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Romantic Moment of the Week – Lucifer and Chloe Share a Moment

Lucifer and Chloe

Lucifer and Chloe

In a modern TV world of hooking up rather than sweet, romantic moments between characters, I’ve come to appreciate Lucifer in that the show isn’t afraid to actually pursue a love story rather than just dangling the feelings between Lucifer and Chloe with no follow through. Which, I admit, a complete surprise considering Lucifer’s premise.

While I don’t love everything about the show (Lucifer’s overly sexualized mother comes to mind), I do like the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe because it is about real romance despite some of the flaws. I mean, is it too much to ask for more old-fashioned romantic moments between the two? More touching of the hand, an intense brooding stare, etc.? That being said, I love their romantic build because I feel a real connection between two partners on a soul level. There are lovely moments like Chloe’s declaration of trust, a hug, and almost kiss. The show follows their emotional intimacy (as Lucifer comes to understand what that means for the first time) rather than shallow attraction.

Season 2 returns right on that romantic cliffhanger that had all of us Lucifer/Chloe fans on the edge of our seats. Sharing burgers and fries, the two realize they have something more, and lean in for a kiss. Cue the credits.

Lucifer and Chloe

Now we’re back with the same questions: Will Lucifer and Chloe kiss? Or will another obstacle stand in their way? Well, being that the episode is called “Stewardess Interruptus,” I found it pretty safe to assume just what kind of interruption was about to come crashing down on their special moment.

Just as the two are about to kiss, a flight attendant enters the scene, reminding Chloe just what kind of man Lucifer is: not exactly the type you have a serious relationship with. Like she says throughout the entire episode, the two are completely different from one another. Her type of fun is reading a story to her daughter, not partying it up like Lucifer!

Lucifer and Chloe
Lucifer and Chloe interrupted…

Indeed, the next day when the same flight attendant turns up dead (though Lucifer admits that nothing happened between him and the dead stewardess as he continued his pursuit of the Detective as he likes to call Chloe), the show takes us down an uncomfortable route of interviewing all the flings Lucifer had in just 8 weeks. Oh, and that line is long!

While Lucifer does his typical braggy thing about his greatness, he soon realizes that each of these one night stands meant nothing emotionally to any of the women (or men as it were). No one wanted to kill his flings out of jealousy because no feelings were involved at all. The episode slowly shatters his confidence as he realizes how poorly he measures up compared to Chloe’s goodness. He doesn’t deserve her.

At the same time, however, Chloe discovers something meaningful about Lucifer’s behavior. After interviewing his recent flings, she realizes that not one of these individuals ever shared burgers and fries. She knows she means more to him than Lucifer’s long line of people he’s slept with. Their relationship has more depth. Which all leads to the final moment of the latest episode.

The Romantic Moment

Lucifer and Chloe

While Lucifer has spent the entire day trying to convince Chloe to be with him to no avail, he gives up because he no longer feels worthy. With the case closed, Chloe finds Lucifer on the beach. Disappointment radiates off of him, Lucifer confessing to Chloe that he now realizes that it would never work out between them. So, as he says, “no more attempts at moments.”

Lucifer and Chloe - Chloe's disappointed face

Chloe isn’t having any of that, disappointment now written all over her own face, pointing out that it wasn’t like him to give up.

But Lucifer hasn’t given up, he’s just had an epiphany. Chloe deserves someone worthy of her and that isn’t him. She deserves someone better because she is “selfless to a nauseating degree.” For instance, she always puts her daughter first (though “the urchin” doesn’t even contribute to rent) and deserves someone more worthy of her “grace.”

Lucifer and Chloe
The romantic speech is totally making Chloe’s heart melt!

His epic speech of what Chloe deserves continues, emphasizing just how much Lucifer cares for her. Chloe deserves “Someone who knows that every crime scene breaks [her] heart, even though [she] never admits it. Someone who actually appreciates [her] impossibly boring middle name. Jane. More importantly,” Chloe deserves someone as good as she is because she is “special” and he’s “not worth it.”

Chloe nods and admits that he’s “probably right” (which, let’s be honest, is totally the truth). But after that speech, how can she stop her growing feelings for a man that truly sees her? Chloe then surprises Lucifer with a kiss.

Lucifer and Chloe

“Detective,” is all he can say before Chloe kisses him again.

chloe and kiss 2
Lucifer and Chloe

We will have to wait until the next episode to see what happens next…

Lucifer and Chloe

What did you think about this first kiss between Lucifer and Chloe? Sound off below…

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