15 Contemporary Romance Novels Sure to Make Readers Happy

Heart Land; 15 Contemporary Romance Novels Sure to Make Readers Happy10: Heart Land by Kimberley Stuart (Adult Fiction)

Hot off the press, this is another one I’ve (sadly) not read. But I see glowing reviews for this author from readers whom I trust unequivocally. Grace, our heroine, is a Big Apple city girl whose life unexpectedly brings her back to her small hometown – and her former sweetheart, Tucker. (Oh, and she also winds up recreating vintage dresses!)

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Content: nothing to note

11: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne (Adult Fiction)

This contemporary romance isn’t one I’ve read, but do hear amazing things about. It’s a workplace comedy with an opposites attract trope. Only they don’t just dislike each other, they actually despise each other; something that’s been likened to the Darcy and Lizzy romance. Oh, and it sounds like something a reader who enjoys Netflix’s Set it Up may like. (It’s also recently been optioned as a film!)

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Content: Please note, this novel does contain adult situations and some strong profanity.

12: The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner (Adult Fiction)

This delightful novel is as cute as it is inspirational. Sarah is a divorcee who creates a secret identity as a “smutty” romance novelist. This is all well and good until she goes and falls head over heels for a (cute!) pastor and her not-so-clean past is uncovered.

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Content: Some innuendo, but nothing graphic.

13: Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh (Adult Fiction)15 Contemporary Romance Novels Sure to Make Readers Happy; Just Let Go

Though it’s still rich in lighthearted romantic notions, this novel is more about its emotional impact than rainbows. It tells the story of an Olympic trained skier suffering from a bad injury and press. Things get worse when he’s sentenced to small-town community service. One of the recipients of this sentence is the local flower shop owner, who’s got some personal issues of her own. This story is not only romantic, it’s also a beautiful reminder that sometimes we do need to just let go.

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Content: nothing to note

14: Light My Fire by Susan May Warren (Adult Fiction)

Despite the fiery title, this novel (which is only 152 pages) is the first in a trio of inspirational contemporary reads. The story follows a group of smokejumpers; this one follows former “bad boy,” Tucker Newman and a stubborn U.S. Marshal named Stevie.

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Content: Some adult themes (criminal investigations involving rape, etc)

15 Contemporary Romance Novels Sure to Make Readers Happy; P.S. I Like You15: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West (YA Fiction)

This adorable novel is rich in vintage-esque romance with its letter-writing OTP. It all begins when heroine Lily scribbles song lyrics on a scrap of paper while bored in chemistry class. Only the next day she discovers someone finishes the lyrics. Thus begins a letter-writing romance with unexpected results. Basically, I could insert any of Kasie’s novels here as they’re all super cute!

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Content: Nothing to note.

Have you read any of these contemporary romance books? Or any other books by the authors mentioned on this list? What contemporary novels fall on your favorites list? Drop a comment below – I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations!

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2 thoughts on “15 Contemporary Romance Novels Sure to Make Readers Happy”

  1. What a fabulous list, Rissi. I see some personal favorites listed here as well as some that are still on my TBR shelf. I’m so happy that you included Sway which I rarely see mentioned.

    • I rarely see “Sway” mentioned either, Brittaney. Sadly I’ve not yet read it, but I love Amy’s writing/stories, so I’ve zero doubt this one will also be wonderful. 🙂


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