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When Calls The Heart, Season Three: Prayers from the Heart Recap – Heartbreak and Happiness

Prayers from the Heart Recap Lee and Rosemarys wedding

Prayers from the Heart Recap

Let it never be said the fandom of When Calls the Heart is a quiet bunch. Following last week’s next-to-last episode (one that left viewers curious and anxious) coupled with the Hallmark-released teasers leading up to Sunday’s finale, there was speculation galore! Social media was home to theories, tears, and even a few temper tantrums. But as another season drew to a close with “Prayers from the Heart,” the good arrived with some bad.

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The opening of “Prayers from the Heart” finds Elizabeth and Charlotte (returning guest star Brooke Shields) walking along the deserted streets of Hope Valley. Jack stumbles upon them to learn their early morning adventuring involved berry picking. Charlotte has plans for a hearty breakfast with her secret ingredient, lard. Unwilling to partake of his mother’s cooking, Jack makes ready for a hasty departure with a convenient excuse at the ready. But not before Charlotte has the last say. She recounts a story of Jack as a child running around in the rain while in nothing but his birthday suit. Naturally, Elizabeth finds this all quite amusing.

Torrential Rains and Heartbreak

When Calls the Heart Prayers from the Heart Recap

In pursuit of Mayor Gowen, Bill Avery comes upon a gruesome scene. Skipping town in the aftermath of his swindling scandal, Gowen left as a fierce storm swept in with Bill’s ex-wife beside him. Bill comes upon his abandoned motor alongside the rain-slickened road. Hearing cries for help, below a steep embankment, Bill notices his ex-wife, Nora, leaning over Gowen’s body.

In town, by messenger (Roy, the young man Jack helped reunite with his family), villagers learn there’s been a landslide at the mine. This inspires the entire town to spring to action. Wagons are loaded with supplies and riders, including Jack and Frank. Once there, they discover a few men already working to free the trapped miners. Some men are lying on the ground badly injured; others are adding their strength to the search. Once they free those they can, with heavy hearts (two men die), Jack leads everyone back to Hope Valley.

Back in Hope Valley, the women along with Nurse Faith Carter are preparing for their arrival. They’ve turned the schoolhouse into a makeshift hospital and Rosemary makes a great sacrifice. Understanding they are in need of supplies, she offers her bridesmaid dress fabric for bandages and her catered meal to feed everyone. But all of this pales in light of the discovery that the river is about to flood which is a danger to the settlement families. Abigail and Elizabeth ride out to warn them where they meet with Jack.

When Calls the Heart Prayers from the Heart Recap

As Jack searches for a missing child, he is thrown from his horse. Falling into the river, the current overtakes him, sending the unconscious Mountie down the river. Frantic, Elizabeth and Frank search for him and quickly discover his lifeless body clinging to a branch.

Romantic Moments of the Week

Elizabeth Asks Jack to Stay

Bringing Jack back to town and after an examination, Faith delivers grim news. Jack is developing pneumonia and wasn’t far from death when found. Elizabeth refuses to leave his side even for a moment. As the hours pass, she remains by his side. The town hosts a prayer vigil lifting their thoughts, hearts, and prayers to God, hoping for a miracle.

When Calls the Heart Prayers from the Heart Recap

Sitting on his bed, Elizabeth shares a piece of her heart with Jack. She begins telling him she knows things haven’t always been easy between them. But she is sure of one thing.

“From the first day I met you, I knew no matter what, we were meant for each other.”

Tearfully, she goes on to apologize for anything she ever said that may have hurt him.

When Calls the Heart Prayers from the Heart Recap

Keeping vigil by his side as darkness settles in, she asks him to stay with her. Wondering aloud if he remembers their New Year’s resolutions, she says, “For as long as it takes.” As though he hears her, Jack wakes in this moment. Overjoyed, she touches his cheek and showers him with kisses. With great love showing in her eyes, she simply looks at him and utters a soft, “Hi” before she gently kisses him.

Rosemary and Lee Say I Do

When Calls the Heart Prayers from the Heart Recap
Rosemary makes do with her hair (the weather is messing with it!) being merely “stunning.”

Once time has passed and the town recovers from the losses, Rosemary and Lee’s special day arrives. All of her grand plans derailed by the mine accident, Rosemary comes to realize all she really needs is a simple ceremony to pledge her life to the one she loves. (Although when Abigail compliments her hairstyle as being “stunning,” she confesses to aiming higher. Still, she supposes stunning will have to do.)

When Calls the Heart Prayers from the Heart Recap

At the altar, Lee and Rosemary pledge their love to one other, exchange vows, and share a sweet first kiss as husband and wife. Walking down the aisle with happy smiles among their dearest friends, Rosemary turns remembering to toss her bouquet. In the perfect spot to catch the bouquet is Elizabeth. Glancing over at Jack, with a shy look, he merely offers his arm and with a wide smile, the two continue down the aisle.

Closing Theories and Questions

Ardent Hearties again helped make another season of Hallmark’s little period drama a success. With the high praise and a well-received third season (ending in the very romantic “Prayers from the Heart,” I’ve little doubt (and in fact, Hallmark recently confirmed this), there will be a fourth season waiting in the wings.

This leads to what every television show seems to dangle in front of us at their season ender: a cliffhanger! As usual, the writers left us with a thread of something to come only, this time, it involves Gowen (meaning we don’t know if he’s going to make it to the fourth season). I must say, I’m unconcerned that he is the one left in peril or the idea of it. Unless it affects my favorites, I’m not overly concerned with where the big bad villain is at the moment.

Let us instead think of happier things. Like Jack’s miraculous recovery and Elizabeth catching Rosemary’s bouquet at the wedding. I’d like to know, what do you think this means for the fourth season? Even considering Jack has purchased land and everything pointing to their eventual marriage, I don’t see this coming to fruition for the fourth season. Another point against it being that it took writers three years to even work up to a wedding. As sweet, and romantic and charming as it was, Rosemary and Lee’s wedding isn’t necessarily the relationship most invested in.

As a fourth season is planned, one of the things I’d like to see more of is a solid albeit romantic fueled relationship between Jack and Elizabeth. Since they were on solid footing this season, it almost felt as if the writers didn’t know what to do with their relationship. This led to episode “fillers” and an alarmingly brief time spent on their friendship. I also really like Abigail and Frank together. I think there is a story with more to tell.

You can now watch the entire third season on Amazon Video.

What do you think about Prayers from the Heart? Was there anything you’d have liked to see in season three or hope for in season four? Comment down below with any of your thoughts. I’d love to read them.

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