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Romantic Moment of the Week: The X-Files – A Romantic Mystery Solved as Scully Fights to Save Mulder

Scully and Mulder The X-Files
Scully and Mulder in “Home Again.”


THE SHOW: The X-Files

THE PAIRING: Scully and Mulder

THE EPISODE: “The Struggle II” –  (aired February 22, 2016)


THE ROMANTIC MOMENT: Mulder learns the truth about Scully’s disappearance back in season two while Scully works on a cure to save Mulder.

The long anticipated return of The X-Files came with many ups and a few downs. Namely, the unnecessary break up of Scully and Mulder being the ultimate down. Still, the kindred spirit love between Scully and Mulder shined through as they once again found themselves working side by side unraveling the mystery of the supernatural.

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The X-Files continuation included many “romantic moments” in the short 6 episode season. A few of my favorite romantic moments include:

#1 Scully and Mulder doing some old-fashioned investigating together in the best episode of the season, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster.”

Scully and mulder were monster the x-files

#2 Mulder comforting Scully while her Mom dies in “Home Again.” Scully also remembers Mulder crying over her while she was in a coma many years earlier which was actually a clue to the events of the finale.

scully remembers the x files scully in coma the x files Mulder holds Scully's hand in past the x files

"I'm here," Mulder tells Scully.
“I’m here,” Mulder tells Scully.

Plus, there were some epic looks in this episode when Mulder first shows up at the hospital and Scully sees him.

"I'm here," Mulder tells Scully on the phone which echos back to season 2.
“I’m here,” Mulder tells Scully on the phone which echoes back to season 2.
Scully's happy look when she sees him there to support her.
Scully’s happy look when she sees him there to support her.

After Scully’s Mom dies, Mulder hugs her in one of their best moments.

scully and mulder hug the x files

#3 An open conversation between the two as they sit on a log and discuss their son, William.

scully and mulder hug on log the x files

#4 The talk about faith as they hold hands (and look like they’re going to kiss) at the end of episode five, “Babylon.”

scully and mulder

However, my favorite romantic moment of the season happened this week during the finale in “My Struggle II” when Scully once again (in classic form) tries to save Mulder as he uncovers the truth behind a series long mystery.


This season of The X-Files, we learn many of the secrets of the ultimate conspiracy. It’s not aliens invading the world, but rather a group of power-hungry men (The Syndicate) intent on using alien technology to take over the world through depopulation. At the head of it all? Mulder’s “father,” the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Apparently, all of humanity is being killed by sicknesses and plagues because these “men” have released chemtrails into the Earth’s atmosphere, which cause everyone’s immune systems to collapse. The American people had already been infected by the so-called Spartan Virus due to mandatory flu shots which work as the trigger. That is, except people who were abducted and given the antidote. Or anyone involved in the conspiracy (including Agent Reyes in a shocking twist).

Mulder confronts the Cigarette Smoking Man about the truth – who then offers him a deal. He will give him the antidote and save him, if only he joins him at the table with these other men. But Mulder would rather die than join him. Still, the Cigarette Smoking Man (AKA Spender) wants to save Mulder because he “loves” him.

In a surprising revelation, the Cigarette Smoking Man admits that Scully was already saved and given the antidote when she was abducted. But why did he save Scully?

If you recall, the Cigarette Smoking Man was in love with Mulder’s mother with an almost Byronic focus. Did the Cigarette Smoking Man save Scully in a dark, twisted way because he felt Mulder loved her like he loved Mulder’s mother? He downplays love in this scene, but if you recall from earlier seasons he was definitely in love with her. He even has her healed in season 4 in the name of the “cause.” Right…

The Cigarette Smoking Man calls Scully Mulder's beloved.
The Cigarette Smoking Man calls Scully Mulder’s beloved.

The best part of this scene is when he calls Scully, Mulder’s “beloved.” It seems likely that this was why he saved Scully. Literally, for Mulder. His whole game is to get his son to join him. And he knows how much Mulder loves Scully. So for anyone hoping that their breakup would mean the end of their “love story,” sorry…


With Mulder and the rest of humanity running out of time, Scully and Agent Einstein work to find a cure. Ultimately, Scully discovers that the cure is in her own blood. It’s her alien DNA that’s been protecting her and even cured her of cancer. So, she puts together an antidote, but is it too late for Mulder?

Agent Miller rescues Mulder from the Cigarette Smoking Man, with Mulder still refusing to take the cure. He’d still rather die than join such evil. (That’s the Mulder we all love.)

Scully drives the x-files

Meanwhile, Scully drives through the city, desperate to reach Mulder in time as Agent Miller drives him toward her. But, it’s the end of the world basically and there is too much traffic, chaos and fear. Scully goes as far as she can in her car but then leaves to run toward him with Agent Miller outside and signaling her.

Scully in the crowd the x-files Agent Miller on the phone The X-Files

Mulder sits in the front seat, dying as Scully urgently tries to reach him before he dies.

Mulder dying the x-files

Finally, Scully reaches Agent Miller.

Scully running toward Mulder the X-Files

“Where is he?” Scully asks, frantic to save Mulder. Agent Miller directs her to the car, where she finds Mulder alive. But only barely.

Scully reaches Mulder The X-Files

“Mulder, I’m here,” Scully tells him with a smile (once again, bringing us back to this phrase). Even dying, Mulder is happy to see her.

“He saved your life. Old Smokey,” Mulder admits. “I suppose I should thank him.”

He saved your life Mulder the x-files

“We’re gonna save your life,” Scully says with determination.

Scully 2 the x-files

“Agent Miller is also in trouble,” Mulder reminds her.

“I’ll take care of Agent Miller. But right now we’re going to get an IV into you. Okay?”

She steps away and pulls Agent Miller aside. “He is worse off than I thought.”

“Can you do anything for him?”

“What I can do might not help. He needs stem cells in him right now,” Scully says as she begins to put the puzzle pieces together in her mind.”

stem cells for Scully and Miller the x files

“Stem cells from who?” Miller asks.

Scully then reveals that she needs stem cells from her and Mulder’s son together, William. But she doesn’t know where he is. Just then, a light shines on them.

the light the x files

An alien ship is above them. Scully and Mulder look up into the sky.

the spaceship the x files mulder looks up 2 the x files scully and miller light final the x files

The camera zooms into Scully’s shocked expression and then…the episode ends.

scully's eye the x files

No doubt, at this point we’ll be getting a season 11. So, will Scully be able to find William to save Mulder? Will they be abducted by the Syndicate? We will have to wait and see.

Till then, it’s nice to see Scully and Mulder fighting for each other and proving they still love each other. Not to mention, the romantic mystery now solved. “Old Smokey” abducted Scully to ultimately save her for his son – who he loves in a twisted way. While the finale was all about conspiracies and tragedy, ultimately it was about the love between Scully and Mulder. Not only does their love always save each other, but perhaps their love will ultimately save the entire world as well. You can’t get more romantic than that.

What did you think of the 10th season of The X-Files? Did you love the scenes between Scully and Mulder? Were you surprised by the Cigarette Smoking Man’s revelations? Let me know in the comments!

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