empty jar and pretends to eat it. This small moment might not seem romantic, but it’s these sweet, little moments that stand out between Charlie and Claire. His kindness always brought a smile to her face and the audience as well.

#7: Sawyer and Juliet
Sawyer and Juliet - Lost Relationships

“I… if I never meet you… then I never have to lose you.”

– Juliet

I’ll be honest. I did not like Sawyer and Juliet the first time around. Their pairing came out of nowhere and cruelly crushed the popular Sawyer and Kate slow burn romance after five long years of build-up.

On the second watch, I appreciated the maturity behind this Lost relationship. Sawyer and Juliet are a beautiful example that sometimes you don’t end up with your soulmate. Instead, their partnership was about equality, hard work, and choosing a love built on a foundation of friendship and trust. Furthermore, it’s through their choices that they become soulmates.

Most Romantic Moment: When Juliet was alive, she feared Sawyer would leave her for Kate after Kate’s return to the island. But Juliet tragically dies before knowing that Sawyer chose her. He loved Juliet. So, it was a fitting ending that in the sideways afterlife, Sawyer and Juliet reunite at a vending machine and find their way back to one another.

They touch hands as she hands him a candy bar. The electricity jolts them back to their memories and their life together. Juliet finally knows Sawyer loves her and will stay with her forever.

#6: Libby and Hurley
Hurley and Libby

“I want to be with you because I like you.”

– Libby

Poor Libby and Hurley. Their Lost romance got the short end of the stick when Libby died before their first date. Still, what I loved about Libby and Hurley is that the two connected authentically. They had a shared past (unknown to Hurley) and were there to lift one another up without judgment. Libby and Hurley saw into each other’s souls and found beauty.

Most Romantic Moment: Yes, I liked their first kiss. But, to me, their moment was in the afterlife with their first real date on the beach. Hurley wonders why Libby would even like him because of how he looks. He thinks it’s only because she’s delusional. But she’s not. Instead, she wakes him up with a kiss, and Hurley starts to remember her. It’s a lovely moment.

#5: Jack and Kate
Jack and Kate

Kate: Why are you sticking up for Sawyer? He’d never do it for you?

Jack: Because I love you.

While Lost is an ensemble show, Jack is also the protagonist. The story begins and ends with him, so the Jack and Kate ending made sense. Perhaps it couldn’t have gone any other way. Their bond was lovely to see from the beginning when she patched him up.

Jack trusted Kate and gave her a second chance even after finding out she was a fugitive. And Jack would also do anything for her. Yes, they had their rough patches, but they always found their way back to one another.

Most Romantic Moment: In the series finale, Jack takes on the mantle of Island protector and sets off to stop the Man in Black. But not before one final epic kiss. It’s the last time Jack and Kate would see each other until the other side.

There, in the church, they hold hands as they move on. Together. For eternity. It’s a romantic and emotional ending. But it’s their last kiss I like best. No games. No pretense. And no lies. This is their moment; the moment Kate truly loves Jack back.

#4: Sawyer and Kate
Sawyer and Kate - Lost Relationships

“Yes! Yes, I love him! I love him. I love him.”

– Kate

Sawyer and Kate, unfortunately, don’t end up together. Otherwise, they would be at the top of this Lost relationship ranking. Initially, their ending infuriated me. Kate loved Sawyer, and it was the men who ultimately chose for her.

Rant aside, Sawyer and Kate were all about the chemistry; Not to mention the deep emotional understanding between them. Together, Sawyer and Kate sizzled. Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned rogue love story?

Most Romantic Moment: While some would go straight for the cages, I can’t help but go back to Sawyer’s romantic sacrifice and grand gesture. In the fourth season, when they are about to be rescued, their helicopter is too heavy, losing fuel, and can’t make it.

So, Sawyer makes a choice to save the women he loves by lessening the weight. With a kiss, Sawyer jumps off the helicopter. It’s heroic and the last truly romantic moment between Sawyer and Kate.

#3: Shannon and Sayid
Shannon and Sayid

SHANNON: You say that now, but you don’t — you’re just going to leave me. I know as soon as we get out of here, you’re just going to leave me.

SAYID: I will never leave you. I love you, and I believe you.

Unpopular opinion, I absolutely loved Shannon and Sayid, and they have always been one of my favorite Lost relationships. Sayid wanted redemption for his past, and Shannon needed someone who believed in her. Together, they unexpectedly worked. However, what I loved best about Shannon and Sayid was Sayid’s Byronic focus.

After Shannon dies (which happened too soon mind you), his Byronic rage and vengeance shaped his character. A tortured soul, Sayid remains one of the most fascinating and layered characters of the entire show. It’s a shame Shannon didn’t get more time though and equal chance for more development.

Most Romantic Moment: Right before Shannon dies, Sayid promises her that he would never leave her; that he believed in her. He proves this in the end when the two find each other again in the afterlife. Shannon and Sayid finally achieve happiness though it took both of them dying for it to happen.

#2: Sun and Jin
Sun and Jin - Lost Relationships

 “I never stopped looking for you.”

– Sun

Sun and Jin are the star-crossed Lost couple. Fate always works against these two, often forcing them apart. For a long time, Sun even believes Jin is deceased. But, throughout it all, their love endures.

Most Romantic Moment: After three long years, Sun and Jin reunite. Long stares from a distance until they run towards one another and embrace. After they proclaim their love, Jin promises that they “would never be apart again.” Sadly, he keeps his promise when he refuses to leave her side, and they die together in a watery grave. Their romance is tragic, but it at least gets a happy ending on the other side.

#1: Desmond and Penny
Desmond and Penny - Lost Relationships

“All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us, and you have her. I’ll wait for you always.”

– Penny

You can’t get much more swoon-worthy than Desmond and Penny! Their love suffered years of obstacles, heartache, and separation. Over the years, their romantic moments are endless from a hidden letter in Desmond’s copy of Our Mutual Friend to an emotional reunion after he is finally rescued. But there’s one moment for this Lost couple that stands above the rest.

“I love you, Penny. I’ve always loved you. I’m so sorry. I love you.”

– Desmond

Most Romantic Moment: Messed up by time travel scrambling his brain, Desmond needs a constant to save his life. That constant was Penny. As promised, she answers his call on Christmas Eve 8 years after he strangely made this request.

She admits she’s been looking for Desmond for years. Desmond and Penny tell each other they love one another and that he’ll come back to her somehow. It’s a beautiful moment in the midst of their journey. We just had to keep hoping this Lost couple would finally get their happily ever after. And not only do they get their happy ending in the afterlife, but unlike the majority of the Lost couples, they also have a beautiful life together.

Which Lost relationships are your favorites? Were you more a fan of Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate? Sound off below…

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    • I agree! It is a shame. Sawyer and Kate should have been one of the best TV couples of all time with an epic ending. They shouldn’t have listened to some of the fans and dropped it.


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