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The Originals: For the Next Millennium Recap – Moonlight’s Jason Dohring Returns to the World of Vampires


Jason Dohring in The Originals Season three premiere "For the Next Millennium." Photo: CW
Jason Dohring in The Originals’ season three premiere, “For the Next Millennium.” Photo: CW

If last season’s arc was all about fairy tales, I’d say this season has gone full urban fantasy with a nice wink at successful vampire shows that have come before. First, there’s the perfect casting of Jason Dohring (vampire solidarity, Rah, rah, rah and all that…) who previously played the deliciously sarcastic vampire Josef in the underappreciated CBS series’ Moonlight. Then there’s the war brewing between sire lines reminiscent of the short-lived (but cult favorite) vampire series Kindred: The Embraced which was all about vampiric clan wars. And let’s not forget to mention some major similarities to Forever Knight – a ‘90s vampire series that mastered the art of flashbacks and Sire-Child relations.

Season three is grittier, more urban with some crime solving involved (a fantastic way to bring Camille more front and center) and a definite romantic slow build brewing between Cami and Klaus. This season will also continue to explore the family dynamics of the Mikaelson clan. I’d say season three is off to a promising start.

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Freya writes to Rebekah. Photo: CW.
Freya writes to Rebekah. Photo: CW.

Freya fills the audience in quite nicely about what’s been going on with a magical letter of recent events to Rebekah. Klaus and Elijah are still at odds because Klaus refuses to apologize while Elijah is understandably upset about the curse Klaus placed on Hayley; Marcel’s taken over The Quarter where he runs a fight club of sorts to find those worthy of becoming vampires; Freya continues to look for a cure for Hayley and the Crescent Wolves, but to no avail; Hope continues to grow and while being doted on by Klaus only gets to see her mother once a month; there’s a rift between Marcel and Davina as she tries to prove herself leader of the witches by being against the vampires; and Klaus has been having little “chats” with Camille in what’s supposed to be professional therapy sessions now that she has her degree.

Freya closes her letter in the hopes that Rebekah will send her advice on how to heal the broken bond between Klaus and Elijah. At this point, this clearly won’t be happening anytime soon.


The Original Mikaelson siblings in "For the Next Millennium." Photo: CW.
The Original Mikaelson siblings in “For the Next Millennium.” Photo: CW.

In a surprising turn of creative events, Casper Zafer makes his first appearance on The Originals as Finn Mikaelson – last seen on The Vampire Diaries when he was killed. So this is the actual first time all five original siblings in their original forms are seen on screen together on The Originals. And it was awesome!

The flashback is in 1002, soon after they were turned into “beasts” by their mother. Here, they are young and naïve, fearful of being hunted and are shadows of the “beasts” they would become. Relatively young, the Michaelson’s are still close as siblings united in their curse for “always and forever” as they hunt together like a pack. Though the beginning roots of what divides them are planted and beginning to take root.

This particular point in time they happen to hunt a family with royal backgrounds.

Rebekah, ever the optimist in hopes of living a normal life, suggests they should steal the clothes of the victims and take on their identities. The rest of them feel this is a foolish idea since they know nothing of royal English behavior. And that’s when they hear a heartbeat. Someone survived their slaughter by hiding inside the carriage – a young man claiming to be the servant of the family they killed.

In an attempt to survive, this young man named Lucien pleads to keep him alive. If they do, he will teach them how to act, what to say and who to pretend to be. Rebekah, of course, is sold on the idea! The rest are more hesitant, so they put it to a democratic vote. With Klaus’s deciding vote, Lucien’s kept alive and the family goes to royal court.

From there, Lucien quickly becomes close to the original family. We later learn in present day that Klaus eventually turns him into a vampire – Lucien perhaps the first to be turned by Klaus.

Back in court 1002, they pull off their con (at least for the time being) and enjoy hiding in plain sight from those who would hunt them. There, a new character is introduced – Aurora – a beautiful and wealthy young woman who captures Klaus’s eye.


Klaus and Camille in the season three premiere. Photo: CW.
Klaus and Camille in the season three premiere. Photo: CW.

Since we last saw Cami and Klaus together, Klaus in a soulmate sort of way revealed to Cami that he would have found her no matter what, which then led to an almost kiss between the two. Since then, Cami finally received her psychology degree and has now set professional boundaries between her and Klaus, which he clearly has no intention of following.

At the beginning of the episode, Klaus invites Cami over for a “chat” but reveals that he’s actually intending to share with her his thousand years’ worth of artwork. She doesn’t find it professional in the least and attempts to leave. Still, he invites her to be his date of sorts to the exhibition show of his art.

Cami figures out that he’s afraid no one he cares about will show up. Still, she leaves without accepting his “unprofessional” invitation (though she does make an appearance at the event). In the end, Klaus once again breaks the boundary rules when she comes home to find him in her apartment. He doesn’t understand why she’s upset and tries to give her a gift – a painting he did of her. She insults him before realizing what he had actually given her and he takes off in a huff of hurt feelings. In a tantrum, Klaus then rips to shreds the art critic who was overly critical of his work. Uh-oh. Klaus is going to have to find a better approach if he wants to win over the intensely independent Camille.


Snarky detective played by the always amazing Jason Dohring (why doesn’t he have his own show?) enters the scene as Detective Kinney when Vincent ropes Camille in to help solve an occult like murder in New Orleans. Unfortunately, the killer strikes again leaving the second body in a strange, ritualistic like manner identical to the first body (similar to Hannibal – albeit much less grotesque). Cami helps the Detective by questioning the usual suspects only to quickly rule them out. So with Klaus and Marcel eliminated from the suspect pool, who then is the killer? No doubt, Camille will continue to work as a consultant to Detective Kinney to help solve supernatural like crimes starting with this serial killer – which I think is fabulous. I’m really looking forward to the writers exploring Detective Kinney’s character more. And while this may be early, I say snatch him up as a series regular before someone else does.


Lucien and Klaus. Photo: CW.
Lucien and Klaus. Photo: CW.

A new fascinating direction is introduced with the present day appearance of Lucien, vampire “child” to Klaus. He comes with an agenda and a prophecy – that a “beast” will lead to the downfall of the living Mikaelson siblings. Fearing his own demise (extra points for bringing over the ignored consequences of the genocide of two entire lines of vampires from The Vampire Diaries) if Klaus dies, has come to help. Or so he claims. He’s moody, volatile and seemingly the serial killer Camille and Detective Kinney seek – though this could be a red herring. Still, the promise of three different sire lines ready to go to war against each other may be one of the greatest story arcs The Vampire Diaries or The Originals has ever come up with. There’s nothing more fun than watching vampire clans fight amongst each other. It can really lead to amazing story ideas.


Elijah, Hayley and Hope. Photo: CW.
Elijah, Hayley and Hope. Photo: CW.

Elijah continues to be awesome as he protects Hayley and the other wolves in his usual suave, kick-butt fashion. He proves his love for her through strength and loyalty as he waits each month for her to turn into a human where he temporarily reunites her with her daughter. He also puts together feasts for the Crescents and works as their protector. In this episode, he spends his time hunting down the wolf hunters who killed a bunch of the werewolves. By the end, Elijah fears that Hayley may be amongst the dead when he discovers a bunch of wolf corpses. Poor Elijah.


Being a teenage leader of an ancient witch coven isn’t working out so well for Davina. The witches don’t take her seriously and are even plotting against her – sometimes inflicting physical harm. Marcel tries to give her advice and even pleads for peace between them, but Davina fears working with him since her people have already labeled her as a vampire sympathizer. I sense more conflict brewing between the witches and vampires – and especially Davina against Marcel and Josh in the future. For now, Davina ropes Hayley into helping her (so she is thankfully still alive).


At the end of the episode, we discover that Aurora (from the earlier flashbacks – and who we also learn is a vampire) is alive and well. And if you thought Klaus had a bad temper, well it seems Aurora could give him a run for his money. Aurora kills the peaceful messenger of a letter which clearly contained bad news. More clues connected to the Sire Wars? We shall see.


Klaus's painting for Cami. Photo: CW.
Klaus’s painting for Cami. Photo: CW.

Besides Elijah’s continual loyalty and proof of love for Hayley displayed throughout, there was also a lot going on between Klaus and Camille in the episode. And that’s who I felt this week’s romantic moment belonged to – particularly the end when Klaus gives Cami a special gift; a painting to be exact.

Despite the moment not turning out positively for Klaus, it says a lot about the deepening of his feelings for Camille when he gives her a painting he created of her. It’s a personal gift, and yes, a romantic one! I’m looking forward to how this relationship will play out. But then, I do love Beauty and the Beast type stories.


Lucien: That mouthy dirt bag does have a point. Your work is derivative…Of Degas, I’d say. Although, I happen to know that you compelled Degas to mentor you. I always thought his work improved after your influence.

Klaus: Finally, someone with an eye for art!

Lucien: Well, live long enough and you develop a taste for it— among other things…speaking of which, can we please have a drink? I am quite parched.


Who do you think the serial killer is? Lucien? Or someone else? Could it be Aurora? Or a character we already know? I’d love to hear your theories. Right now, it really seems like Lucien is the killer. But as we know, things aren’t always what they seem.

What do you hope to see with Detective Kinney’s character? Do you want more snark? Bad Boy? Or do you think a more straight-laced character will be interesting as a way of mixing it up for him to differentiate from Veronica Mars and Moonlight?

Speaking of, any other Moonlight fans out there? Who felt themselves asking, “Is it Thursday yet?” Being a huge Moonlight fan myself, I practically jumped in excitement when I read Jason Dohring had been cast. When I read the news, I asked my sister, “What would be the best casting ever on The Originals?” Without knowing anything, she said, “Jason Dohring.” It took her a couple minutes to realize that her first guess was, in fact, the truth and not a joke.

Finally, how long before Cami breaks her own “professional” boundaries with Klaus?

Well, what did you think of “For the Next Millennium?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap next week’s all-new episode, “You Hung the Moon.”

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