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Romantic Moment of the Week: Wade and Zoe

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THE SHOW: Hart of Dixie

THE PAIRING: Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) and Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

THE EPISODE: “Second Chance” – (aired May 16, 2014)

THE MOMENT: Zoe tells Wade she loves him in front of the whole town and later tells him that she’s not going to give up

After almost an entire season of Wade and Zoe apart, it was inevitable that these two former lovebirds would start to find their way back to each other when their other relationships eventually fizzled out. So for all the fans of these two, last night’s season finale was a special treat.

The episode focused on the idea of second chances with numerous subplots focused on second chances and finding true love. So it is no surprise that Zoe Hart had an epiphany of her own about true love and second chances when the thought of Wade leaving Bluebell for a huge job promotion in Atlanta left her upset and more than a little unsettled.

In a heartfelt scene with Lemon, Zoe discovers that she not only still has feelings for Wade but that she is also in love with him. And according to Lemon and her ex Joel (who’s in town for a wedding), she should put it all out there. But what will she do about it?

In the middle of the episode, Zoe on a whim decides to put her heart on the line. When the wedding between Meatball and Lily Ann is canceled in front of the whole town, the minister asks the crowd if there’s anybody else who has something to share.

Zoe nervously stands up. “Actually I do,” she says.

love you 1

And thus begins part one of this week’s romantic moment. She begins her speech:

“While we are here, I’d like to take this moment to—on behalf of the entire town congratulate Wade Kinsella. We are so proud of him for becoming the success that we always saw that he could be. And while he’s gone, we’re gonna miss him a lot, so much because, well because we love him.”

love you 3 love you 5

(And this is when it gets really awkward and embarrassing. Just look at the expressions of everybody in the town.)

love you 6

“Uh no, not we. Wade, last year you drove across the state to tell me you loved me and so I’m telling you. I love you…So um…told you.”

love you 7 love you 10

But her declaration doesn’t have the desired effect. More than a little stunned, Wade walks out of the Rammer Jammer in the crowd leaving Zoe standing there uncomfortably.

love you 11 love you 12

The next day when Zoe confronts Wade before he leaves town doesn’t go any better. He thinks they already gave their relationship a try and it didn’t work out. But Zoe disagrees. This episode is about second chances after all!

deserve another chance 2

“We weren’t ready then. But we are now and we deserve another chance,” she points out. But she’s not convincing enough and he again leaves her to go finish packing.

But this isn’t the end of Wade and Zoe. Just when it seemed like Wade had left town, he shows up at the wedding reception (of another couple) and tells Zoe that he didn’t take the job and is staying in Bluebell. She’s happy to say the least, but it doesn’t mean she should get any ideas…yet (at least according to Wade).

wedding 1 wedding 2 wedding 3 wedding 4

At the very end of the episode, Wade and Zoe dance together (Part Two of the romantic moment) and again she puts it all out there:

“Yes, I know that you believe that we don’t have a future together, but Wade Kinsella you are just so wrong. And I’m going to prove it, as long as it takes. I’m not giving up.”

dance 1 dance 2 dance 3 dance 4 dance 5 wrong

And then off she walks back into the crowd of wedding guests. Based on the smile Wade has on his face, something tells me it’s not going to take Zoe very long.

dance 9

So what did you think of Hart of Dixie’s season finale? Were you happy with the near reunion of Wade and Zoe? Let me know in the comments!


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