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Two Takes on ABC’s New Sitcom Manhattan Love Story

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THE SHOW: Manhattan Love Story


WHEN: Tuesdays 8:30/7:30c

THE CAST: Analeigh Tipton, Jake McDorman, Nicolas Wright, Chloe Wepper, Kurt Fuller

THE SETUP: This romantic comedy series depicts the thoughts (heard through narration) of a young couple as they begin dating.


If one can thing can be said about this series, it is that Analeigh Tipton is a rising star. With the charisma of a young Meg Ryan, she should be cast in the next big romantic comedy. She may even be able to re-ignite an interest in what seems to be a dying genre. As for the show, while Tipton draws you in as young junior editor Dana, I felt that it really was just a mediocre presentation of a bland romance I couldn’t really root for.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

For one, the characterization was all over the place for Dana. In the first minute we’re introduced to her “shallow” and envious thoughts about all the purses she wants that belong to other people. And then on the other end, we’re introduced to Peter with his shallow thoughts as he makes rude commentary on the looks of women around him. Okay, so they’re both shallow. Maybe they’re meant to be. But then as the series progresses, Dana as a character is revealed to be quite different. Her introduction doesn’t really measure up to the optimistic dreamer who wants to see all the sights and sounds of New York City that is presented later. She’s kind, reads Harry Potter, is a tad introverted and wants to be a writer. But then they hint toward her wild college days; which again doesn’t quite seem to match up with her actual personality.

And that brings me back to the romance itself. Are we supposed to root for this likable, charismatic young woman to be with such a jerk? His thoughts are chauvinistic, at times misogynistic and basically obnoxious. He cares too much about women’s appearance, is rude to Dana herself (which he does try to make up for) and is the epitome of a grown up frat boy. We may be able to hear his thoughts, but I don’t even know if we need to since he doesn’t have much of a filter anyway.

…someone should snatch up Analeigh Tipton right away and cast her in the next Sleepless in Seattle.

Overall, while it’s a good presentation with a cute story, I just don’t really feel myself rooting for the romance which is the entire setup. However, someone should snatch up Analeigh Tipton right away and cast her in the next Sleepless in Seattle. It’s time for the return of good romantic comedies. I rate Manhattan Love Story three corsets overall with two vintage hearts for romance.


Manhattan Love Story isn’t really much of a love story at all. The show follows Dana, an idealistic dreamer who just moved to New York to begin her dream job as an editor. Her married roommates, not wanting to make her feel like a third wheel, set her up on a blind date with their friend Peter. Unfortunately, for Dana that is, the date comes right after her workday from hell. With co-workers fearing the new girl would take over their insecure positions, she gets ignored and then locked inside of a staircase, having to walk down tons and tons of flights of stairs to escape. By the time, Dana arrives at her date she’s a bit of an awkward mess.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

The setup is cute, and what should have worked on paper, doesn’t actually work in execution. The main problem really comes down to Peter, a shallow unlikeable guy. I’m not sure why we should be rooting for him, especially since Dana is so likeable in comparison, right down to her adorable “muggles” password. Not to mention that Analeigh Tipton really brings a wonderful charm to the role, a charm that outshines the actual show.

The characterization is also slightly problematic, even with Dana. In the beginning, the show wanted to get inside each character’s thoughts. While the piggish inner dialogues represented Peter rather well, Dana’s inner ramblings didn’t really gel. Instead of the thoughts of an introverted dreamer, the writer had Dana shallowly obsessed with everyone in New York’s material possessions. This characteristic didn’t flow with the character we got to know later on. Personally, I would have her thoughts be centered more on her excitement about New York, or even compassionate ones to represent more of who Dana actually is. Then of course there is Dana’s old sorority friend and roommate Amy. Can there be a more, non-funny, cliché nag of a wife and woman? How about we get a real woman instead thank you very much…Overall, there are cute moments with one rising star that rises above Manhattan’s mediocrity.  I rate this 3 stars overall and 2 stars for romance.

What did you think of the romance in Manhattan Love Story? Leave a comment.



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