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List: Romance on the Road – 7 Romantic Road Trip Movies

Anastasia deck dance romance
Anastasia. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Romance on the Road

The best road movies are the ones that take us on fun, meaningful adventures with great characters. A charming romance never fails to add to this genre; one which I have to admit to a strong fondness of. These romances are frequently between two people forced to travel together by circumstance. They most often dislike one another immediately but bond through their shared adventures. Each member of the couple grows and often changes their goal by the end of the film.

Romantic road trips are usually perfect for a big night in. So, without further ado, here is a varied list of on-the-road-romances to charm and delight you.

7 Romantic Road Trip Movies

(No particular order)

#1 It Happened One Night

It happened one night Romance on the Road
Photo: Columbia Pictures

A reporter agrees to help a runaway socialite travel to be with her fiancé in exchange for an exclusive story on the couple. They contend with setback after setback and begin to bond throughout the journey. Before its end, Ellie isn’t nearly as sure about marrying King Wesley as she thought she was.

A fun Screwball Comedy. This is the very first romantic road trip movie and was extremely popular (especially given its low budget).

Content Note: Unrated. Would probably be PG.

Where to Watch: Netflix and DVD.

#2 Stardust

Stardust Romance on the Road
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Tristan sets out to bring back a fallen star for Victoria, whom he believes is his true love. Surprised to find the star is actually a young woman, Yvainne, Tristan is still set on completing his task. On the way, they encounter murderous princes, evil witches, sky pirates and inconvenient feelings for one another.

An underrated fantasy with an impressive cast and great visuals.

Content Note: PG-13

Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DVD.

#3 Anastasia

Anastasia Romance on the Road
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Anna has one clue linking her to the secrets of her forgotten past; a necklace with the words ‘Together in Paris’. She enlists the help of Dimitri who needs someone to pose as Anastasia, the lost princess, so he can claim the reward offered. The mismatched couple begins to develop feelings as they approach their destination. Soon, Anna begins to seem almost too perfect for the part she has to play.

A classic kid’s movie with heart and humor. It also has an incredibly romantic ending.

Content Note: G

Where to Watch: Netflix and DVD.

#4  Romancing the Stone

Romancing the stone Romance on the Road
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Romance author Joan Wilder leads a dull life in comparison to those of her heroines. That is until her sister is kidnapped over a mysterious treasure map. While traveling cross-country, her bus is overturned and she is forced to buy the help of a savvy mercenary right out of one of her novels.

A self-aware and funny adventure.

Content Note: PG. If rated by today’s standards it would be PG-13 for language, implied sexuality, and some violence.

Where to Watch: Netflix and DVD.

#5 Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage Romance on the Road
Photo: Columbia Pictures

Emily is the spoiled daughter of a rich yet distant businessman. Due to his coldness, she attempts to get his attention with ever more ridiculous stunts. She decides to fake her own kidnapping. All goes to plan and Emily locks herself in her car trunk; bound and gagged. Enter Vincent, a thief, who steals the car with Emily still inside.

A lesser known, fun flick.

Content Note: PG-13

Where to Watch: On DVD.

#6 Leap Year

Leap year Romance on the Road
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Anna is disappointed when her boyfriend yet again fails to propose on their anniversary. Tired of waiting, she is excited to hear about an Irish tradition that allows women to propose on the extra day in a leap year. This is convenient since her boyfriend is currently attending a work conference in Dublin. She decides to follow him there. Unfortunately, the bad weather means she ends up on the wrong side of the country. She convinces local pub owner Declan to give her a lift in his car.

A sweet, enjoyable journey.

Content Note: PG

Where to Watch: Netflix and DVD.

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#7 Shrek
Shrek Romance on the Road
Photo Credit: Dreamworks

Shrek just wants to be left alone in his swamp. Lord Farquaad has other ideas and exiles a large group of fairy-tale creatures there. In return for the legal deed to his swamp, Shrek agrees to rescue a Princess from a tower so that she can marry Lord Farquaad, making him royalty and therefore eligible to rule. Despite an initial dislike, Princess Fiona and Shrek discover that they have more in common than they realize.

Content Note: PG

Where to Watch: Netflix and DVD

Do you enjoy the sub-genre of romance on the road? What are some of your favorites? Let me know!
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