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The Originals: Save My Soul Recap – The Maiden in the Tower



This week on The Originals in “Save My Soul” we learn the back story of Freya which is clearly inspired by “The Maiden in the Tower” type folktales. Think Rapunzel type tales of the imprisoned “damsel” held captive by a witch with magical powers. Meanwhile, as Freya tells her horrifying tale, Klaus and Elijah must decide if they will choose to trust her. Elsewhere, Cami learns surprising truths about Vincent’s true identity, Aiden and Jackson clash over leadership, Rebekah continues to lose control over Eva’s body and Dahlia returns…sort of.

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Rebekah black out

Rebekah’s having blackouts with missing time only to learn rather quickly that Eva, the evil witch who steals children, is working to completely take over her body. All the witches of New Orleans continue to want her to make “Eva” pay for her crimes, but Elijah is able to temporarily put the witch mob off – if only for one more day due to his new alliance. But with Rebekah losing control fast, they need to come up with a solution very soon. Rebekah seeks help from Davina, Freya, her brothers and Marcel. But as of now, there’s no answer in sight. And unfortunately during one of her blackouts, Eva kidnaps Davina, who is hidden away with many other teenage witches lying unconscious from a spell.


Freya and Dahlia

The writers continue their fairy tale theme by taking elements from Rapunzel folk tales for Freya’s story. While there’s no actual tower, the message is the same. Freya has magical power that her aunt Dahlia wants to use for herself and keeps her prisoner solely for that purpose. For a thousand years, Freya has been captive to the sadistic Dahlia who can never have enough power.

Freya meets with Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah to tell them her story of woe. She recalls her childhood and of captivity and sorrow. Freya watched Dahlia slaughter men, women and children unable to do anything to stop her. And then as time passed and she grew, she learned that with all of her siblings turned into vampires, she was the only Mikaelson able to have children – which meant that if she ever had a child she would have to give it to Dahlia. So she vowed never to fall in love. She also learned she was immortal and could not die.

And just as Elijah and Rebekah begin to accept Freya as their sister and her story (by allowing her to cast a spell that would help Rebekah), Klaus kills Freya as a test to prove her immortality. He doesn’t trust her and felt that her stories were told so as to manipulate them.

After she awakens (therefore proving she is immortal), Klaus questions her and asks her to tell the full truth. She then reveals that she did fall in love once in the 1400s and became pregnant. But before the child was born, Dahlia killed the man she loved. Not wanting Dahlia to take her child, she attempted to kill herself and her unborn child by drinking poison. It was then that she realized she could not die. Unfortunately, her baby was not immortal and did not live.

It’s clear at this point that Klaus begins to believe her story. But, he still doesn’t trust her. He fears that she is so broken and desperate that she will do anything to survive, which in the end could hurt his child. But he decides to allow Elijah to explore the possibility of working with Freya…for now.


As a favor to Marcel, Cami agrees to talk to the real Vincent to uncover what he knows about Eva. In an exchange of information, she tells Vincent what Finn has been doing with his body while he tells her a little bit about Eva. In a surprise reveal, we learn that Vincent was in fact Eva’s husband. Somewhere, Kol is having a good laugh! Later, Vincent and Cami share a drink leaving the possibility of an actual friendship or even relationship to develop between the two. Somehow though, I don’t think Vincent is everything he seems. He did seem a little bit too interested when Cami mentioned Finn trying to steal a baby.


Jackson and Hayley

Jackson and Aiden continue to spar over what it means to be Alpha and the leader of the wolves, which leaves Jackson insecure about his position. After the fight, Hayley works to boost Jackson’s confidence which she can see is faltering. She also promises to talk to Klaus about his belief that he is the actual leader of the wolf pack.

However, that “talk” doesn’t go as well as planned. Klaus will not back down on his belief that he is in charge. Not only that, in a surprising revelation, he reveals that the only person he trusts to protect Hope is himself. This could prove to cause some real tension between Hayley and Klaus in the future. With Klaus’s natural paranoia, could Klaus take Hope away from Hayley?


I don’t know about anyone else, but I was thoroughly creeped out by the episode’s cliffhanger as Dahlia (in a flashback) hums a sinister tune and turns to look back at the camera. Her look transitions us to the baby’s nursery where the same tune magically plays. Does this mean Dahlia has found baby Hope?


Cami quote

Marcel: Vincent Griffith is just another victim.

Cami: Yes, but as of yesterday he was Finn, Finn who lied to me, who used me, who tried to erase me from my own body, and now we’re just gonna hang out. I mean, it’s fine. I’ll do it. I just need a drink first.


Marcel and Rebekah

There’s some definite development growing between these two and I am completely on board! Now that Rebekah is vulnerable (something she’s not used to), she finds she needs to turn to Marcel for help. He reminds her that she is and has always been the strong one amongst the Mikaelson siblings despite her current state. And in a quiet moment, she asks him to stay to watch over her. The two embrace in a supportive hug. Until Rebekah gains complete control of her body, I imagine this will not be an easy road for these two. But I’m excited to watch their story play out – especially since the two actors share an incredible chemistry.


There seems to be a clear parallel between Eva and Dahlia and stealing children for more power. Could they be the one and the same? If so, it seems Kol accidentally could have placed the “wolf” right inside Hope’s nursery.

Do you believe Freya? Could there be more she’s not telling them? Could she actually be looking to give Dahlia Hope in exchange for something else? Her own freedom perhaps? Or maybe her child really didn’t die, so it would be one baby in exchange for another.

I am ready for a bigger Cami story line again. She has been missed!

Well, what did you think of “Save My Soul?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap the next episode of The Originals!

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  1. It was really frustrating watching Vincent try to convince Cami to break free of Klaus. I feel for Vincent, but there’s no getting through to Cami, even though she’d be way better off with Vincent. Great scene though and I liked that they used “Every Age” by Jose Gonzalez, too


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