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Agatha Raisin TV Review – A New Cozy Mystery With Humor and Romance

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Agatha Raisin TV Review

Agatha Raisin is a new cozy mystery series that is a whole lot of fun to watch. Part cozy mystery, part British comedy, each episode is filled with small town charm, fun witticisms, murder, romance, and quite a bit of laughs.

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Agatha Raisin tells the story of a public relations specialist (Ashley Jensen), who leaves her “glamorous” life in London behind, to move to a quaint village. However, she soon becomes the suspect in a murder. To prove her own innocence, she sets out to find the real killer. It’s then she discovers she’s actually quite good at solving murders.

What I really loved about Agatha Raisin is that they write real women in this series. Flawed, modern women who you likely would never find as the female leads in an American series. In part, because they’re not your typical young model-actresses. And in part, because they’re not your stereotypical “strong” female characters.

Agatha Raisin may also include one of the least likely crime-solving teams ever. You have the PR Queen, Agatha Raisin herself who is struggling with a bit of a mid-life crisis, the next door neighbor and handsome love interest James, the intelligent single Mom in her thirties Gemma, the sweet boyish Detective DC Bill Wong, and Agatha’s gay colleague Roy.

Sure, the mysteries aren’t especially difficult to solve. But this cozy mystery series is much more about the quirky characters and comedic situations anyway.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries like Miss Marple or Miss Fisher and British comedy, then you’ll likely enjoy Agatha Raisin.

I also enjoyed the romantic aspect of the series. In fact, the series has one of the most entertaining romantic quadrangles ever. You have Agatha who likes her handsome next door neighbor James, the sweet Detective who has a crush on Agatha, Gemma who is secretly in love with the Detective, and James who doesn’t know what he wants! The quadrangle puts the characters in some entertaining situations.

However, the main romance between Agatha and James does have some problems. James is a bit indecisive toward Agatha which can be rather frustrating. Still, for the most part, you’ll find yourself rooting for the two. That said, I was more invested in the “possibility” of a romance between Bill and Gemma – who have known each other their whole lives.

While not as memorable, if you enjoy cozy mysteries like Miss Marple or Miss Fisher and British comedy, then you’ll likely enjoy Agatha Raisin. It’s a fun new addition to the genre.

You can stream the TV Pilot/TV Movie and the entire first season on ACORN TV.

Content Note: This series is TV-14 and includes sexual innuendo and some mild violence.

Have you seen Agatha Raisin? What are your thoughts on this new series?


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2 thoughts on “Agatha Raisin TV Review – A New Cozy Mystery With Humor and Romance”

  1. I don’t like this series. The stories don’t follow the books at all. There’s no need to rewrite what MC Beaton wrote. If the tv writers want to create a story, why don’t they do it under their own names and titles?

    Why does Agatha have a Scottish accent? MC Beaton says that Agatha worked hard to rid herself of her accent and has perfect London speech.

    Where did Bill Wong’s boss come from? He was never a character in the book. Why create this character of a fat, bumbling black man?

    Agatha’s cleaning lady, Gemma, was a minor character not constantly present. Why now?

    Why is Agatha’s dreamboat, James, played by an actor who is not particularly good-looking?

    Why are the stories twisted into unrecognizable, ineffectual pap?

    • Often TV shows change content when doing adaptations which can be understandably frustrating. I’ve never read the books so I don’t have anything to compare the show to. Overall, I found it pretty entertaining as a cozy mystery series. But liking a show is certainly subjective as is what one considers good-looking. Clearly, you have an attachment to the books and imagined something different than what they presented. Fair enough. I don’t agree with some of your critiques but I completely understand being disappointed with an adaptation.


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