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Doctor Who Diaries: An Introduction and an End to the Impossible Theory

The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Photo: BBC
The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper).
Photo: BBC

 An Introduction

I think it is safe to assume at this point (for those following us here at The Silver Petticoat Review) that I love Doctor Who. Unfortunately, I came into the series a little late in the game (two and a half years ago to be precise) but better late than never, right? I had always heard whispers of this show and sometimes saw Doctor/Rose clips in fan video montages but I just never got around to watching it for some reason or another. Then, when my stress overload became too great one semester during Grad school, I started scrolling around through various Amazon Prime Instant Videos and felt compelled to press play on the first episode with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor called “Rose.”

But from the time the Doctor said, “run,” I leaped into this magical world of fantasy and a blue box that is bigger on the inside.

“Rose” became everything for me because for just one hour I was free from all the pressures and deadlines as I embraced the imagination I had as a child. Without this episode and the actual character of Rose though, I’m not sure I could have so easily jumped into this unfamiliar world so enthusiastically. But from the time the Doctor said, “run,” I leaped into this magical world of fantasy and a blue box that is bigger on the inside. Because I could understand the Doctor from an outside perspective (Rose), everything came together seamlessly and I was hooked.

Rose was also the perfect character for me to relate to. We are all after all rather ordinary in our mundane lives (mine felt particularly mundane with one assignment after the next and the many disappointments one faces in life) so how could we not want to go on an adventure with someone like the Doctor so full of excitement and wonder? The Doctor reminded me that life doesn’t have to just go through the motions (work, sleep, eat beans on toast) but life can be full of hope and dreams. We, like Rose can discover how to live a better life.

I probably finished the first four series within a month or two (it took me longer with the 5th season because I wasn’t ready for the new showrunner and Doctor just yet and I confess the transition was a bit difficult). Still, since the day I found Doctor Who, I haven’t looked back since. I’ve even convinced several friends and family I know to tune in and almost all of them have been converted into becoming Whovians!

And because I love Doctor Who so completely, I recently started thinking about ways to write about the show on this site. I have several blog posts already about my theory for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor.” While hard work, it has truly been a blast writing out my theories. In the midst of those theories, I finally decided what to write about on a continuous basis: I wanted to start a new column called “Doctor Who Diaries.”

But what will “Doctor Who Diaries” be about? Anything and Everything from theories, essays, recaps, reviews, thoughts about a quote, behind the scenes, to whatever calls me to write: that is what diaries are for after all! I hope that you will all join me on my own Doctor Who Adventure from this point on.

And for those who missed our theory (my sister Amber helped and wrote out Part 5), here are the five parts of “The Day of the Doctor” Impossible Theory:






The End of a Theory

The day is almost and finally upon us, the special anniversary special airing tomorrow! Several short clips have aired (mostly uninformative) but one thing we DO know is that Bad Wolf has returned in some form! Watch the clip below:

[et_lb_video video_url=”http://youtu.be/vkJqHJEx6Yc” css_class=””][/et_lb_video]

Fantastic! One of my favorite arcs of all of Doctor Who is Bad Wolf. Everything about it was romantic and epic, even mysterious from the words spread across time to Bad Wolf bringing Jack back to life (everyone definitely owes Bad Wolf thanks for that one). The return of Bad Wolf in series 4 was also epic. I can’t imagine how shocking that reveal would have been if I hadn’t already known that Rose was returning (I think it is safe to assume by this point that I love everything about Rose Tyler). So what then does Moffat have in store for us now?

For a long time now, my sister and I have theorized Bad Wolf was returning (since the beginning of series 7) but have mostly been mocked and told that it was “impossible” even after the “Bad Wolf” reveal in the official poster of “The Day of the Doctor.” Now that Bad Wolf has been confirmed in the clip, those who hate Rose are just glad that Rose won’t be in the special. But isn’t Rose in fact Bad Wolf?

Of course she is! She is both. Rose was the one to look into the heart of the Tardis after all. Everything that happened afterwards was a manifestation of her own desires: saving her Doctor for instance. Nothing has ever implied that Rose isn’t in fact Bad Wolf so I find it odd that so many are spouting this off.

But what will happen? Between me and my sister we have already offered several possibilities and have written almost everything there is to say at this point. Nevertheless, in a couple of the promo pictures it would seem almost like the 10th and 11th Doctor can’t see her.

Rose behind Ten and Eleven in "Day of the Doctor." Photo: BBC
Rose behind Ten and Eleven in “Day of the Doctor.”
Photo: BBC

This is of course possible; Rose as Bad Wolf could be doing what we theorized all along: planning everything that has happened thus far to bring them all together (including Clara) but from the background. Still, she is not invisible (John Hurt seems to see her though I suppose this could be misleading) so it would be easy to explain Rose as the woman in the shop as well.

IF she is in fact invisible to the Doctors (only one possibility), does that mean she will never appear to them? No. What about that wave in the trailer for instance? That ‘reveal’ would actually be quite cool and could even be funny if a little redundant to River Song’s supposed invisibility only one episode past in “The Name of the Doctor.”

Then we have to think about how Rose is Bad Wolf again. Is this Rose from “The Parting of the Ways,” or has Bad Wolf just returned now in the present? This picture seems to suggest something strange altogether:

Look at Rose’s hand.
Photo: BBC

Let’s take an even closer look:

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

A Ring (and a large rock for matter) is on her wedding finger. Is this Rose married or engaged? Could be the case (other 10th half human Doctor did practically propose when we last saw them so this would make sense). I suppose we will just have to wait and see because sometimes a ring is just a ring (though I don’t know any women who wear a ring on that finger just because). We do only have one more day to wait and then the actual day of the Doctor will begin! Until then, this is the end of the impossible theory signing off.


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