Paranormal Romance Watchlist: 12 Korean Dramas To Binge – From Grim Reapers, Ghosts, To Vampires And Even Mermaids

Ever since I devoured my first paranormal romance novel, I have been devoted to this misunderstood genre whether that be through television, film, or literature.

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So as a devoted fan of paranormal romance and everything supernatural, I was thrilled to enter the world of K-Dramas where there seems an endless sea of fabulous and over the top romantic paranormal romances just ready to be binged.

Here are twelve of the best I’ve seen thus far!

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Master’s Sun

Years after an accident, Tae Gong Shil sees ghosts day and night. There doesn’t seem to be much hope in sight UNTIL she meets Joo Joong Won, a greedy CEO. Whenever she touches him, the ghosts disappear.


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Scholar Who Walks the Night

Scarlet Heart Ryeo fans take note as our bad boy romantic lead also stars in this historical vampire romance. In order to support her family,  Jo Yang Sun dresses as a man selling rare books.


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My Love From Another Star

For those of us who love our paranormal romance with just a dash of alien, look no further than My Love From Another Star.


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In Black, a cold and ruthless grim reaper in a detective’s body falls for a human woman who can see the shadows of death whenever someone is about to die.


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Arang and the Magistrate

Arang is a historical horror romance about a murdered ghost who convinces Lee Joon-Gi to get justice and find the murderer.


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