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Romantic Moment of the Week: King Edward and Elizabeth

THE SHOW: The White Queen

THE PAIRING: King Edward and Queen Elizabeth

THE EPISODE: “In Love with the King”  (aired August 11, 2013)

THE MOMENT: Edward professes his love publicly to the royal court.

Edward and Elizabeth

Rooting for a romance between royals can always be good fun (in fiction and real life) and The White Queen is no exception.

Last week, The White Queen (the entire season has already aired on the BBC) premiered on STARZ to mixed reviews (See our own take Here). Overall, it is an entertaining romp with romantic elements reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet in a royal court. Mainly, the two families do not wish Elizabeth and Edward to link together romantically. A commoner and a King shouldn’t go together after all.

Would he finalize a peace treaty with France or would King Edward stand up for his love?

From the moment they met, they were star-crossed. From Elizabeth’s family’s point of view (minus the scheming mother played by the always fantastic Janet McTeer), it was King Edward himself who caused the death of Elizabeth’s first husband. And equally troublesome was Edward’s reputation as a womanizer (he had even participated in a ‘fake’ marriage once before). When he proposes to Elizabeth his intentions are sketchy at best and surely seemed like one huge façade to trick Elizabeth into bed without any official commitment. Even I questioned his motives.

On the King’s side, Elizabeth was perceived as merely a commoner (not to mention that in the midst of the war, their side had caused his own family members to die). The odds stack against them on all fronts. And besides, how much could we really trust Edward’s intentions? He did ask Elizabeth to marry him secretly. And then afterward, asked her to continue to keep it a secret. Not to mention he had carried off a fake marriage before.

The Romantic Moment

While there were earlier romantic scenes between King Edward and Elizabeth, it was the climactic moment between him (which finally reveal Edward’s true intentions) and Lord Warwick that stands out the most for my romantic moment of the week. Yes! A scene that doesn’t include Elizabeth at all, at least not in person, for she was miles away from court waiting to discover if King Edward would fail to confess their marriage and marry a princess instead. Would he finalize a peace treaty with France or would King Edward stand up for his love?

In a glorious romantic spectacle, King Edward stands his ground and protects the honor of his wife for all the court to hear (including Elizabeth’s family). When Lord Warwick calls her a “whore” and “roadside strumpet” who tricked the King into marriage, Edward will hear none of it. She is his Queen, his “Queen of choice.” In fury, Lord Warwick insists Edward make the announcement of his betrothal to the Princess of France. The two men return to court, Edward with a purposeful stride.

But instead of acquiescing to Warwick’s request, King Edward makes his own announcement, that he is “proud and happy to announce,” he is married to Lady Elizabeth. Soon after, he writes his love for Elizabeth in a letter and beckons her to officially join him at court as his queen (after several weeks of living a secret). Because King Edward stood his ground, he could be with the woman he loves. Will there be trials in the future of their relationship? No doubt. But this week revealed that Edward himself is not without merit. He chose a commoner when he could have easily turned his back on Elizabeth. He might have made the easy choice, but instead, he chose love and in my eyes, that is one of the most romantic things a man can do.

Were you able to watch the premiere of The White Queen? What did you think of Edward standing up for his love? Sound off Below.

Photo: BBC/Starz

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