7 Spanish Period Dramas You Need To Binge Now

As we come to the last day of National Hispanic Heritage Month, there is one last list to explore. The Spanish period drama.

Netflix offers a plethora of Spanish programming. From gritty, dark dramas to light-hearted, romantic comedies, there are a number of shows to appeal to everyone.

Without further ado, here are seven Spanish period dramas you are sure to love!

Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel)

The series follows a young man named Julio. He gets a job as a footman at a hotel to investigate his sister’s disappearance. There, he meets Alicia, the owner’s daughter.


Credit: Sky TV


If you love a story of family and star-crossed lovers, this is the series for you. Velvet is a sumptuous Spanish period drama that is deeply romantic. It tells the story of the heir to a fashion house who falls in love with a seamstress.


Credit: Atresmedia / Antena 3

Las Chicas Del Cable (Cable Girls)

This sexy Spanish period drama follows the lives of four women brought together by their job as telephone operators in 1928 Spain.


Photo: Netflix

Tiempos de guerra (Morocco: Love in Times of War)

Another Spanish period drama set during the late 1920s, this series features stunning cinematography and costumes.


La Catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea)

Set in 15th-century Barcelona, La Catedral del Mar tells the story of Arnau, the son of a fugitive serf, whose rise to the noble class brings suspicion from the Inquisition.