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Classic Romantic Moment: Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson in A Room with a View (1985)

A Room with a View
George steals a kiss in “A Room With A View.” Photo: Cinecom/BBC

The Film: A Room with a View

The Pairing: Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham-Carter) and George Emerson (Julian Sands)

The Moment: George reveals his feelings for Lucy with a kiss.

The kiss between George and Lucy is one of the most romantic of all time. The rolling, poppy covered hills of Florence, Italy along with a romantic operatic song set the scene for this kiss. Lucy’s secret boldness matched with George’s passionate soul make for great chemistry during A Room with a View.

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The Lead-in

Lucy travels to Florence with her chaperone Charlotte (Maggie Smith) and arrives to find that her room doesn’t have  a view. George and his father give their room with a view to Lucy. Lucy, who tries to follow propriety, is attracted to George’s unconventional spirit. He draws out the passion that lives in her own heart. The two grow close as they tour Italy. During a picnic in the hillside, the men and women picnic in separate areas. Lucy asks the driver to take her to her minister friend, but instead he leads her to where George is standing alone. Alas, the scene is perfectly set for romance.

The Romantic Moment: A Room with a View – Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson

Lucy begins to walk down the poppy covered hill.

Room with a view: Lucy and George

George is fanning himself as he gazes across the field. Is he thinking of Lucy?

Room with a view: Lucy and George

Lucy gets closer to George, her hands demurely behind her back. Her heart must be pounding.

 Room with a view: Lucy and George

George turns around and finally locks eyes with Lucy intently. The romance in the air rises a few a notches.

 Room with a view: Lucy and George

He begins to walk towards her without breaking the gaze between them.

 Room with a view: Lucy and George

She turns towards him. perhaps thinking that they will walk through the field together. Their gazes are still locked on each other.

 Room with a view: Lucy and George

George has other ideas. Without words, he reaches down and cups Lucy’s face in his hands and kisses her.

Room with a view: Lucy and George

After her hand flutters around in confusion, it gradually rests on George and she kisses him back.

The two are regretfully interrupted by Charlotte breaking up the kiss.  However, that does not detract away from this romantic moment and silent declaration of love. I would highly recommend this moment and movie to anyone who has not seen it.

How much do you love this romantic kiss in the field from A Room With a View? Let me know in the comments!

Photos: Cinecom/BBC

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