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Top 30 TV Couples of 2013

2013 will soon be coming to a close, so I thought it fitting for this week’s Top List to pick some of the best TV couples of the year…well…at least subjectively. And because we just can’t watch EVERYTHING, there will be some popular couples left off the list (That or maybe we just don’t like them!) Plus, there have been so many good ones this year I had to narrow down to some of the personal favorites of us writers here at The Silver Petticoat Review.

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Choosing the top 30 wasn’t easy, so a criterion for selection was made:

  • The show had to have aired new episodes anywhere between January and December 2013.
  • No fanon; There is evidence of at least romantic feelings between the characters. Unrequited one-sided love is acceptable in my book.
  • Since season 3 of Downton Abbey premiered in America in January, I am counting that show in 2013 even though the original air dates in the UK were in 2012.
  • One of the writers here (Autumn, Rebecca or myself) has to watch the show with the couple chosen at least on a recurring basis.

Unfortunately, some of these couples have now come to an unfortunate end either through the always dreaded character death (darn trigger happy writers and/or actors who move on) or through network cancellation of the actual TV Show. So for now, let’s look back and remember.

From the popular to the obscure, scroll through the gallery to see our top picks.

Top 30 TV Couples of 2013

30. Hook and Emma – Once Upon a Time

Top 30 TV Couples of 2013
Once Upon a Time. Photo: ABC

29. Stefan and Katherine – The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries. Photo: CW

28. Emily and Micah – Emily Owens M.D.

Emily Owens M.D. Photo: CW

27. Will and Alicia – The Good Wife

The Good Wife. Photo: CBS

26. Klaus and Caroline – The Vampire Diaries

Klaus and Caroline
Photo: CW

25. Dyson and Bo – Lost Girl

Lost Girl. Photo: Syfy

24. Kenzi and Hale – Lost Girl

Lost Girl. Photo: Syfy

23. Danny and Mindy – The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project. Photo: Fox

22. Annie and Auggie – Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs. Photo: USA Network

21. Wade and Zoe – Hart of Dixie

Though I fully admit to liking Joel and George too! Show: Hart of Dixie. Photo: CW

20. Damon and Elena – The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries. Photo: CW

19. John Reese and Joss Carter – Person of Interest

Person of Interest. Photo: CBS

18. Audrey and NathanHaven

Haven. Photo: Syfy

17. Vincent and Catherine – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast. Photo: CW

16. Peter and Olivia – Fringe

Fringe. Photo: Fox

15. Brennan and Booth – Bones

Bones. Photo: Fox

14. Michael and Nikita – Nikita

Nikita. Photo: CW

13. Sister Bernadette and Dr. Turner – Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife. Photo: BBC

12. Mina and Dracula – Dracula

Dracula. Photo: NBC

11. Hugh and Dot – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Photo: Acorn

10. Eric and Sookie – True Blood

(Even with practically no scenes together this past season) – True Blood. Photo: HBO

9. Luther and Alice – Luther

Luther. Photo: BBC

8. Elijah and Hayley – The Originals

The Originals. Photo: CW

7. Felicity and Oliver – Arrow

Arrow. Photo: CW

6. Denise and Moray – The Paradise

The picture shows: Denise (JOANNA VANDERHAM) and Moray (EMUN ELLIOTT) Photo: BBC

5. Mary and Matthew – Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey. Photo: ITV

4. Gary and Miranda – Miranda

Miranda. Photo: BBC

3. Sybil and Branson – Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey. Photo: ITV

2. Linden and Holder – The Killing

The Killing. Photo: AMC

1. Jack Robinson and Phryne Fisher – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Top 30 TV Couples of 2013
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Photo: Acorn

What were your favorite TV couples of 2013? Did I include them? Or leave them off the list? Sound off below. 

Featured image at top: Jack (Nathan Page) and Miss Fisher (Essie Davis) in Australia’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Photo: Acorn

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  1. LOVED this post, ladies. Seriously, I may have to “steal” it. 😉
    Thanks bunches for putting it together.
    Rissi @ Dreaming Under the Same Moon

  2. Sorry but Captain Swan is not a legitimate couple. Rumbelle is though and should have been on the list instead. I am happy to see Oliver and Felicity on here though.

    • If you haven’t read our criterion for selection, I recommend it because it explains our choices. Based on that and the fact that it is a subjective list, Hook and Emma are certainly allowed to be on this list. They were even nominated for hottest couple for the people’s choice awards. Some people may not like them but many do. And like I said in the criterion, as long as the feelings are one sided, they count. I personally don’t even like the show Once Upon a Time, and only one of us writers here watches the series anymore and she likes Hook and Emma so that’s why it’s there. But yeah, I do love Felicity and Oliver! And I understand why you think Rumple and Belle should be on the list. But none of us here are really into them, so they didn’t make our personal favorites list. Thank you for your thoughts though!


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