20 Underrated And Obscure Period Dramas

Photo: Lions Gate Entertainment

It’s truthful to say the name Jane Austen and phrase period drama are synonymous at my house.

Hers is a name universally acknowledged as the author who inspired many of our favorite British period dramas. Charles Dickens is another classic author whose novels are commonly adapted (by companies like the BBC) into beautiful period dramas.

Today I’ve put together a list that spotlights a mere few of the period dramas lost in obscurity or if you’re anything like me, they are simply forgotten.

The 39 Steps

A remake of an oldie, this one stars British actor Rupert Penry-Jones. It’s, surprisingly, more of a comic “cozy mystery” than anything and because of this, overplays its ending a bit.


Ballet Shoes

This is one that often seems underrated. At least that’s in my opinion. Ballet Shoes is a coming-of-age story about three orphans being raised by their benefactor (played by Emilia Fox).


Berkeley Square

Short-lived though it was, this miniseries looks scrumptious. It’s a look at the 1800s through the life of the women who took care of the gentry’s children.


Bertie and Elizabeth

Sweet and romantic, this ITV film tells the story of King George I, the shy royal with a stutter who ascended to the throne following his brother’s abdication.



Part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame collection, this one is set in Ireland. It involves a cattle drive and a kind of forbidden romance plot.