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Romantic Moment of the Week: The 100 – May We Meet Again

Lincoln and Octavia kiss the 100


THE SHOW: The 100

THE PAIRINGS: Dr. Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane; Octavia and Lincoln

THE EPISODE: “Stealing Fire” (Aired March 31, 2016)

THE ROMANTIC MOMENT: Kane kisses Abby before he leaves and Lincoln says his final goodbye to Octavia.

The 100 has faced quite a bit of controversy these last few weeks, especially since the lackluster death of fan favorite Lexa. Only a couple weeks later, the controversy continued when series regular Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) was killed off the series in what was a rather “odd” death. Not to mention some of the behind the scenes drama.

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That all said, going beyond the controversies and discussions over how these characters could have died better deaths (believe me, I completely agree), I do want to take this time to focus on the very romantic moments in Lincoln’s final episode of The 100. Two love stories came to the forefront in last week’s episode “Stealing Fire.” The first between Abby and Marcus and the other between Octavia and Lincoln.

Would I have preferred Lincoln to go out in a blaze of glory? Perhaps dying to save Octavia instead of some random characters we don’t know? Of course! Yet, the epic portrayal of Lincoln by Ricky Whittle as the Grounder who falls in love with the girl from the sky deserves to be recognized! Their chemistry from the start was undeniable and was actually why I decided to stick around for this series. I turned it off at first, unimpressed for the first few episodes. But then Lincoln, the mysterious Grounder entered the series and I was drawn back in on Netflix. And when Octavia saved him from being tortured by her people, a wonderful love story was born. Lincoln, who believed he was a monster, found his humanity with Octavia. Their love only became stronger throughout the series. They were a force to be reckoned with right up to the end.

As for Abby and Kane, their romance was much more subtle. Once friends, once kind of enemies, and then friends again, their relationship has had a slow build. So slow in fact one wondered if anything was actually going to develop between them. And then, in last week’s events, the question of their feelings was answered.

Looming as a single theme throughout the episode was the long used phrase, “May We Meet Again.” The phrase is used in two different ways. One used as a bittersweet goodbye and the other as a final one.


After a few seasons of build up on The 100 between these two, Abby and Kane finally (albeit through subtext) reveal their feelings for each other. With Pike (the new leader) on a power-hungry ego trip, Kane is sentenced to death for being a traitor. On the day of his execution, he is given five minutes to say good-bye.

Abby and Kane stare at each other across the long hall, emotions heavy and apparent.

“Are you all right?” Abby asks him.

The two walk toward each other. Abby refuses to accept defeat that Kane will die and says so. But Kane refuses to allow her to help him because if she were to be caught she too would be executed.

“Then I won’t be caught,” she tells him.

They smile weakly.

Abby and Kane move closer together. Kane begins to plead. “I’m begging you, just don’t…don’t do it. Our people need someone here to show them a way out of the dark.”

Abby touches Kane's face the 100

Abby reaches up to touch his face but hesitates for a second. She’s never touched him like this before.

“I can’t do this again,” Abby admits. The subtext and meaning are clear. She already lost her husband in a similar way. How can she lose another man she loves? Kane understands her meaning but stops her from admitting further.

Abby and Kane the 100 2

“Don’t make this any harder than it already is.”

Kane backs away and leaves before she can tell him how she feels.

Later, Abby, of course, disobeys his wishes and helps to save him. But they still need to make their final escape before Pike and the guards catch them – which leads up to the romantic moment.


Abby and Kane are about to make their escape when Abby stops him.

abby and kane need someone to show them out of the dark the 100

Kane turns to look at her. “Okay, Abby. Come on. You’re next.”

“I’m not going,” she tells him much to his disappointment. “They need someone to show them the way out of the dark,” she says repeating his words. [And this is no exaggeration. Pike is equivalent to Hitler.]

Abby out of the dark the 100

Abby’s about to say more when Kane interrupts her with a kiss.

Abby and Kane kiss the 100 2

She returns the kiss, the two finally acting on their long unexpressed feelings. They pull apart and stare into each other’s eyes.

abby and kane after kiss the 100

“May we meet again,” Kane tells her with feeling.

“We will,” Abby promises.

And with that, the two part ways. For now, anyway. There’s still some hope left which is in opposite parallel to the romantic moment between Lincoln and Octavia.


Octavia makes it her mission to save Lincoln from the insane dictator choices of Pike who plans to execute him. And it seems like Octavia is going to succeed too. She breaks into Arkadia, manages to get Lincoln and Kane away from the guards and hides long enough for them to make their escape. And just as they are about to leave, Pike makes an announcement over the loudspeaker.

“I have a message for the traitors in this camp. There will be an execution today. Either turn yourselves in, or the other Grounder prisoners will die in your place.”

Octavia still wants to go but Lincoln doesn’t want to allow his people to die simply so he can leave. Octavia attempts to plead with Lincoln to go but he refuses.

“We need to go now,” Octavia begs.

“You should,” Lincoln tells her his mind now made up.

Realizing this, Octavia decides to go out in a blaze of glory with him. “Fine,” she tells him. “I’m going with you.” He smiles and walks toward her. “I love you,” he confesses with emotion. Lincoln kisses her passionately. But it’s partially a ruse.

Lincoln and Octavia kiss 2 the 100

He takes out a tranquilizer and injects her with the medicine, saving her from dying with him.  “No!” Octavia cries out weakly.

Lincoln and Octavia kiss 3 the 100 Lincoln and Octavia after kiss the 100

Lincoln catches Octavia in his arms and lifts her into his arms as she passes out from the injection. He looks at her lovingly knowing this will be the last time he holds her.

“What are you doing?” Kane asks him baffled. “Same thing you’d do for your people,” Lincoln tells him.

Lincoln then asks Kane to take Octavia out of there to keep her safe.

Lincoln hands Octavia to Kane the 100

Lincoln hands her over to him and briefly clings to her hand.

lincoln leaves the 100 1 Lincoln leaves Octavia hands the 100

Kane reminds Lincoln to be strong during his execution. Lincoln holds Octavia’s hand one last time letting go slowly, his heart clearly breaking and walks away.

lincoln touches octavia's hand leaving the 100 lincoln and octavia hands 2 the 100

In an epic scene, Lincoln in righteous anger turns himself into Pike.

lincoln turns himself in the 100

Even if it means losing Octavia, he can’t let his people – who are innocent – die.


Octavia wakes up groggily, draped over a horse. “Lincoln,” she weakly cries out.

Octavia wakes up calling for Lincoln the 100

Elsewhere, Lincoln is walked outside by Pike and the guards toward his place of execution. He’s in chains, head held high and defiant. He will not give Pike the satisfaction of a breakdown.

Lincoln in chains the 100

Octavia, far off in the distance, crawls toward Lincoln.

Octavia crawls toward Lincoln the 100

He falls to his knees ready to die. Octavia sees him but is too far away to do anything about it.

Lincoln goes on his knees the 100 lincoln on knees 2 the 100 Octavia sees Lincoln about to die the 100

Pike [I really want this guy to die] pretends to act like a standup guy and condescendingly tells Lincoln that he can’t free his people but he can promise they’ll be cared for.

Octavia cries as she sees Lincoln experiencing his final moments.

“Lincoln of Trikru, you have been sentenced to death in accordance with the Exodus Charter. Any last words?”

Any last words - Lincoln the 100

Lincoln gives him a powerful stare, remaining strong as Kane suggested. “Not for you,” he tells him completely fearless.

Lincoln then looks into the sky as Pike lifts his gun. Octavia sobs, watching, unable to save him. Even though they are not together, their souls are connected in his final moments.

lincoln looks to the sky the 100 the 100

His final words are for Octavia. He continues to look into the sky toward Octavia as the rain falls down on him.

lincoln looks up rain falling the 100

In his own language, he says “May we meet again.”

lincoln and octavia may we meet again - the 100

And then Pike shoots him. Octavia cries out as Lincoln falls to the ground lying lifeless in a puddle.

lincoln dies the 100 2 lincoln dies the 100

Their final goodbye is one of heartbreak but it was beautifully shot and certainly one of their most romantic moments. Maybe in death, they will one day be able to meet again.

After Lincoln dies, Octavia’s face turns from sadness into rage.

Octavia gets vengeful look the 100

She will have her vengeance. And as we know from this week’s episode, Octavia follows through and helps turn Pike over to the Grounders. We shall see if she will get her full vengeance though or if she’ll allow the Grounders to kill him instead. Still, despite the darkness that always surrounded these characters, their love story shined with an element of hope. Hopefully, Lincoln’s presence will be felt and his wish to see Grounders and Sky people live peacefully together will come true.

Did you watch last week’s episode of The 100? What did you think of the first kiss between Abby and Kane? Were you surprised by this development? What were your thoughts on Lincoln’s goodbye? Sound off below!

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