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The Originals: The Devil is Damned Recap – Family is Power

Kol and Rebekah featured


This week’s all new episode of The Originals, “The Devil is Damned,” was filled with surprise twists and lots of Mikaelson family drama. Also, Daniel Sharman, who pulls off wit and drama brilliantly, needs to become a permanent fixture of the show pronto!


Freya and Finn

Finn is in desperate need of power to work the locator spell to find Hope. Thankfully, for him, a welcome surprise shows up in the form of his long lost sister Freya who’s more than willing to help. The question is, why? It seems this witch is up to something and it doesn’t seem good.

Freya reveals to Finn that she is cursed to sleep for a hundred years at a time only to awaken for one year so as to slow down her aging process. Not the best way to live, I imagine! It should be interesting to find out what Freya and Dahlia are actually up to.


Gia and Hayley

Finn sends Marcel on an errand to get Hayley’s blood with the promise of killing a vampire every hour he doesn’t succeed. But Marcel instead fills her in on the plan while they work on using Jackson’s blood as a decoy. It turns out however that the errand was the actual decoy, as Finn looses Marcel’s cursed vampires hungry for blood on the werewolf packs in the midst of their ceremony while he goes after the baby. This ceremony if finished will unite many different packs together giving Hayley and Jackson a giant werewolf army. Thankfully, the curse is broken before too much damage is done and Marcel’s vampires return back to normal.


Kol with Klaus and rebekah

Kol and Klaus are at odds when Kol comes crawling back to Klaus begging for his help after being hexed to his imminent death by Finn. Rebekah pleads his case, even after what he did to her. But Klaus remains mistrusting. He reads Kol’s thoughts only to discover what he’s been up to with the dagger this whole time and kicks Kol out in a rage.

So with Kol now desperate, when Finn calls asking him to get Klaus’ blood in exchange for letting him live, he agrees. Kol then returns to the Compound attacking Klaus in a rage. The two have an epic, Shakespearean level quarrel, proving just what a strong and interesting dynamic Sharman brings to the series. The two end the fight, seemingly (or at least temporarily) resolving a thousand years of pent up brotherly tension between them.

Klaus promises to share his secret with Kol if only he helps him. Kol comes through this time and promises to do whatever he can to defeat Finn. The trio (Klaus, Kol and Rebekah) gather magical dark objects to channel (Klaus shockingly trusting Kol with the white oak stake) so as to weaken Finn to the point where he’ll have to jump his body so as to avoid dying. But Kol and Rebekah together aren’t strong enough. They need to channel something stronger. That something is Klaus.

Klaus comes forward, willing to do anything to save his daughter. They channel Klaus and successfully weaken Finn.  As Klaus points out, family is power after all. At that point, they put their trust in Elijah to defeat Finn.


Elijah is back

It turns out that trust is well deserved as the calm, collected gentlemanly Elijah returns with a violent vengeance. Earlier in the day, Camille has Elijah work on maintenance around the house to keep him from thinking too much (he’s still having PTSD episodes). She then goes off on an errand with the baby, while he stays behind. It seems Cami has perfect timing!

Later, Finn shows up just after Elijah received the warning call about him coming. Caught off guard, Finn impales him almost to the point of defeat. But he rises up and defeats Finn in one of the most epic Elijah showdowns. Finn literally goes up in flames, but is he permanently dead? Or did he find another way to survive?


Camille looks at Hope

Baby Hope receives a cut on her forehead, only to be magically healed when she’s out with Camille on an errand. At first, Camille thinks Elijah gave her vampire blood, but she learns the truth about Hope’s abilities when the baby saves them a little while later. Just as the two are about to reach the safe house, the car completely loses power. And it’s only after the house blows up that the car turns back on.

Baby Hope

Cami looks back at the baby in shock, figuring out what happened. It seems Hope has magical abilities.


Klaus family is power

Klaus: I know in the last millennium we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but in this moment I am reminded once again of something Elijah has always said: Family is power.

Elijah and Finn

Finn: Look at you, brother. You’re a mess and as we both know, untidiness is your undoing. Tell me, do your soiled clothes serve as a reminder of your filthy memories? Your many sins? Are you having bad memories now brother, perhaps of the innocent Tatia? Or any one of the other poor souls who met their fate at your hands? That’s a shame really because in a way, the child is just another one of your victims. Had you the will to stand against me, you might have saved her, but because she was left under the protection of a wretch, a beast that basks in the blood of others, she will die. I suppose your little niece never really had a chance… I’d ask for a response, but I wouldn’t want to taint myself with the vulgar refuse that must, even now, be flashing through your mind.

Elijah [after being frighteningly silent]: Let me assure you, my mind is quite clear, much like the gas which has pervaded every single room in this home whilst you have been ranting like the lunatic that you are. You have disgraced this family for the last time. Good-bye, brother.

Finn burns

They burst into flames…


Do you think Finn will find a way out of this alive? Or is he gone for good?

Next week’s episode is titled, “I Love You, Goodbye.” A bad omen, perhaps? Will that be the last we see of Kol, Jackson, or perhaps Aiden or Josh? If someone is going to die permanently who do you think it will be? Or do you think the writers will find a way to save them all?

What is Freya’s end game? I thought perhaps she might want young Hope to take her place after centuries of torment. Or do you think she has some other plan?

Well, what did you think of “The Devil is Damned?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap the next episode “I Love You, Goodbye.”

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