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The Day of the Doctor – An Impossible Doctor Who Theory Part 2

For those who missed the first part of my Doctor Who 50th anniversary theory, make sure to read it first HERE because I am going to continue my theory as if you had already read it:

With the date of November 23 looming even closer, it is getting more and more exciting as we consider all the possibilities of what “The Day of the Doctor” will actually be about. We don’t even have a trailer yet (hopefully this will air soon) but we do have the title, a poster, and now the official Twitter hashtag: #savetheday that premiered as a promo last night with the new BBC show Atlantis.

As someone who loves to analyze everything from literature to theories on television, I thought it would be fun to analyze the hashtag #savetheday in connection to my theory on what “The Day of the Doctor” means. Now, #savetheday has one obvious interpretation: save the day (or date of November 23) to tune in for the special episode about the Doctor. But what if it could also have other hidden meanings as well?

First of all, the phrase might be a pun. Yes, “save the day” but it may also be about the Doctor literally “saving the day.” But what kind of ‘saving’ will the Doctor do in the episode? This has two possibilities: 1) the Doctor will save the day (perhaps even from himself) and 2) this ‘day’ is really a pun about the one day the Doctor has been saving, hoarding over time to be with his beloved similar to what Kazran did in “A Christmas Carol.”

The importance of the word “day” even comes up again by Steven Moffat in a recent Interview  from “The Doctor His Lives and Times.” Here is an interesting excerpt:

SM: If you’re going to celebrate Doctor Who, you’re celebrating the Doctor – well, why not tell his story? What’s it like for him? What’s it like being him, what defines him, what defines what he is? How do you make that might moment in his life? What would be the Doctor’s most important day, what would be the show that would change him as a person forever, alter the course of his life?

That’s what’s big enough to do for the 50th, rather than just a parade of the greatest hits. Never mind that space badge one; this is the adventure that he really remembers, and thinks, ‘That was the day everything changed.’

Well, what would be the Doctor’s most important day? Definitely seems to parallel “A Christmas Carol” once more in that way. The metaphor of “one day” again begs the question that Kazran had once asked the Doctor: “One last day with your beloved, which day would you choose?” Perhaps in this special, the Doctor will choose that day or the day he has been “saving” will be chosen for him because his day must be used in order to save everyone. And that is why this day, “The Day of the Doctor” will be a day the Doctor will never forget.

Do I believe this day will all be about Rose? Once again, I reemphasize a big NO but I do think it possible (even though it seems impossible) that a part of this important day could be about the metaphor of the one day with Rose. I still think it will tie everything together as we consider what the life of the Doctor is like, perhaps using “Bad Wolf” like I theorized in Part One. We will explore what he has done (The Time War) because we must explore what he will become in the future (and Moffat definitely wants to think about the future of the show rather than just looking into the past). Again, the idea of the past, present, and future once more goes back to what I consider the biggest clues as to what could happen in the anniversary:  the episode “A Christmas Carol.” Perhaps it deserves a re-watch soon because it just might be a little possible this one episode may hold the keys to unlocking the mystery of “The Day of the Doctor.”

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What does everyone else think will happen in the anniversary? Do you have new theories brewing in your head? Sound off below…

ALSO, this is not a forum for negative attacks on anyone. It is for discussion only. You can agree, disagree with this theory (I might even agree with you), discuss, but don’t attack. Our site is not a place for inappropriate fandom behavior even though we understand Doctor Who is a series that brings out strong emotions. We look for intelligent, thoughtful conversation here. Bring rude behavior elsewhere, or better yet…stop being rude altogether! But if you still can’t help yourself and continue to feel the need to behave inappropriately on our site, don’t be surprised if, like the cybermen, we delete you.



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