Sadece Sen (2014) Film Review – A Gritty, Romantic Turkish Drama Of Love And Sacrifice

I have recently discovered the world of foreign films. The joy of watching a foreign film is that it exposes the viewer to countries and cultures much different than our own without ever needing to leave home.

I have found many of these films to be of equal, sometimes better caliber than American films. One such example is the Turkish romantic drama Sadece Sen (English translation: Only You)  a remake of the Korean film Always.

I have watched many exceptional films that emotionally impacted me, but none more so than Sadece San.

This gritty, romantic drama left me on the edge of my seat and totally invested in the outcome of Ali & Hazal’s story. I have rarely felt such an intense connection to a film, and this one packs quite the punch.

The story itself is a simple one of how love can change a life. But the unexpected twists and turns of this particular romance kept me engaged. It was refreshingly unpredictable, and a happy ending by no means guaranteed.

Belcim Bilgin’s portrayal of Hazal is simply lovely. Her Hazal has suffered but has retained her independence and positive outlook despite the loss of her eyesight.

But the real revelation of Sadece Sen is Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali. His is a stunning performance of a tortured, reticent man whose relationship with Hazal makes him yearn for redemption.

I also really loved the use of light and darkness in this film. The scenes when Ali and Hazal are together are full of natural light and have a breezy feel.