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Literary Romantic Moment: Risa and Gawain’s Love Declaration

In Camelot's Shadow - Risa and Gawain Romantic Moment
From one of the book covers of “In Camelot’s Shadow.”

In Camelot’s Shadow by Sarah Zettel is a wonderful romance set in King Arthur’s world. The novel focuses on Sir Gawain and Lady Risa. Furthermore, it is based on the stories of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and his love for Ragnelle. Camelot Romances are popular for the ageless themes of love, chivalry, and magic. That being said, I’ve always loved the romances of the other characters in the Arthurian legends more than Guinevere and Arthur. Risa (Ragnelle) and Gawain’s love story is one of the best.

Risa and Gawain

Lady Risa of the Morelands discovers her father sold her to an evil sorcerer to save her mother’s life. She decides to take her fate into her own hands and escape. During her flight, she gets saved by Sir Gawain, one of the best knights of the Round Table. The two journey towards Camelot bearing news that could save the kingdom. They face dark magic, battle, and fate along the way which brings them closer together.

The Lead-In

At one point in the story, Risa’s father comes to Pen Marhas to retrieve her for Euberacon, the malicious sorcerer. Unfortunately, neither Gawain nor the Lord of Pen Marhas can stop her father from taking her. Risa and Gawain spare a glance as she is taken away. Then, Gawain’s brother warns him about doing anything rash. Risa and her father depart the castle and Risa’s spirit feels broken. However, Gawain is not about to let her get away again. As Risa and her father ride down the road, Gawain charges down the path and steals Risa away from her father. When the two pause in their wild ride, the two could finally be honest with their feelings.

Clive Standen as Gawain: Photo Credit: STARZ

The Romantic Moment

Gawain helps Risa down from her horse, however, she is still feeling a little shaken after the encounter. Risa and Gawain gaze at each other for a long moment. Risa can hardly believe what has taken place. Gawain finally says to Risa, “It is over, Risa.”

Risa stares at him in disbelief, and then Gawain and Risa discuss what has just taken place. Gawain tells Risa it’s okay to mourn her father. As Risa begins to cry, Gawain takes her into his arms. The two stand there for a long time, Gawain continuing to hold Risa close.

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Risa tries to say how indebted she is to Gawain, but he cuts her short. He states there is no debt between them and they shall not mention it again. Risa laughing asks Gawain, “What talk shall there be then?” A brief silence descends and Gawain asks permission to speak his heart.


Risa’s heart begins to pound. She nods and Gawain begins his impassioned, romantic plea to Risa. He tells her wishes he had the heart and tongue of a poet to truly express how he feels about her. However, he is only Gawain and can only express his honest feelings.

“But as I am, I can only speak the plainest words. I love you. I love your courage and your noble heart. I love your song and story. I love your face and form, and I shall never cease to love the whole of you as long as God my grant me life.”

Risa is stunned for a moment. Then, her whole heart expands with joy. The only way she can answer him is with a kiss. The two continue to kiss for an age, confirming their love for one another before continuing their journey to Camelot with a promise.

I hope you enjoyed this romantic moment. Please share your favorite moment between Risa and Gawain below.

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