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Arrow – Lost Souls Recap – Rescuing Ray and an Oliver/Felicity Romantic Moment

Arrow – Lost Souls Recap

Oliver Queen - Lost Souls

The latest episode of Arrow, “Lost Souls,” while about saving Ray from the evil clutches of Damien Darhk, was really devoted to Felicity’s characterization and the romance between Oliver and Felicity. Throw in a couple of subplots, the flashbacks, and an anticipated introduction and you have “Lost Souls.”  Did I also happen to mention that I absolutely loved it??

Rescuing Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer, Felicity, Diggle, and Curtis. Lost Souls

I know Ray hasn’t been the most popular character, but I absolutely adore him and was thrilled to have him back on our screens! His upbeat attitude just makes me love him. Even after shrinking smaller than a cockroach and being kidnapped by a magical supervillain, he sees the positive. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Basically, what happened  in “Lost Souls” was this: After Ray accidentally shrunk himself and landed amongst bugs the size of golden retrievers, he was kidnapped by Damien Darhk. As it turns out, Darhk is very interested in Ray’s suit technology, something that has to do with a mysterious map or schematics of some kind (not sure where this is headed just yet). Somehow, because Ray is a genius, he was able to send Felicity a message that he was still alive.

After working tirelessly to find him (more on this in a moment), Damien hears Ray talking to Felicity and shuts off further communication. That could prove a problem in the near future since Damien knows her name (wouldn’t be too hard to deduce that it is Felicity Smoak, considering she is the CEO of Ray’s company)!

Of course, Team Arrow sets out to rescue Ray, but not before neurotic Felicity figures everything out.

Felicity in a Bad Mood

Felicity. Lost Souls
Felicity is super focused on saving Ray…

What was so great about “Lost Souls” was that Felicity was able to act flawed and human throughout the entire episode. Felicity was allowed to be in a bad mood. Consumed in saving Ray, Felicity wasn’t sleeping, showering, or probably even eating. She had become obsessed in saving a man she thought dead for so long. In this obsessive behavior, however, things got a little icy in the romance department (and the mother department too). Oliver inviting Donna to town (because he endearingly couldn’t resist her emoji’s), in the midst of such a crisis, didn’t do him any favors either…

With Oliver usually the moody one in a sour mood, I enjoyed seeing the tables turn. I especially appreciated Felicity’s characterization here. Her confession to Oliver about her guilt in losing herself in him was really fabulous. If she hadn’t left town with Oliver, she wouldn’t have missed Ray’s calls for help.  Her guilt complex is I’m sure something many of us can relate to.

Aside from all the Felicity characterization, the development in the Oliver/Felicity romance was also on point. For instance, we get to witness Oliver’s own doubts and insecurities as he wondered why Felicity chose him over the genius Ray, Diggle pointing out that Felicity did choose him. Sometimes, relationships just need work.

In the midst of all the neurotic angst, the team works together to rescue Ray, the banter between Oliver and Felicity also a highlight of the episode. I mean, this is a great example of how to make a couple work AFTER they get together.

Working as a team, and taking Curtis hilariously along for the ride, they attempt to rescue Ray in a great sequence. Oliver even pretends to get captured and faces Darhk once more in order to create a distraction. He, at least, held his own a ‘little’ better this time around…

Anyway, they rescue Ray, his size becomes normalized (though he decides to remain ‘dead’ for the time being), and everything is great again!

Standout Romantic Moment

Donna and Felicity bond. Lost Souls.

And that brings me to my standout romantic moment between Oliver and Felicity. After several scenes of uncomfortable bickering (where Oliver remained rather patient and understanding), Felicity talks about her feelings with her mother. She feared to lose herself in a man, but Donna reminded her that was a good thing. That’s what love feels like. They would lose themselves in each other. Plus, she’d never find a man who could cook again! Can I just add that their mother/daughter relationship is just awesome? Donna Smoak needs to be around more often.

With this advice in hand and after Ray is safe and sound, Felicity goes to talk to Oliver in their bed (where Oliver seems to be writing in a journal), and tells him that they will be “fine,” because “they found themselves in each other.”

Oliver and Felicity kiss. Lost Souls

The two follow this moment with a very sweet, upside down kiss. A perfect, romantic moment!

Sara Lance’s Decision

Sara and Laurel. Lost Souls.

After suffering the same bloodlust as Thea, Sara ends up killing someone while out in the field. Being the gypsy wanderer she tends to be, Sara decides she needs a fresh start and tells Laurel she’s leaving town. This was bound to happen, considering she has her spinoff show to get to, but I was rather surprised by the abrupt exit. I thought she would stick around a little longer.


Donna and Quentin_ Lost Souls
Donna and Quentin meet for the first time!

Thea gets asked out on a date by Oliver’s campaign manager and turns him down. But after talking to Sara, Thea decides she wants something normal and tells him yes. I’m not sure how I feel about this development yet. I guess it depends on how much screentime gets devoted to it.

In flashbacks, Oliver and the two island goons (can’t remember their names for the life of me) find some mystical symbols on the island. This somehow has something to do with a gift. Oliver gets ordered by the leader to go find his ‘gift,’ and one of the workers tries to kill Oliver, but Oliver kills him instead. Personally, I hope this plot gets killed soon…

And finally, at the end of the episode, Donna and Quentin meet at a bar! Thankfully, Quentin is only drinking club soda (though why he’s at a bar in the first place is beyond me) and the two bond over daughters. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would love to see more between these two!

Favorite Quote

Felicity: You faced down Mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins. Are you honestly telling me that you couldn’t say no to my mom?

Oliver: She said she missed you and then she texted me one of those emoji’s with the single tear.

Thoughts and Questions

We are starting to get more information on Felicity’s dad and the more we know about him, the worse he sounds. He’s a deadbeat who never paid child support and it seems that her dad never really loved Donna. Likely, Felicity’s father is going to turn out to be a villain of some sort. For a minute, I considered Damien again but he had zero reaction to Felicity’s name and still Felicity has no recognition of the man. UNLESS, Felicity doesn’t know what her father looks like (this seems possible after Donna’s confession) and Damien didn’t put two and two together about Felicity’s name. There is also another possibility that he doesn’t know his own daughter’s name….But this all seems rather unlikely. Still, it was rather odd with all the Donna, Damien, Felicity, and Felicity’s father stuff all in the same episode. Anyone else have thoughts?

Okay, where is John Barrowman? Is there a reason he has almost no part this season? I’m hoping for Malcolm to have a story arc soon…

What did you think of “Lost Souls?” Sound off in the comments…

Photos: CW

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