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Write for The Silver Petticoat Review

By Anonymous (French) (Koller Auktionen) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Anonymous (French) (Koller Auktionen) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Write for The Silver Petticoat Review

We are looking for writers to write for us! The Silver Petticoat Review is rapidly growing and we just can’t keep up with everything. We need some help. Writing for The Silver Petticoat Review is unpaid (for the moment). Still, we know what it’s like to write for free (we’re all freelancers too who hate empty promises) and we would like to pay you, but we don’t make money on our site just yet. Hopefully, that will change soon as we want to create a team from the beginning and build from there. This would also be a great opportunity for writers looking to get their name out there and build experience or even gain a larger audience (we’ve had a few articles already go viral). Every article will include your bio, so you could link to whatever you wanted, including that novel you’re trying to get noticed…

We need people to write about fandoms and genres that they love in literature, film and television. First of all, we need people to write reviews (especially for films and books – including classics). Second, we need TV fanatics to write recaps for TV shows (we tend to focus on genre TV and period). Third, we are looking for YA aficionados (everything teen) to write for our column YA Tower, whether that be writing reviews, interviewing authors, or coming up with original articles about teen literature (Film and TV shows based on YA novels is very much welcome). Fourth, we invite original article pitches about fandoms: opinion pieces, theories, lists, etc. Finally, we want writers who also use social media to promote their work and the magazine.

We are hoping that you want to join the Silver Petticoat team. We would prefer at least one article per week. We want you to write with a passion for storytelling and a passion for old-fashioned romance. If you don’t love romance, then this probably isn’t the best fit. Make sure to read our ABOUT to see if you connect to our vision!

Just send us an email with your resume, favorite Movie, TV or Literature couple, what part you would be interested in writing for, and 2 writing samples if interested. We will get back to you as soon as we can and we hope to hear from you!

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