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Little Women Discussion Questions – A Useful Silver Petticoat Book Club Guide

A list of downloadable and printable book club discussion questions for “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott.

It’s the last week of December, so that means it’s time to discuss Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – the beloved classic book we’ve been reading since November! For the book club discussion, we’ve included downloadable (and printable) Little Women discussion questions for you to use.


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Little Women is the classic tale about sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March in 19th-century New England. The book always makes for a joyful (and emotional) read full of hardships and triumphs. 

With their father fighting in the American Civil War, the sisters come of age in poor circumstances. They also learn life lessons from their strong-willed and intelligent mother, Marmee. The sisters find love, purpose and grow up to become incredible women.

All in all, this story is filled with lovely little lessons about life, love, and family and will always be a favorite for generations to come.

For more about Little Women, read our book club announcement from November! Make sure to also check out more about The Silver Petticoat Book Club – a book club that focuses on sweet, smart, or Austenesque books with love stories.

We choose one book every other month to discuss – switching between classic books and new novels.

All of our past books can be found HERE.


After reading the classic book, you can discuss the book with us on FacebookInstagram, or Goodreads. Alternatively (or in addition), you can print the questions below as a starting point to discuss the book with your friends and family.

The Little Women discussion questions include questions about the story, the characters, the relationships, and more! We hope you enjoy our little book club guide! And please feel free to create some of your own questions.

We’re glad you could join us in reading Little Women, and we hope you’ll join us soon for the next Silver Petticoat Book Club pick!


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'Little Women' Discussion Questions

A list of discussion questions for "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott. Amber and Autumn Topping from The Silver Petticoat Book Club wrote the questions.


    Click the print button and keep a copy of the discussion questions. You can choose to print or save it as a PDF to your computer. These discussion questions are for personal use only to discuss with your friends and family. If you use them, please credit The Silver Petticoat Book Club.

    1. Did you enjoy reading "Little Women?" Have you read this classic before, or was it your first time? How did this reading of the book compare to previous readings?
    2. What was your favorite part of the book, and why? Your least favorite? Do you have any favorite quotes, chapters, or scenes? Share!
    3. Did you appreciate Alcott's straightforward writing style and use of third-person omniscient narration? Do you agree with Alcott's choice to have Jo be the central character of all the March sisters?
    4. Louisa May Alcott grew up learning from Concord's famous New England transcendentalists, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and even her father. Do you see these philosophies from her "mentors" reflected in "Little Women?" How so?
    5. One of the themes of "Little Women" is the struggle the young women have between their personal growth and societal duties expected of them in a 19th-century society where women didn't have many rights. How does each of the March sisters and Marmee deal with these constraints?
    6. What life lessons did you learn in "Little Women?" Did it make you reflect on your actions in your actual life?
    7. Louisa May Alcott called much of her writing (including "Little Women") "moral pap for the young?" Do you agree or disagree with this assessment?
    8. How did Mr. March's absence affect their growth as young women?
    9. Did you love the sisterhood represented in the novel? If you have sisters of your own, did you relate to the quarrels, jealousies, but also moments of deep love on the pages?
    10. Before Beth tragically passes away, Jo takes Beth to the sea. While there, the sweet Beth compares herself and three sisters to birds. Beth is a peep, Jo a gull, Meg a turtledove, and Amy, a lark. What bird would you compare yourself to?
    11. Why do you believe Alcott chose to include Beth's death (based on her real sister's death) in the book instead of writing a fictional happy ending for her? Do you feel it was necessary for Jo's growth in the novel?
    12. Who is your favorite "Little Women" character, and why? Which "little woman" do you relate to the most?
    13. Do you have a least favorite character? Who is it, and why do you like them the least?
    14. Controversial discussion time: How upset were you that Laurie and Jo did not end up together?
    15. Are you Team Jo and Laurie, Team Jo and Professor Bhaer, or Team Jo as a single woman and author? Why?
    16. Returning to the question about the constraints of 19th-century society, do you think Alcott wrote a domestic ending (putting aside Jo's aspirations for her husband) for Jo because of her own constraints as a female author at the time? Do you think this ending domesticated Jo and was the wrong ending? Or did you like it? Discuss!
    17. How did you feel about Laurie and Amy's marriage?
    18. Why do you believe "Little Women" continues to capture the hearts of people around the world? What is it about the story that makes it so timeless?
    19. After reading "Little Women," would you read more books by Louisa May Alcott?
    20. What is your favorite film or TV adaptation of "Little Women?" Why?


Use the discussion question to discuss with your family and friends.

You’ll be able to download the questions, add some of your own, and turn the book club into the social and fun experience it’s meant to be!

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