Partnership, Promotional, and Writing Opportunities

partnership, promotional, and writing opportunities for the silver petticoat review

We have information below about review requests, interview requests, partnership opportunities, promotional opportunities, future opportunities, and more. You can jump ahead to the sections that interest you. Please email us if you have any questions.

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We review movies, TV shows, books, theater, and romantic living products and are open to queries on our site. While we try to read as many queries as possible, we cannot agree to all requests. 

For book review requests, we mostly accept requests from publishers and professionally edited indie books. Still, if you’re a self-published author with awards, a proven track record, endorsements, or have the best pitch ever, we’ll consider your book. 

In your pitch, make sure to include any details you think we should know about the book: official synopsis, book cover (if available), who the publisher is, more about the author if the author has won any awards, how “clean” of a read the book is, etc. Note: We do not review erotica or books with numerous explicit scenes or severe profanity. We typically cover PG-13-like reads or less minus exceptions due to artistic merit or genre interest.

Please also send us similar information if you’re pitching a review request for TV shows, movies, or theater productions.

As we’re a smaller site, we can’t accept all requests. And we only accept requests relevant to our website. We also don’t have time to respond to all pitches. We apologize in advance. 

If we accept your book, film, or show to review, we will work on reviewing it as soon as possible (but we will not always be able to get to it right away). 

For books, we accept physical copies and e-books for Kindle, as well as invites through Net Galley and Edelweiss. For movies and shows, press sites or links work well for advanced screenings. For products, we’ll need physical copies sent to us. And for theater productions or events, we’ll need tickets to attend.

We will email you when the review posts. Every review we give is our honest opinion, and we reserve the right to provide our critiques. 

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right (without announcement) to stop reading or watching and not review the book, film, or show if we so choose. 

If you’d like to send us a review request, send an email to Amber at [email protected] or Autumn at [email protected]


We are available to interview authors, artists, actors, filmmakers, and more. If you or your client are interested in talking to us, please send us a message to one of the emails above. 

We can do phone interviews, email interviews, or even in-person interviews, dependent upon location availability. Between us, we have a good deal of experience doing Q&A’s and writing story interviews on celebrities and authors. We approach all interviews with professionalism, focusing on “art” rather than sensationalism. 

We can’t accept all requests and will approve based on time restraints and how well we feel an interview fits our site.

If you would like to interview one or both of us (or feature The Silver Petticoat Review) in a publication, podcast, or other media, send us an email to discuss.


If you’re looking to promote your new movie, show or book, and would like to do an exclusive promotion, news announcement, or giveaway with us, you can send an email to Amber or Autumn to discuss. 


If you’re looking to promote a new project, you can send us publicity announcements, news, tips, etc., with relevant information. We’ll consider promoting it on our site. Please send us an email at one of the emails listed above.


Are you selling a new book? Are you trying to promote a new film? Or perhaps you have something unique to say about romance/Romantic Living while also promoting your related artistic project? We have a category set up JUST for guest posts. So, please send us your information: 

When pitching, please include:


Title Idea

Your Pitch

Your Project (Book, Film, etc.)

Relevant links (IE: Author page, blog, or story clips)

Anything else you feel we should know.

You can see past examples of finished guest posts HERE.

We’re only looking for writers able to turn in polished, professional pieces that don’t need much revision. 

We do not accept pitches related to creating links. Guest posts are for helping promote relevant artists to The Silver Petticoat Review and its readers. We are not interested in spammy pitches where companies pay us to post someone’s articles. We will delete those pitches.


If you’re a publisher or publicist and you’d like a book to be taken into future consideration, please email us.


Are you interested in partnering with us in ways not already mentioned? We’re open to limited affiliates, sponsored posts (we’re very selective), and more. Send an email to Amber or Autumn to discuss possible opportunities.


We no longer have regular contributing writers on The Silver Petticoat Review. However, we may open story submissions in the future.

For any other questions, please contact us at [email protected]