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BBC’s New Streaming Service: A service for US BBC Drama Fans

BBC One Period Drama, "Jamaica Inn."
BBC One Period Drama, “Jamaica Inn.”

American BBC drama lovers have had to turn to different sources in order to watch their favorite dramas. Whether it’s waiting for a favorite series to arrive on Netflix or trying to catch it on PBS or BBC America, it can be frustrating. Thankfully, the days of utter frustration may be coming to an end!

BCC has recently announced (for those out there who missed this amazing bit of news), they  would be releasing its own Netflix-style streaming service in the United States. Soon, fans may be able to catch old and new dramas all in one place. The BBC streaming service will be similar to HBO Live (Or Go) and will have its own iPlayer similar to the one on BBC’s current website. Of course, you will have to pay for the subscription just like you would similar services. Still, this is great news for fans living in the US because the service will be released as soon as 2016. So, what can us BBC drama lovers expect to find on this new service?

Many old favorites will be available for streaming. While no exact list has been released as of yet, it is likely fans of classics like Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Upstairs, Downstairs will be able to enjoy these shows without  having to bounce from one service to another (though they claim this will not affect their Netflix and Hulu deals). More offerings will include series that have never aired in the United States. Just thinking about the possibilities is exciting as the streaming service will mostly likely include films and TV Shows that have never aired in the US.

Doctor Who Photo: BBC
Doctor Who
Photo: BBC

However, popular shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock will not be offered on this service as of now. This is because these shows are available already on other streaming services and BBC America. The new streaming service will cater more to generating interests in older and unique BBC programming. No details have been released either on which famous period dramas will be available for streaming. Hopefully, fans will get to enjoy lesser known versions  of period dramas we love or even several period dramas that never made it overseas.

The new streaming service hasn’t received a name yet. Nor has there be any word on the price of the service. Fans will have to wait and see how much discovering a new BBC drama will cost them. Stay tuned for any follow-up articles as more news comes in.

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