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5 Upcoming K-dramas That Are A Must-See

Cinderella and the Four Knights. Photo: TvN
Cinderella and the Four Knights. Photo: TvN

2016 is brimming with highly anticipated upcoming K-dramas that are sure to rock all of our drama worlds! Epic star-crossed romances, reverse harem dramas, cross-dressing heroines, handsome warriors, contract relationships! If you haven’t seen a Korean drama before or are looking for a new one, there’s really something for every genre fan including period dramas, fairytales, fantasy, contemporary/modern, and of course romance.

5 Upcoming K-dramas That Are A Must-See!

#1 Cinderella and Four Knights

Cinderella and the Four Knights. Photo: TvN
Cinderella and Four Knights poster. Photo: TvN

Air date: August 12
Episodes: 16
Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Cinderella and Four Knights is definitely one of the most anticipated upcoming K-dramas. A modernized retelling of Cinderella, Ha-Won is poor and dependent on her selfish step-mom when she helps a generous old man who becomes her “godfather” by letting her stay in his mansion – where his three super-attractive and very rich grandsons live as well. Plus there’s a hot bodyguard. Let the romance, comedy and drama ensue! Cinderella and Four Knights really harkens back to the early days of Asian dramas with reverse harem stories that make it feel like nostalgic (and hilarious) fun! A great choice for romantic comedy fans!

#2 Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Photo: KBS2
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Photo: KBS2

Air date: August 15
Episodes: 20
Teaser Trailer, Trailer

It’s not easy being a woman in historical Korea – so how does Ra-On make her living? Simple, she just cross-dresses as a boy and sells out romantic advice for men to get the girl (and who better to give advice than an actual girl, amirite?). Things get complicated when the Crown Prince takes an interest in Ra-On’s abilities and has her enter the palace as a eunuch. How long can Ra-On keep her identity secret from everyone, especially the Prince? The cross-dressing trope is a popular period drama trope (Lord of the Rings, Mulan, endless K-dramas, etc) that always bring a lot of comedy and crazy shenanigans that are hilarious to watch. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is a perfect choice for a lighthearted period drama and one to add to your upcoming K-dramas watchlist!

#3 Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)

Moon Lovers Poster. Photo: SBS
Moon Lovers Poster. Photo: SBS

Air date: August 29
Episodes: 20

Even with several title changes (the show finally settled on Moon Lovers but will probably be referred to by all its titles in the U.S.), Moon Lovers has been one of the most awaited upcoming K-dramas of 2016 as a remake of the vastly popular and epic Chinese Drama Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin). The Korean adaptation follows heroine Hae-Soo, a normal 21st-century girl transported back into time to the fierce Goryeo period (pre 15th century). Han-Soo meets a bunch of royal princes who are all desperately fighting for the throne and intent on romancing her. If Moon Lovers is anything like it’s source drama (and the previews look so promising), this is an ambitious historical romance that definitely should not be missed!

#4 Legend of the Blue Sea

Jeon Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-Ho. Photos: SBS
Jeon Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-Ho. Photos: SBS

Air date: expected to be in October
Episodes: 20 episodes

There aren’t a lot of details about Legend of the Blue Sea but endless fans are already desperate for October to be here! Actress Jeon Ji-Hyun (lead actress of the blockbuster K-drama You From Another Star) is back again along with fan-favorite Lee Min-Ho (City Hunter, Heirs, and the eternally popular Boys Before Flowers) and they’re working with the writer of You From Another Star. That news alone has blinded millions of fans with the shining light of star power! The story will retell an old Korean folktale about a mermaid – except this story will be set in modern times. Yes, friends, a modern mermaid fairytale retelling!! IS OCTOBER HERE YET???

#5 Hwarang: The Beginning

Air date: TBD (fall/winter)
Episodes: TBD

Hwarang the Beginning. Photo: KBS2
Hwarang the Beginning poster. Photo: KBS2

Rejoice period drama fans! A drama dedicated to the Hwarang warriors of 1st century Korea is finally here! Much like the fascinating samurai or ninja, the Hwarang were a unique group of soldiers, experts in martial arts and sword skills. They were known for being scholars and extremely handsome (hwarang literally means flower knight or beautiful knight). Just from watching Queen Seondeok (a K-drama about a queen and her Hwarang warriors), I have so wanted to see a drama just about these awesome warriors. Dreams are coming true this year!! Get ready for romance, bromance and more!

Are you excited about any of these 2016 upcoming K-dramas? What dramas or shows are you looking forward to this year? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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