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Thornfield – A Jane Eyre Inspired Perfume Collection: Review & Giveaway

I received free samples of the perfume collection to write an honest review on The Silver Petticoat Review. All opinions are my own. Poesie Perfume also gave us free samples for a giveaway.

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”
― C. JoyBell C.

“The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind.” – Thalassa Cruso

Jane Eyre is my go-to comfort book. The words, the images, the characters, the romance, all speak to me. There’s something magical about a book that transports you to another time and place. And it’s also comforting as (for me anyway) reading a book of my choosing evokes memories of long summer days reading books as a girl. No responsibilities. No deadlines. Just good, old-fashioned summer vacation happiness. What’s more relaxing than reading a wonderful book with a nice cup of tea?

Well, as adults, in our hectic, chaotic schedules, we don’t always have the time to read through the day (or night if you’re like me).


On the other hand, smell, like books, also has the power to transport you to different places and times. They say smell is a powerful force for memory recall. A smell of lavender may bring you back to your childhood home where you had lavender trees. Or the smell of Cinnamon and Apple Cider might transport you to family holiday get-togethers.

But what if there was a way to recall a favorite book simply with a smell? What if we could bring a touch of that comfort with us? Can the words on the page create a scent in your memory inspired by imagination?

Well, if you love Jane Eyre as much as me, there might just be a way to bring the book with you wherever you go while also helping you feel more lovely!

Which brings me to what this post is all about:

The Jane Eyre inspired perfume collection, “Thornfield” from Poesie Perfume

Beauty, comfort, style, and joy all wrapped up in a perfume – directly inspired by Jane Eyre, one of the best books of all time. Not to mention, my personal favorite book. I’m in! That’s the thought that occurred to me when the perfumer of Poesie Perfume, Joelle Nealy, approached me about doing a review for The Silver Petticoat Review.

“The entire collection was crafted with deep love for the book,” she told me.

Well, I was intrigued, to say the least.

I find there’s something special about a beautifully crafted perfume. And finding just the right scent that suits you is always a delight. Plus, the thought of a hand-crafted collection of perfumes inspired by a book, is nothing short of special and unique.

So, did this “Thornfield” Jane Eyre perfume collection succeed?

Well, let’s take a look at each fragrance:

Thornfield – A Jane Eyre Inspired Perfume Collection: Review & Giveaway

#1 Opening Chapter

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.

Poesie Perfume: You find yourself blissfully ensconced in a window seat with your favorite book and a generous cup of steaming Darjeeling tea. Outside, the garden may be rainy and gray, but you needn’t worry about that at all. You don’t even have a cold, unfeeling aunt or a big bully of a cousin, unlike some people.

Notes: a generous cup of steaming Darjeeling tea, a rainy day, a pile of old books all your own

The words above reflect the inspiration behind the first perfume in the collection. The first step I take to test a perfume is opening the bottle and simply smelling it. The scent of “Opening Chapter,” has a pleasant, relaxing aroma. Not too strong or heavy. Just a mild smell.

It doesn’t have the strong chemical scent I dislike in perfumes. So, I appreciate that this is a perfume oil rather an alcohol-based perfume.

The feel of the perfume is light and smells nice on the skin! And yes, the scent of the perfume does evoke a relaxing feeling fitting to the inspired passage. Overall, I can easily see myself wearing this perfume on a daily basis.

#2 Tiny Phantom

I was not quite sure whether they had locked the door; and when I dared move, I got up and went to see. Alas! yes: no jail was ever more secure. Returning, I had to cross before the looking- glass…and the strange little figure there gazing at me, with a white face and arms specking the gloom, and glittering eyes of fear moving where all else was still, had the effect of a real spirit.

Poesie Perfume: You see it there in the glass, a tiny phantom – a glimpse of white in an otherwise dark room. But there’s no need to scream, and there’s no need to faint — the thing in the darkness is you. 

Notes: innocent pink roses, marshmallow buttercream, pale white musk, antique mahogany

Perhaps one of my favorite scents ever in a perfume, “Tiny Phantom” brings images not only of Jane Eyre but of innocence and beauty. I think of childhood, cotton candy, and flowers. Thankfully, no feelings of fear emerge wearing this perfume…

#3 Thornfield

I like this day; I like that sky of steel; I like the sternness and stillness of the world under this frost. I like Thornfield.

Poesie Perfume: The fire broke out at dead of night and she danced in the flames. Mysterious, intoxicating, and irresistible. Some people just like to watch the world burn.

Notes: burned wood and lingering smoke, new Vanille accord, the barest hint of pumpkin pie spices

Wow, this scent is intense. But fabulous. A hint of burning wood and smoke that reminds you of camping mixed with other smells truly make you think of an old Gothic house and a different time. While likely not a scent to wear out on the town, it could perhaps be used as a relaxing scent used at home, out in nature, or even used as a regular cologne for men. Or even on yourself when trying to evoke images or transport to Thornfield. A gorgeous scent for the imagination.

#4 Bewitched

When you came upon me in Hay Lane last night, I thought unaccountably of fairy tales, and had half a mind to demand whether you had bewitched my horse: I am not sure yet.

Poesie Perfume: Did she spread ice on the causeway that fateful night or was it just a coincidence that his horse fell? Bewitched features six ingredients for a love spell – yellow apple, clove, apricot, black pepper, vetiver, and cauldron smoke.

While I have yet to try the magical properties of this love spell (and yes, I’m joking), this perfume is simply lovely! A bewitching perfume for lovers of fairy tales and true love. I’m a fan and plan to use this fragrance regularly.

#5 Sir

“Jane accept me quickly. Say, Edward — give me my name — Edward — I will marry you.”

“Are you in earnest? Do you truly love me? Do you sincerely wish me to be your wife?”

“I do; and if an oath is necessary to satisfy you, I swear it.”

“Then, sir, I will marry you.”

Poesie Perfume: If she had bewitched him, he had enchanted her. By times dismissive, warm, humorous, and strange, he had drawn her in a surely as a wild creature is tamed. 

Notes: a masterful blend of fine cognac and tobacco, leather riding boots and a worn leather saddle, hay from the stables, warm skin

If you want your husband or boyfriend to smell like Mr. Rochester, well this fragrance is perfect! A masculine scent that brings feelings of warmth. While I’m not a fan of the smell of tobacco, thankfully, I can tell you, the tobacco is not overpowering. Overall, a wonderful scent for your significant other.

#6 Strange Unearthly Thing

You– you strange, you almost unearthly thing!–I love as my own flesh. You–poor and obscure, and small and plain as you are–I entreat to accept me as a husband.

Poesie Perfume: Perhaps she was a fairy creature, strayed from a mystic midnight gathering. The scent of the forest clung to her – moss and ivy entwined, an overturned log studded with tiny mushrooms, one ripe peach, & a circle of fairy flowers.

Notes: moss and ivy entwined, an overturned log studded with tiny mushrooms, one ripe peach, a circle of fairy flowers, white amber

“Strange Unearthly Thing” is a beautiful, light perfume that suits lovers of nature. A mild scent you can wear at home or out. I imagine being outside in a magical forest with colorful flowers and fairies. Another wonderful perfume!

#7 Marble Kiss

There are no such things as marble kisses or ice kisses, or I should say my ecclesiastical cousin’s salute belonged to one of these classes.

Poesie Perfume: Surrounded by the moors, he gave her a marble kiss. It didn’t matter that his face was that of a Greek statue – for her, his heart was just that cold. The gorse blossoms that cover the moors, a hint of Indian sandalwood, and the wedding flowers she would never wear for him.

Notes: gorse blossom, pink marshmallow, sweet sandalwood incense, a wedding coronet of orange blossom, white iris, and rose de mai

A delightfully, romantic perfume. The scent can certainly be worn for someone other than those who give marble kisses!

#8 No Bird

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.

Poesie Perfume: Her heart soared beyond the confines of her life, over the wild moors where she could be free. There, she was unfettered by circumstance, unencumbered by convention.

Notes: blossoming heather, windswept moors, dried leaves eddied by a zephyr

My kindred spirit quote! I’ve always felt connected to Jane Eyre and the way she thinks and this is my go to quote. The “No Bird” perfume itself has an unusual scent, much like Jane herself and I love it. A hint of flower, trees, and the wind, I think of freedom and feel more at ease wearing the scent.

#9 Myself Invisible

Poesie Perfume: What passions raged behind the quiet facade? Hidden away in an isolated stone house on the lonely moors and obscured by her nom de plume, she was neither Currer Bell nor the unassuming vicar’s daughter. She made herself invisible but poured out her flaming heart onto the pages that have resonated through centuries. A tribute to Charlotte Brontë in perfume form.

Notes: stacked books, spilled ink, black tea, shy violets hiding deep in the forest

The “Thornfield” perfume collection wouldn’t be complete without a fragrance dedicated to the author, Charlotte Bronte herself. And it’s a heavenly scent and the perfect tribute.


Thornfield – A Jane Eyre Inspired Perfume Collection: Review & Giveaway

These vegan, cruelty-free perfume oils directly inspired by Jane Eyre, not only succeeds but shows how stories can inspire in unique ways. While these perfumes are not for everyone, no doubt, these perfumes are perfect for those of us who love Jane Eyre, connect to nature, believe in fairy tales, or appreciate true creativity and uniqueness. The heavenly smells both delight and inspire.

Reader, I love the “Thornfield” Collection.


If you want to bring Jane Eyre with you wherever you go, make sure to check out the “Thornfield” Perfume Collection HERE.


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What are your thoughts on this Jane Eyre Inspired Perfume Collection? Are you interested in trying out these unique perfumes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve tried these all too! They’re all so lovely and truly evocative of Jane Eyre. I think Thornfield is my favorite, but Opening Chapter is a close second 🙂

  2. I love the idea for a perfume collection based on a book/series! Thinking of a favorite passage every time you catch the aroma, or even just the ‘mood’ the smell puts you in sounds deliciously entrancing. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Intriguing! I could not help but think of the hashtag I started #HenryCavillAfterGlow (how I described my feeling after meeting the man himself!) and how someone said it sounded like a perfume.

    Btw the new site layout looks gorgeous!

  4. Just reading the descriptions of this perfume collection, take me to a place, to a field, someplace I’ve never been…but have always known. I think all of the perfumes sound lovely, Myself Invisible sounds most interesting to me.


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