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Welcome to the New Silver Petticoat Review!



So it’s been months of work, but it’s finally here. And honestly, all of us are really excited that we could finally share it with everyone. We’ve updated the look of our site with a new design, new artwork and graphics and a new logo coming soon that will be represented across our different sites (we have two new business sites premiering soon). Besides the visual appearance, we’ve also changed the font to make the articles easier to read, so it’s much more user friendly. Not only that, we’re a lot easier to subscribe to now as well as find on social media. Just take a look on the sidebar of every page!

For those who are new to The Silver Petticoat Review, we are a hybrid online magazine that is a mix between a blog, an entertainment magazine and a literary/film journal. We cover film, literature and television in a fun and fashionable way. We have a vintage design with both classic and modern content! Our magazine’s focus is on literary fiction (or good drama/comedy), romance, classics, period/historical, YA and genre (though we don’t really like rules, so don’t be surprised if we step outside of our focus – especially if we get bored). And within those genres, the focus of our site is interested in old-fashioned romance, even if everything doesn’t need to be romantic. Think Romanticism with a capital “R.” Our own definition of it anyway…In all, we strive to not quite be high brow, as we like to have a bit of geeky fun, but we’re also not low brow. So think of us as something in-between.

Right now, I thought I’d take the time to introduce everyone to our new sections and even talk a little bit about our old ones for new readers! We’ve kept some columns and features the same, but we’ve also added new sections. No worries though, we’ve kept most of our old content for you to read, though they may be in new categories. Don’t be surprised if we’ve spiced up the look of these articles a little bit. We even have brand new fancy sliders which we hope to have more fun with in future articles. That said, there are a few old articles still gone for now as we update them with a new look. So watch out for them to return shortly!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the new (and old) Silver Petticoat Review Categories:


Film Reviews (including film shorts) of mainstream and indie movies

Literature Reviews

Television Reviews (read our thoughts on the premiere of new shows)

Vintage Reviews (any film made or book published before the year 2000)


Regular interviews – We talk to various people from film, literature and TV.

Petticoat Personality Tests

tspr-petticoatpersonalitytest-wfNow updated with many new questions, we have a Petticoat Personality Test Vault where individuals looking to promote a project (IE: a book, a film, etc…) can take our test – choosing the questions they want to answer. It’s a series of pop culture questions meant to reveal fun tidbits about the interviewee while also working as a promotional tool for the people taking the test. If you’re interested in taking it, send us a message!


Features – Articles with a special focus and a very magazine like style.

Musings – Articles where we muse on various subjects related to film, literature and TV.

Quizzes – Our version of fun online personality quizzes for you to take.

TV Recaps – Each of us pick a show to recap. I recap The Originals, Autumn recaps Arrow and Rebecca recaps Once Upon a Time. More recaps could come in the future. Let us know which shows you’d love to hear us talk about regularly.


Behind the Grimm – Rebecca looks at modern adaptations of fairy and folk tales influenced by the Grimm brothers and compares the new with the old.

Classic Romantic Moment Series

Classic Romantic Moment Series

We highlight amazing romantic screen moments from all the way back to the silent era of film (or plan to) to present day film and television.

Fairies, Witches and Gods! Oh My! – This new column focuses on elements of fairy tales, folk tales and mythology used in literature, film and television. This may include posts from us or even guest posts from experts and/or authors talking about a tale or myth that influenced their story.


Romantic Moment of the Week – Our popular column where we pick a recent romantic moment from film or television to spotlight as the standout of the week. Expect to see this column put up every Saturday.

The Silver Petticoat Mysteries – A new column with a fun twist. It will premiere on November 1. On the first of each month we will include a new mystery. Basically how it works is we pick an old book we find in a used bookstore or even a vintage shop and then we start to research. These are typically lesser known novels forgotten over time and we want them to be remembered again. So we will research the author and the book and share what we find. We’ll also let you know what the book is about and more. We may even do giveaways of the books.

The Silver Petticoat Mysteries

Top Lists! – A popular column where we put up new lists focused on literature, film and TV every Wednesday.

Typing Fictional Characters – I ‘attempt’ to type fictional characters using the Myers Briggs Assessment. I base my choices on research and all around educated guessing (being the amateur I am). It’s all in good fun and I love a good discussion, so if you agree or disagree with my choices let me know!


Author’s Corner – A place for authors to guest post, talk about their novel, talk about something else they love or even share new content. Send us a message if you’re an author and interested in writing a guest post.

Author's Corner

Blog – A place for us to post more personal posts. This is where you’ll also find news and updates.

Doctor Who Diaries – Autumn (and sometimes me) shares her thoughts and theories on Doctor Who, because it’s the best show ever!

My Journey Into Old Movies – Rebecca shares her journey easing into classic films. This blog feature will premiere soon. Follow along and watch the same movies with Rebecca as she experiences some older films for the first time. This is perfect to follow for anyone interested in watching classic films, but have been too afraid to try before. The list of movies were picked by me and Autumn.


Book Trailers – Soon we’ll be premiering our new business “Silver Petticoat Productions” and one aspect will be making specialized book trailers. We will share all of the book trailers here! Soon, we’ll be sharing our first example to Charlotte Bronte’s Villette.

Silver Vintage Videos – Transformative videos made by me and Autumn. We’ve had a couple different popular youtube channels over the years, but have been using this particular one since 2009. We have quite a bit of fun making these videos about various Films and TV Series and perhaps are best known for our romantic montages as well as our Moonlight videos (that were popular on a previous YT channel). We have an emotion driven style that focuses on storytelling rather than heavy effects and have won a few transformative video editing awards over the years. We will continue to share all new videos with you as we make them!

Video Recommendations – This is a new addition to the site, and since we love finding great videos we thought we’d start sharing. We may recommend great transformative fan videos as well as original ones. We will also recommend book trailers, movie trailers and more; Basically any kind of video we think you should check out!




Put together by Autumn, a certified Librarian (with a focus in Teen Services) with a Double Masters in Library Science and Children’s Literature from Simmons College, she thought it would be a great idea to create a place for Young Adult Content from Literature, Film and Television. So if you’re a teen or even if you love YA content, just click on this section and you’ll find lots of great and unique content focused only on YA. We hope it will be a safe haven and a lot of fun to read! Stay tuned for more developments with the YA Tower.

Well, that’s it for now. We do have more exciting things coming and we’ll keep you informed of all new developments! Anyway, take a look around, read the new content, check out the old and let us know what you think. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you around.

(All graphics in this post were made by Dena from the Etsy BubblegumBlowfish shop)


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By on October 3rd, 2014

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