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The Princess Switch (2018): Tried and True Tropes for a Christmas Treat

The Princess Switch (2018)

Netflix’s latest foray into the Christmas rom-com department is The Princess Switch. The film stars Vanessa Hudgens (in two roles, hence the switching in the title) and Nick Sagar and Sam Palladio as love interests. Essentially, doppelgangers meet, switch roles and hijinks and love ensue. Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper gets a rom-com update.

It’s pretty standard, tried-and-true stuff. And it’s surprisingly enjoyable. It’s lighthearted fare for the whole family. My young daughters were enjoying it right along with me. There’s cookie-cutter sweet romance, coupled with some laugh-out-loud funny physical comedy. It all adds up to a solid Christmas treat.

The Duchess and the Baker

Chicago baker Stacey De Novo (Hudgens) ends up in the Kingdom of Belgravia during Christmas to compete in an international baking competition. Her best friend and sous-chef and single dad, Kevin (Sagar), and his daughter, Olivia, accompany her. While prepping for the competition, the list-obsessed, bit of a stick-in-the-mud Stacey bumps into Duchess Margaret Delacour of Montenaro (Hudgens), fiancée to the Belgravian Crown Prince Edward (Palladio). The Baker and the Duchess look exactly alike. Let the switching begin.


Margaret barely knows the Crown Prince – this is an arranged marriage of sorts. And she longs to try a normal life. So – with the prince away on business – she grabs her chance at a normal life, promising Stacey that Kevin’s ballet-obsessed daughter will be sponsored at a prestigious ballet summer camp in exchange. Stacey accepts.

Except Prince Edward doesn’t go away as planned, and Stacey finds herself increasingly together with Margaret’s good and honorable fiancé. Meanwhile, Margaret’s getting a taste of non-royal life and eyeing up Stacey’s delectable, generous sous-chef. Romance is in the air for both the baker and the Duchess.

A Tried-and-True Treat

There are no genre-bending twists in The Princess Switch. It zips along its foreseeable route. We all know where this is going. It’s that straightforward. But its knowability is never boring. Instead, it’s rather enjoyable, wholesomely and harmlessly enjoyable. The Princess Switch is lighthearted fun. It charms in its predictable way. And that’s totally okay.


Where to Watch: Netflix.

Content Note: Not rated. Nothing to come after; good for the whole family.

Photo Credits: Netflix.


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three heart rating

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By on November 26th, 2018

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2 thoughts on “The Princess Switch (2018): Tried and True Tropes for a Christmas Treat”

  1. I adored this film for all it’s cheesy goodness as well, and was wondering if you could tell me who your favourite couple is? I was just a little bit more captivated by Stacy and Edward’s story myself

    • I too was probably most enamoured with Stacy and Edward, but I really did like the actor playing Kevin. Both the male love interests were engaging in their ways. Thanks for reading!


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