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Coffee Shop Movie Review – An Uncomplicated Romantic Comedy

Donavan Turner is a small town girl who runs an eponymous coffee shop. She specializes in matching people to their perfect cup of coffee. However, Donavan is not so great at finding her own perfect match. As a result, she approaches romance from an analytical point of view rather than an open heart. For good reason because once upon a time, Donovan though she had it all. Instead, heartbroken, she threw herself into running her coffee shop instead. Yet, when a banker arrives to repossess her shop, Donavan must quickly learn that to save her business and find love, she will need to open her heart again.

Coffee Shop Movie Review - An Uncomplicated Romantic Comedy
Cory M. Grant as Ben and Laura Vandervoort as Donavan in Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop stars Laura Vandervoort, Cory M. Grant, and Josh Ventura.  It also features Jon Lovitz in a role that is absolutely typical Jon Lovitz!

Coffee Shop Review

Coffee Shop Movie Review - An Uncomplicated Romantic Comedy

An Up Original Movie, Coffee Shop is one of those television movies I consider a guilty pleasure. With an uncomplicated plot, Coffee Shop tells an age-old story of love lost, new love found, only to have old love return to town. Throw in the threat of losing a business and that is Coffee Shop in a nutshell. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad movie. It’s a sweet romance whose purpose is just that: romance. There are interesting characters, including a meddling sister who has a meddling fiance. They work against each other to help Donavan in the romance department which results in amusing moments. Jon Lovitz is the “bad guy” banker who is foreclosing on Donavan’s shop. Unsurprisingly, Jon Lovitz’s cameos are always worth watching!

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However, the real draw of this movie is the cast’s fantastic chemistry. From the most minor of characters to the stars, there is an authentic feeling of family and romance. Becky and her fiance have a relationship that is fun yet comfortable. There is an ease that speaks to a relationship of years rather than two actors that just met. Donavan’s employees, Eli and Sarah, are equally fun to watch as they work. Throw Donavan into the mix, and you get a real sense of family at the coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Movie Review - An Uncomplicated Romantic Comedy
Sarah (Gabriela Lopez) with Donavan at the coffee shop.

As for romance, well, there are definitely sparks between Donavan and playwright, Ben. Their first meeting gets off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding on Donavan’s part. It’s fun to watch their banter as they trade insults. Even more fun is to watch their relationship evolve into something more. Donavan guards her heart carefully and it is easy to see why when Patrick, her former boyfriend, returns to town. He’s smoothly charming and knows her so well but perhaps not as well as he thinks.

Coffee Shop delivers a movie with a warm, generous spirit. It’s perfect to watch with family and, of course, it features my favorite co-star: coffee!  Lots and lots of coffee! Take a break before the rush of the holidays, and enjoy this sweet romantic movie!

Check out Coffee Shop, free to stream with your Netflix membership. For fun, behind the scene looks, visit the Coffee Shop official movie page here. Coffee Shop is also available for purchase or for rental on Amazon.

Have you seen Coffee Shop? What did you think? Drop me a line below!

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  1. This has actually been sitting in my queue, so I’m happy to read your positive review. It sounds similarly charming to another coffee film I enjoyed -Cup of Love.

    • It’s a sweet movie. I remember just smiling when it was over. It’s simple yet it hits that perfect note to keep it from being “cheesy.”


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