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Our Top 10 Favorite Free Workouts Online – Romantic Living Style

Because part of Romantic Living is self-care and finding workouts that you enjoy doing!


One aspect of our Romantic Manifesto reads, “Connect with nature, people, animals, and your true self.” Another part reads, “Go on daily walks.” And then we remind everyone to “dance” and “meditate!”

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Free Workouts Online – Romantic Living Style.

We believe that part of Romantic Living is remembering self-care, which includes taking care of your health. But we also think you should find the ways you enjoy working out.

Besides going on walks in nature, we also enjoy our indoor home workouts, particularly dancing. One of us may or may not have been nicknamed “the Britney Spears girl” in college.

When you dance, you can pretend like you’re dancing it out with Christina and Meredith, and maybe you’ll feel a whole lot better!

So, while we’re not experts, we do enjoy exercise that feels more fun than exhausting.

Thus, we thought we’d share our favorite free workouts with you from the web – most of which are on YouTube. Whatever your workout level is, you can find something fun to do.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: These are not endorsements, and we are not affiliated with any of these brands. Nor are we health experts. We chose these workouts because we personally enjoy them and think you might too. Our site does not provide medical advice, and posts are only for informational purposes. If you use any information, products, or content from our website, you use them at your own risk, and we cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the use of any advice or information from The Silver Petticoat Review.


(In Alphabetical Order)

#1 Boho Beautiful Yoga

Boho Beautiful includes free Yoga videos on their YouTube channel created by the husband-and-wife team: Juliana Spicoluk & Mark Spicoluk.

We love doing their beginner Yoga videos like the sore back release in the video above. But on their channel, you can also find more advanced videos and vegan inspiration, Pilates, guided meditations, and more.

Their optimistic outlook and gorgeous Yoga videos filmed in nature encompass Romantic Living beautifully!

#2 Grow with Jo 

Grow with Jo is a fitness channel full of workouts for women that are effective and fun! We especially love her dance party workouts.

The new Bollywood Dancy Party workout, for example, is a blast! So, if you want to dance like your favorite Bollywood stars, then you’ll love this quick exercise session.

Besides being enjoyable to do, Jo’s free workouts are great for beginners.

#3 Lucy Wyndham-Read 

If you’re looking for a complete workout routine, Lucy Wyndham-Read (a qualified fitness trainer) has over a thousand free fitness classes on her channel targeting every part of your body – and they are fabulous.

Her videos suit every level – from beginner to advanced, so everyone can do it at any age. Our personal favorites, though, are her super fun indoor walking videos. So, if you ever find yourself unable to reach your daily stepping goals – just turn on a video – and start walking!

She links to her website, too, where you can find free challenges (downloadable training guides) or buy her inexpensive meal plans and workout plans.

#4 POPSUGAR Fitness 

POPSUGAR Fitness has everything – including tons of trendy workouts from Hollywood’s celebrity trainers. They have videos for every fitness level – although I’d say the videos are targeted more toward the millennial generation (us) and younger.

You can find kickboxing, dance moves, strength training, Barre workouts, and more on their channel.

#5 Qigong with Kseny 

Kseny is a Qigong instructor from France, and her videos are lovely – especially if you’re looking for stress relief. We do her ten-minute Qigong morning routine a few times a week and love it!

Besides numerous Qigong classes, she also incorporates Tai Chi into her videos. If you love her free channel, you can consider joining the membership on her website to do live classes, take Qigong courses, and more.

#6 Sky Ting 

Sky Ting Yoga is awesome! Whenever we do their yoga classes, we both become more flexible. You can test them out by doing a few free videos on YouTube.

If you like what you see, you can head over to their website skyting.com and sign up for their free trial of Sky Ting TV for seven days. They have an extensive library and live classes from New York City.

#7 The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade 

They feature workouts with awesome playlists! So, if you’re someone who enjoys working out to dance music, their free YouTube videos might be for you.

They have a variety of workout programs, but we especially enjoy the cardio dance workouts.

#8 Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Fitness 

We (especially Amber) caught onto the TaeBo craze when we were teenagers and haven’t stopped using Billy Blank’s workout videos since.

While he has numerous DVDs you can buy, you can also find several free workouts using martial arts techniques on his YouTube channel. He includes many of the total body cardio workouts he’s famous for!

#9 Women’s Health Magazine

If you’re looking for some uncomplicated strength training to do from home, check out the free online workouts from Women’s Health Magazine!

Pictures and videos are used to show you precisely what to do.

#10 Zumba 

Zumba is the perfect dance workout if you enjoy Latin and international rhythms. While most of their videos are not free, you can check out the free 15-minute workout above or go to their official website and buy videos or pay for live classes.

Personally, we love how fun the Zumba program is and own a few of the DVDs. But the free quick videos on their YouTube channel are a great introduction.

We like other online workouts like Madfit, Yoga Burn, Dance #LikeNina (for all The Vampire Diaries fans!), and Up to the BEat Fit. And while we haven’t tried them yet, we also hear good things about the Nike Training Club app and Fitness Blender. Both are free to use.

What free online workouts do you recommend? Do you have a favorite way to exercise? Let us know in the comments!

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