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In Camelot’s Shadow Book Review – Risa and Gawain’s Romantic Story

From In Camelot's Shadow Book Cover
From In Camelot’s Shadow Book Cover

In Camelot’s Shadow Book Summary

In Camelot’s Shadow by Sarah Zettel follows the story of Risa of the Morelands as she escapes a terrible fate. Before her birth, her father promised her to an evil sorcerer to save her mother’s life. When she learns of what he has done, she seeks to escape. There, fate puts her in the path of one of Camelot’s greatest knights, Gawain. The two must work together to survive, break curses, and save Camelot from an old threat. All this happens while romance blossoms between the two.

The book is based on the legend of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle. Gawain’s love for Ragnelle breaks a curse that causes her to look like a fearsome hag. After writing about Arthurian knights last month, I wanted to revisit this book and share my review of it.

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Book Review

In Camelot's Shadow Book Cover
In Camelot’s Shadow Book Cover

In Camelot’s Shadow is a great mix of Arthurian legend, myth, and fantasy. I love the way the book tells the story of characters other than Lancelot, Guinevere, and Arthur. In this book, the legendary characters only serve as background characters to Risa and Gawain’s story. The book does a good job of switching between perspectives in a seamless way. The book doesn’t miss a beat and readers will enjoy the mix of action and romance. Another great thing about this book is the great characterization of Risa and Gawain.

Risa is a strong hearted character. She loves to shoot her bow and ride horses, reminding me of Merida in Brave. She loves her family even when she finds out what her father did, having hope he can be redeemed. Risa also faces down a war and an evil sorcerer with courage. Gawain is more than her match in the book. His nobility and bravery complement her own. Moreover, he treats her with respect. He acknowledges her bravery as well her beauty. Gawain also has flaws that he learns to overcome. Their romance is swoon worthy.

The two have a chemistry from the start. Gawain, who is used to being a ladies man, finds Risa a challenge. Instead of just wooing her, he truly wants to win her heart as he realizes she is no ordinary maid. Gawain and Risa’s romance is built on growing love and respect. He is willing to go above and beyond to have her at his side.

If you want a good Arthurian romance without the tragedy, check out the wonderfully romantic In Camelot’s Shadow.

Adaptation Recommendation:

There are so many movies and shows out there about King Arthur. I find a movie about his other knights would be more than welcome. I think In Camelot’s Shadow would be a great television movie. I could see Rose Leslie as Risa and someone like Michael Huisman as Gawain.

Overall Rating

Five Corset Rating Lower Byte Size

“The stuff that dreams are made of.”

Romance Rating

Five heart rating

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.

I have loved none but you.”

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