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Three Guys Named Mike – Romancing A 50’s Airline Stewardess

Three Guys Named Mike
Three Guys Named Mike promo pic.

Three Guys Named Mike Film Review

What if you had three guys in love with you? Wouldn’t that be something? But what if they were all named Mike? Now that’s a comedy!

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Marcy Lewis and the other airline stewardess new hires.
Marcy Lewis and the other airline stewardess new hires.

Three Guys Named Mike is a hilarious, cute, and zany MGM film that gives us a super fun look back at the 1950s and airline stewardesses – both the good and the bad. The story follows spunky heroine Marcy Lewis as she applies to become an American Airline stewardess. Marcy approaches her new job with zeal much like she does everything in life. And naturally, she experiences a few crazy, amusing misadventures. Along the way, she meets three charming but very different Mikes: a grouchy AA pilot, a quiet professor, and a smooth talking businessman. What will happen when all the Mikes eventually meet? And who will win Marcy’s heart?

Marcy and Captain Mike

Three Guys Named Mike really captures the fun and upbeat vibe of classic films. Jane Wyman does a lovely job as Marcy, who is totally lovable, chatty, and enthusiastic in her personal life and work. Despite her faults (she can be something of a good-natured steamroller and at times seems a little romantically clueless), she really embodies the classic ideal woman – strong, independent, friendly and holding the biggest heart.

Howard Keel
Howard Keel

The male cast was a lot of fun with two big names like Van Johnson (Brigadoon, In the Good Old Summertime with Judy Garland) and Howard Keel (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane, Kiss Me Kate). I love both of these actors and they each brought their natural charisma to the screen. Howard as the usual grouchy, gruff bear-of-man (with a kind heart underneath it all) and Van as the sweet, clean-cut hero. Barry Sullivan also put in a fun performance as the flirty, debonair businessman.

Van Johnson
Van Johnson

The movie blended a nice touch of fiction and reality of the life of an airline stewardess. It was fun seeing old things that people used to do in the ‘50s. I laughed when the airline stewardess took down the names of all of the people on the plane. Definitely a different time! On that note, the film shows some unfair treatment of women, mainly that stewardesses weren’t allowed to continue flying after marriage. It’s hard to imagine such restrictions in today’s world, but seeing that reminded me of the struggles of women to bring us where we are today… and hopefully to bring us further in the future.

Trouble afoot! The "Mikes" finally meet!
The “Mikes” finally meet!

If you love classic movies, enjoy cute, silly rom-coms, or even enjoy the reverse harem story (Marcy does have three infatuated guys, after all), then Three Guys Named Mike is a great little flick to enjoy!

Three Guys Named Mike is available on Amazon Prime.

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