Top 15 Of The Best Jane Austen Quotes About Love

Jane Austen’s six completed novels may not always be categorized as romance novels, but she had an undeniable influence on the romance genre as we understand it today.

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Now, Jane Austen may have never married, but she had a strong understanding of love and powerful observational skills.

So, read Austen’s eloquent words (some offering useful advice), and enjoy these memorable Jane Austen quotes about love, marriage, courtship, etc.

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Emma on Marriage

“A woman is not to marry a man merely because she is asked, or because he is attached to her, and can write a tolerable letter.” Emma Woodhouse, Emma


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Emma Has an Epiphany

“Why was it so much worse that Harriet should be in love with Mr Knightley than Frank Churchill? Why was the evil so dreadfully increased by Harriet’s having some hope of a return? It darted through her with the speed of an arrow that Mr Knightley must marry no one but herself!” Jane Austen, Emma

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Mr. Knightley Gets Romantic

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” Mr. Knightley, Emma

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Edmund Pays Fanny a Romantic Compliment

“He will make you happy, Fanny; I know he will make you happy; But you will make him everything.” Edmund, Mansfield Park

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Fanny on Equality in Love

“I think it ought not to be set down as certain that a man must be acceptable to every woman he may happen to like himself.” Fanny Price, Mansfield Park

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