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The Originals: I Love You, Goodbye Recap – A White Wedding

Hayley and Jackson wedding


If you were expecting a red wedding this week during Hayley and Jackson’s nuptials, you were in for a surprise when everything went off without a hitch. “I Love You, Goodbye,” (double meaning for Hayley and Elijah and Kol and his siblings) proved to be a quiet, romantic episode with lots of characterization, heartfelt declarations and goodbyes with so many romantic moments it was hard to pick just one.


Cami with Baby and Elijah

The episode begins soon after the aftermath of the explosion with Cami driving and unsure what to do next. She stops to use a payphone only to find someone is watching them. Cami screams promising to gauge out the eyes of whoever was there. Thankfully, it turns out to be Elijah (now recovered from the explosion). The three drive off together and head to the compound for a happy reunion between Hayley, Klaus and the baby. Their daughter is finally home.


hayley and jackson

Meanwhile, it’s the day of Hayley and Jackson’s wedding and everything is coming together perfectly. Soon, they will have an entire werewolf army to protect Hope. To make the day even more special, Rebekah brings Hayley a beautiful white wedding dress to wear for the ceremony. It seems we’re going to get more of a traditional wedding ceremony than we thought.

Still, there are some unresolved feelings between Elijah and Hayley to settle before the wedding can happen.

After having a worrisome conversation with Klaus about why Hayley is marrying Jackson, Elijah decides to talk to her before she goes through with what he suspects (or perhaps even hopes) to be a political marriage. And just as he’s about to confess his love to Hayley for the first time, she stops him. It turns out that she’s marrying Jackson because he can tell her he loves her, something Elijah could never do. Ouch. She then tells Elijah that she can be happy with Jackson. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. They love each other, but it’s time to part; at least for now.

Then the beautiful wedding begins. Surprisingly, everything goes perfectly. Hayley and Jackson marry with all the wolves getting her power. There’s no bloodshed, no violence, no interruptions. Everyone dances and has fun happily during the reception.

Jackson and Hayley wedding night

Then later, Hayley and Jackson come together for their wedding night. Jackson proves to be such a gentleman that I want to marry him now!

Hayley then makes a surprising confession to Jackson when she reveals he was the first person to ever say “I love you” to her and that’s why she married him. She didn’t do it for all the wolves, she did it for herself.


Klaus at wedding with Hope

It wouldn’t be The Originals if Klaus wasn’t up to something “evil.” It turns out he wants to kill Jackson and take the army for himself right after the wedding ceremony. Elijah accuses Klaus of just being jealous of Jackson. Not because of romance, but because he fears that Jackson will make a better father than him. The two get in a heated exchange, with Elijah the obvious victor. He reminds Klaus it would be better for Hope to not have the wolves upset by killing their leader. Even so, Klaus isn’t completely convinced. He truly believes that they will all be better off with Jackson dead. In his twisted mind, he even believes by killing Jackson he will make Elijah happy. Thankfully, Elijah keeps a watchful eye on him throughout the wedding.

But Klaus doesn’t decide to call off his plan, until after he talks to Cami. She has a way of getting under his skin and helping him see reason. He goes to visit her in the nursery, but is afraid to hold his own daughter. Cami, recognizing his fears and insecurities, reminds him that a happy mom means a happy baby.

Then later after the wedding, he introduces Hope to all the wolves asking them all to protect her. He then invites Jackson and Hayley to live at the Compound (which leads to Elijah deciding to move to Marcel’s). He’s welcomed them all into his home. So a giant leap forward for Klaus. I can’t imagine this will be a smooth transition, however…


josh and aiden 2

The Josh and Aiden relationship is back in full swing with questions hanging about how their relationship will work after the wedding ceremony. Aiden attempts to break things off between them, only to later change his mind after having a heartfelt conversation with Jackson (who reminded him to have something worth fighting for). Aiden shows up at the wedding, sits next to Josh and takes his hand in a loving gesture. Then later during the reception, he kisses Josh in front of everybody. With these two star-crossed lovers on the up and up, it’s only a matter of time before their inevitable Romeo and Juliet ending comes, right?


Kol dying with Rebekah

Elsewhere, Kol’s time is running out with the hex on him still in full force. As a distraction, he finishes making the magical dagger with Davina (the two kissing happily after finally finishing their project) while still keeping the secret of his approaching death from her. Later, Kol turns to Rebekah for help in a last minute attempt to try and find a way to survive.

But bad soon turns to worse, so he finally tells Davina the truth after the wedding when it’s clear he’s not going to make the night.

kol and davina dance

The two share a romantic dance in the graveyard and are just about to part for him to die alone when the Mikaelson siblings arrive.

“Always and forever isn’t something you just weasel out of, brother,” Klaus interrupts. They are not going to let him die alone. Not only that, Rebekah comes up with a plan to one day bring him back. (Does this mean no more Daniel Sharman because that would be a huge loss? I suppose they may be planning on bringing the original Kol back.)

In the end, all Kol ever wanted was to know that his family loved him, and in this moment before death he finally gets his wish. It’s a sweet and heartfelt scene as he dies in Rebekah’s arms.


Finn and Freya

It turns out Freya showed up in Finn’s life just at the right moment. Because she put a pendant around his neck to protect him, she was able to bring him back from the dead. Freya gives Finn a stern warning that Dahlia is coming and a cloaking spell won’t keep her hidden, especially if she has magic. Magic works like a beacon and will guide Dahlia right to Hope. Uh-Oh.


Klaus quote

Klaus: You know…you are a brave and selfless leader Jackson. And I’m positive you’ll remain so for the entire duration of your reign.

(Klaus says with the knowledge of planning to kill him later that night!)

Klaus quote 2

Klaus: You have the audacity to analyze me? That’s ambitious considering your psychological deficiencies. How was your time with my therapist? Was it helpful? ‘Cause it was a great risk leaving you alone with her. These days who knows what you might do.

(I love how protective Klaus is of Cami.)


Hayley and Elijah

This week had so many romantic moments it was hard to pick just one. There was the chivalrous moment when Aiden showed up at the wedding to be with Josh and proudly held his hand in front of all the other wolves. Then there was the actual wedding (and the speech Hayley gives Jackson afterward about why she chose to be with him). Not to mention the goodbye dance between Kol and Davina. But the moment that really stood out to me was a quiet scene between Hayley and Elijah. I do have a soft spot for subtlety.

It’s the moment Elijah goes to see Hayley once more before she’s married in an attempt to express his love for her. “I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you just once—“ Elijah says, Hayley interrupting before he can finish.

“Don’t…don’t say it,” Hayley cautions. “Ever since the first day that I met you I have felt everything for you. And all this time you were never able to say how you feel about me. And I get it. You can’t just be the guy who says what he feels.”

She looks down at her engagement ring. “But Jackson is…and I think that I could be happy with him. And I just want to be happy Elijah.”

Elijah cries 2

A tear falls down Elijah’s face, saying everything.

She continues: “So whatever you were going to say to me. Please don’t say it.”

Elijah nods, understanding, and walks out.

elijah leaves hayley left alone

What I love about this moment is that nothing is actually spoken between them. She doesn’t say she loves him. He doesn’t say he loves her. But it’s the not saying it that makes this scene so intense.

What’s also great about it is that in many ways it echoes back to the moment between the Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who) in the episode “Journey’s End.” In a similar fashion, Rose chooses the human Doctor (kind of like a clone if you will) because he could say “I love you,” while the Doctor couldn’t. So if we’re looking at this scene from Hayley’s perspective, if Elijah had been more forthcoming about his love for her earlier on, this wedding may have been prevented. He needed to tell her he loved her sooner but he didn’t. So she chose a man who could.

It was a beautiful and heartbreaking scene that really made the whole episode.


Do you think this episode marks the end of the Hayley and Elijah romance? Or do you think they’ll find their way back to each other again eventually?

There’s something odd about Freya. What exactly is she up to? How do we know she is who she says she is? Could she be Dahlia and we haven’t actually met Freya yet? Or is she exactly who she says she is? Still, it’s hard to say what she’s up to yet.

I’m kind of sad about the departure of Daniel Sharman. He brought a lot of wit to the series, so it’s a pity to lose him. Is anyone else sad to see him go? Do you think he’ll return in this form or as the original Kol? Which actor would you prefer to see return in the role?

Well, what did you think of “I Love You, Goodbye?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap the next episode “They All Asked For You.”

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