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Romantic Moment of the Week: When Calls the Heart Christmas Waltz

THE SHOW: When Calls the Heart Christmas (2016)

THE PAIR: Jack and Elizabeth

THE MOMENT: A romantic Christmas Waltz

On December 25th, When Calls the Heart returns for their annual Christmas special. Hearties (for those of you unfamiliar with the term, that is the term for When Calls the Heart fans!) are breathlessly anticipating the return of When Calls the Heart for another magical and romantic special! More importantly, they are hoping a certain someone returns from the Northern Territories to surprise a certain lovelorn school teacher!

While the synopsis for the special hints at Jack’s return, nothing is certain. Still, Jack showing up at the perfect moment would be incredibly romantic! Let’s face it, when it comes to romantic moments, Jack is quite the pro. Not an episode goes by where Jack does not manage to pull off an incredibly romantic moment. Whether a few tender seconds or a grand sweeping gesture, Jack knows just what to do to melt Elizabeth’s heart! Not to mention ours!

With this in mind, I immediately seized on choosing a moment from last year’s special, When Calls the Heart Christmas. It’s chock full of romantic moments but the one I chose is especially romantic. It hits you in the feels in all the right ways. The moment is one of those grand sweeping gestures that is so typically Jack. It’s achingly sweet and perfect in all its perfection. It’s selfless and designed to bring a smile to Elizabeth’s face. It’s an excuse for Jack to wrap his arms around her (not that he needs one!) and a reason to see Elizabeth in a stunning ball gown. Warning, if you have not seen When Calls the Heart Christmas from 2016, there are several spoilers below.  The romantic moment takes place, appropriately, at the end of the episode.


When Calls the Heart Christmas begins with Elizabeth reflecting over her last three years in Hope Valley. After the devastating flood of Season 3, and almost losing Jack, Elizabeth feels a special joy in the Christmas season. Her spirit is catching as the entire town prepares for the annual Christmas celebrations. Hope Valley is the very picture of Christmas. Ribbons and garland decorate the storefronts, adding splashes of color throughout. There is a joyful feeling in the air, as people bustle about preparing for Christmas. Even better, Jack and Elizabeth are headed to the Mountie Christmas Ball. Both are looking forward to the ball; going so far as to practice waltzing in the middle of town. Of course, they never waltz…instead, they share a sweet kiss in the snow! Swoon!

When Calls the Heart Christmas, Jack and Elizabeth, A Christmas Waltz, Hearties
Jack (Daniel Lissing) and Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) share a romantic kiss in the snow.

Everything is proceeding perfectly until suddenly it’s not. While waiting for the stagecoach to arrive with the town Christmas supplies, Elizabeth receives devastating news. The supply train derailed and, as a result, the gifts, food and other supplies will not arrive in time for the Christmas.

On the other side of town, Jack, Bill, and Pastor Frank are inspecting one of the homes they are renovating. The roof caves in, making the home inhabitable. Elizabeth is distraught but Jack promises they will figure this out. He reminds Elizabeth that they planned to make this the best Christmas ever and they will deliver, even if they have to work through Christmas Eve. Together, they agree that missing the Mountie Ball is the right thing to do to make sure Christmas comes to Hope Valley. 

All through the night, the town rallies. Men and women make toys for the children. Families empty their “larders,” donating what food they can for the Christmas banquet. Jack and others work through the night to finish the rest of the homes for the settlers. The result? A heartfelt Christmas celebration that brings joy to all.  

Jack, however, has one more plan up his sleeve. When Elizabeth arrives home, she finds a note from Jack requesting the pleasure of her company at the saloon. In formal attire. Let me say that again….in formal attire! You know this is going to be good!


When Elizabeth arrives at the saloon, she finds it transformed into an intimate party for two. Flickering candles cover tables and barrels with ropes of garland weaving among the white pillars and draped on every available surface. Red ribbon and bows warm the room along with red and gold ornaments. There’s a dreamy feel to the room. That dreaminess factor (not to mention the romance!) ratchets up several notches when Jack steps into view. Splendidly dressed in his full Mountie uniform, he winds up a small music box and holds his hand out to Elizabeth. (This is the part where you raise your hand about how much you love a man in uniform!)

When Calls the Heart Christmas, Hearties, Jack and Elizabeth, A Christmas Waltz
Jack holds out a hand in invitation. Let’s not all rush to get there first!

“May I have this dance, Miss Thatcher?” he asks formally as “O, Christmas Tree” begins to play from a small music box. Elizabeth smiles and moves towards him, her skirts swaying lightly.  

“I would be delighted, Constable Thornton,” Elizabeth replies, equally formal. She places her hand in his, smiling in anticipation.

When Calls the Heart Christmas, Hearties, Jack and Elizabeth, A Christmas Waltz
Jack and Elizabeth and their romantic Christmas Waltz.

Jack pulls her into his arms and they share a romantic dance to a music box tinkling in the background. It’s unbelievably sweet, deeply romantic, and perfectly perfect in every way.

When Calls the Heart Christmas, Hearties, Jack and Elizabeth, A Christmas Waltz
A perfectly romantic Christmas Waltz!

When Calls the Heart Christmas is replete with romantic moments! From beginning to end, Jack and Elizabeth are captivating. The looks they share, their flirtatious banter, and the joy they take in each other are just a few reasons why this couple is one television’s most romantic couples. They make a simple dance in a saloon more than just your average Christmas Waltz.

Hearties! How much did you love Jack and Elizabeth’s Christmas waltz? What are you hoping to see in this year’s special? Share your thoughts below!

When Calls the Heart (Seasons 1-4) is available to stream on Netflix, including When Calls the Heart Christmas.

When Calls the Heart – A Christmas Wishing Tree airs on Monday, December 25th, 8/7 central on The Hallmark Channel.

Photo credit: Hallmark Crown Media

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3 thoughts on “Romantic Moment of the Week: When Calls the Heart Christmas Waltz”

  1. Finished the Christmas episode it was AMAZING. I have never been a Abigail Frank fan, don’t like the chemistry, I’ve always said I like Henry and Abigail’s chemistry more, and this episode didn’t disappoint me, I am secretly rooting for them. Was happy to see Jack yay!! Glad too see Dr. Carson sticking around, loved when Jack puked Elizabeth close when he approached 😀 this romantic moment well tons… love Rosemary and Lee btw, Rosemary has become quite the friend to Elizabeth.

    • I just watched the new special yesterday and totally agree! While I like Frank, Abigail and Henry have a more interesting dynamic going on. I loved their scenes together! This Christmas waltz from last year’s special was so sweetly romantic, I wasn’t sure the new special would be able to compete. Whew! Was I ever wrong! So many romantic moments in When Calls the Heart – A Christmas Wishing Tree but I think my favorite has to be when Jack surprises Elizabeth. The way he whispers into her ear….swoon!

  2. OMG! One of my dear friends and her mom and I have started watching the “earlier” seasons of WCTH (When Calls The Heart) and OMG it is soooooo gooooddd!!!!!!


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