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The Flash: Fast Enough Recap – A Wedding, A Death and A Choice

The Flash E23 (11)

Every episode (all 22) has led up to this moment; this epic first season finale. Barry has choices to make. Choices that might bring him some sense of closure, but will also forever alter the future as he now knows it. “Fast Enough” opens with Barry’s opening narration, much like the prior two episodes opened with Iris and Wells’ commentary.

The Choice

Stuck in the pipeline (which is exactly where he deserves to be!), Barry faces Thawne a.k.a. Harrison Wells (a man not born for 136 years yet). The man has a proposal, but first he goads Barry into asking the one question he’s been waiting to ask.

The Flash E23 (10)

“Go ahead Barry, ask it.”

“Why did you kill my mother?”

His answer? He hates Barry. Not the Barry now but the  Barry he becomes. His plan was to kill child Barry until future Barry removed him from the equation. He stabbed Barry’s mother so that he would ensure the Flash would never exist. Instead, by killing Nora Allen, Wells lost speed. Desperate to return home, he went with the alternative. He created The Flash. He needed him to be fast enough so he could harness his power. Now, Wells is giving Barry a chance to undo all the evil he (Wells) has been a part of.

Barry is given time to think. This gift has unparalleled risk, says Dr. Stein. Nothing would be as it is today if Barry were to accept Well’s offer. Joe urges him to change the past, “This is why you became the Flash.”

Father and Son

Before he makes any decisions, Barry seeks the most valued opinion: that of his father. Barry doesn’t see his decision involving turning back time. He’d be going back to save her, not altering time. His father urges him not to do this. There’s a natural order and reason his mother died, he says. There might be a cost to Barry if he does this and he’s too proud of the man his son has become to want this. (This moment is really a standout, emotional scene between Barry and his father).


Iris finds Barry at their old rooftop meeting place (between Iris and The Flash). Following some reminiscing about days past, all she asks is, “So are you gonna do it?” Iris ponders their documented future and her eventual marriage to Barry. Barry remembers the great life he has had living with the Wests, and asks Iris what she thinks he should do. She wants him to stop thinking of other people for once in his life.

Following a conversation, Eddie has with Professor Stein, Eddie takes a step back to Iris. (Eddie fears he has no place in the future. Stein believes Eddie is a wild card). Eddie brings lunch to Iris while she’s working. There he convinced Iris every coincidence leading them together means Iris is his destiny. “Every moment of my life led to you,” he says.

Romantic Moment: A Wedding

The Flash E23 Screencap (Wedding)

Though he doesn’t have a very important role in this episode, Ronnie is back! Good thing too since he and Caitlin get the romantic moment shout-out. Ronnie confesses that he’s back for good to be with Caitlin. He might be more than one man but he’s not whole unless he’s with Caitlin. Later, Stein uses his role as a rabbi to (legally) marry Ronnie and Caitlin as everyone watches. Caitlin is happy to be where she is today even with all the moments leading to this moment, it was all worth it.

Everything Changes

Following his earlier conversation with Iris, Barry returns to Wells. It’s time to learn what his grand plan is. The particle accelerator plays into the plan. It will collide with Barry and if he runs fast enough, he can break a barrier. But only if he can run fast enough.

The Flash E23 (12)

Stein and the lab gang look into Wells’ calculations. Then it’s time to hear what Cisco thinks. Cisco wants to know why Barry wants to do this. He’s furious that Barry is even considering it. But Barry has a favor that tempers his anger. He wants Cisco to build a time machine(Wells lost speed when he killed Barry’s mom. He gets it back in bits and pieces. Because of this, he has been squirreling away pieces for a time machine ever since). Cisco’s one face-to-face with Wells involves him telling Wells in an alternate timeline, Wells killed him. He counters by informing Cisco that the night the accelerator exploded, Cisco was affected as well.

Meanwhile, calculations and plans for Barry to leave seem to be going according to plan. Then a snag is discovered. If Barry doesn’t reach the speed needed, disaster strikes. Something so big it might destroy more than Central City. The gang speaks to Wells about these concerns. He tells them he’ll have just under two minutes to save his mother and return to the present timeline. Once this is complete, the black hole can be closed, saving civilization from being swallowed.

This news causes Barry to falter. And again, it’s a selfless Joe who encourages Barry’s choice. Barry questions Joe if he thinks he’s fast enough; Joe answers without hesitation and sureness, “Yes.” Even in his dreams of saving his mother and reuniting his family, Barry has never considered that doing so means losing a father (Joe). Like the moment with Barry’s dad earlier in the episode, Joe and Barry share another wonderful father-son bond.

The Flash E23 (8)

The Flash E23 (7)

Everyone says goodbye to Barry before he leaves. Cisco has one last minute advice for Barry. Joe and Barry say goodbye as father and son. Iris wishes Barry a happy life, whatever it is. The quest to prove he’s fast enough is about to begin. Barry sees the “speed force,” his past, present and future while he’s running. Wells tells him he needs to decide where he wants to go. The 2-minute clock is ticking.

The Flash E23 Screencap

Once at his house, Barry chooses to only watch safely from behind closed doors as Reverse Flash kills his mother (thanks to a warning from future Barry). After he’s gone, he “meets” his mother. “This won’t make any sense,” he tells her. “But it’s me mom. It’s Barry.” He tells her that he was given a second chance to come back and tell her that he and dad are okay. She dies in his arms as Barry cries over her.

Meanwhile, back at the labs the gang sends Harrison Wells on his way by putting him in the time machine. Before he can leave, however, Barry returns with a punch so forceful it breaks the machine and keeps Wells in their present. Caitlin and Ronnie frantically try to close the hole as Reverse Flash and The Flash engage in battle. Then in a shocking twist, and in order to save Barry and everyone he loves, Eddie shoots himself which means Reverse Flash was never born. His existence is erased from time. Eddie dies being all he ever wanted to be: Iris’ hero.

The hole begins to reopen destroying the Lab. No matter Stein’s claim, nothing will stop it, Barry decides he has to try. Therein lies our season one cliffhanger: Barry running into the heart of the hole.

Thoughts and Questions

Perhaps the most important question of the night is: What do we think Wells remark about Cisco meant!? Is our favorite, lovable scientist going to be faced with something changing for him in season two?

Also, what did everyone think about that quick flash of Caitlin as her future counterpart Killer Frost? And the hints towards the new spin-off Legends of Tomorrow?

This really was a solid, entertaining season one finale. There was some heartbreak, but if I’ve learned anything from these superhero shows, it’s that nothing stays the same. It’s been fun following season one so closely and recapping it. I’m also glad this CW show was renewed as it boasts lots of potential.

What do you want to see develop or change in season two? Share any and all of your thoughts down below.

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