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Victoria Episode Three Recap – Victoria’s Vexation Leads To A Defining Proposal


Victoria Episode Three, ‘The Clockwork Prince’ Recap

After last week’s ‘Brocket Hall’ episode, Victoria began a new romance to passionately root for.

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And it all begins with a single, fleeting, but so important first glance…

The Beginning

The episode picks up immediately where last week’s left us (which was in a state of swooning). With that first, romantic glance between Queen Victoria and her cousin Albert. From the moment their eyes meet, there is a kind of wonder and enchantment that passes between them. (Of course, given this couple’s history, I also recognize that knowing how their love story blossoms makes it tough to root for any other outcome.) They don’t really know anything about each other, but there is something that lingers between them.

In private, Albert is pushed and coached by his brother, Ernest, and their uncle on how best to woo Victoria.

Stamps and Staff

Elsewhere, Victoria looks over stamps for approval, which features her miniature. In her girlish manner, she expresses displeasure with the design but is amused by the idea of writers “licking” her face. When Albert pokes holes in her pleasure over a triviality, she’s further displeased by him. As she’s wont to do, she voices this to the one man she does trust, Lord Melbourne. Later, Victoria dismisses Albert at a dinner party and the piano, where the two continue to spar. This is all done with nary a second thought… until the night that changes everything.

Below stairs, Skerrett lets her wealthy surroundings tempt and rule her situation. All of this prompts her to steal something to help a relative. But eventually she changes her mind, and without being caught, she returns the item before she’s caught. Instead, she sells something of her own and gets the money she needs when the queen gifts her a lace collar.

Affairs of the Heart

A grand ball is held at the castle where Victoria and Albert share their first dance. It’s during this dance that everything changes. Victoria is swept off her feet by Albert. As they twirl through the press of couples, it’s Albert who holds her gaze affixed to nothing but his eyes. The next morning, Victoria wakes dreamy-eyed with the man that everyone around her wants her to marry.


Shortly after, in response to Albert’s request, Victoria packs up her household and takes him for a short stay at Windsor. It’s at Windsor where they spend a great deal of time together. They talk about everything even as Victoria notices Albert’s serious persona. As they playfully race each other in the woods, Victoria’s hat tumbles from her head and dishevels her appearance. Before she can set herself to rights again, Albert tenderly tells her she’s “just right” as she is.

But as they so often do, their bubble of happiness bursts and they return to fighting. In response to feeling belittled (and second best to Lord M) in the Queen’s life, Albert prepares to leave.

It would seem, at least for the present, Victoria has forgotten she ever had feelings for Lord M. In the aftermath of her argument with Albert, she asks Lord M’s advice. They talk of Albert’s apparent distaste for smiles, and Victoria admits she would like his rare smiles to be for her.

He responds, “Well, if that is your intention, Ma’am, I don’t see how he could resist.”

“Do you really believe so?” she asks as she walks away.

With her out of earshot, he finally voices the truth of his feelings and replies, “Only a fool would turn you away, Ma’am.”

A Proposal 

With Albert’s departure imminent, Victoria frets she’s lost him. Under the advice of her uncle, she does the one thing that could make him stay.

In a hall lit with candles, Albert meets the Queen at her request. You see she has a question to put to Albert. As the pair meets at the fireplace, their anger fades in the glow of the candles. After a little conversation, Victoria comes to the point, asking, “Should I ask my question now?”

Close together, he softly responds, “I wish you would.”


With difficulty and the weight of the importance of this question heavy on her mind, she asks Albert to become her husband. He agrees. A kiss seals their betrothal as the beautiful scene ends on laughter and smiles…


This episode is as beautiful as those that came before. I do feel like Victoria and Albert’s romance has been cheated (a bit) considering the interesting dynamic between Victoria and Lord M. Still, in the span of an hour, the relationship between Victoria and Albert blossoms into the familiar hallmark we know and love; a relationship that builds on trust, respect and love. Last night’s proposal scene is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen immortalized on screen, a scene I’ll take a closer look at later this week in our Romantic Moment of the Week feature.

Stay tuned for that, and next week’s Victoria recap!

What did you think of this episode? Are you sad to see Victoria moving on from her infatuation of Lord M. or glad Albert has finally stolen her heart? Sound off below…

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