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Ten Romantic Vampire Heroes Who Steal Your Heart

Photo: CBS; romantic vampire heroes
Moonlight. Photo: CBS

Vampires do not always have to be bad guys or brooding lovers. They can be heroes that save the day, whether on purpose or through transformation. Instead of quietly letting the years pass them by, these vampires choose to be men of action. As they fight evil or just their own personal demons, they take the time to romance their true loves. Vampires are already romantic figures, but these vampire heroes make it their mission to fight and protect. Here are some of the romantic vampire heroes who have stolen out hearts.

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In no particular order…

Ten Romantic Vampire Heroes Who Steal Your Heart

#1 Mick St. John (Moonlight)

Mick and Beth from Moonlight Photo: CBS
Mick and Beth from Moonlight
Photo: CBS

Mick spends his nights solving crimes and protecting the innocent in Los Angeles. It’s a form a redemption for his earlier days draining innocents of their blood. His heart becomes even more human after meeting Beth.

#2 Damon and Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Damon, Elena, and Stefan from “The Vampire Diaries.” Photo: The CW

Although the two brothers have switched between good and evil many times, they still remain heroes at heart. Damon and Stefen have saved their friends, and Elena, from danger many times. Both brothers have romantic souls and have their hearts changed by Elena forever.

#3 Ethan Sullivan (The Chicagoland Vampire Series)

some girls bite; romantic vampire heroes

Unfortunately, there isn’t a photo of Ethan on any of the covers. However, he is a true vampire hero. He is devoted to protecting his house, and Merit, from harm. Ethan will throw himself in front of danger and always considers the greater good. He is always brave in the face of adversity and is a true leader among vampires.

#4 Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)

Klaus and Cami in The Originals. Romantic Vampire Heroes
Klaus and Cami in The Originals. Photo: CW

Klaus definitely started off as a villain, but he has evolved during the course of both television shows. He has gone from a villain to anti-hero, to hero in some cases. Klaus has many inner demons to fight and a lifetime of cruelty to shake off. However, in his heart, he is full of heroic and romantic feelings that seep through.

#5 Lestat de Lioncourt (The Vampire Chronicles)

Lestat and Jesse; romantic vampire heroes
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Lestat is the ultimate hero of his own story because he fashions himself that way. Lestat fights against despair and loneliness many times and triumphs. Lestat likes to make dashing appearances when he pleases and steal the stage from his vampire brethren. He really is the romantic prince of his kind.

#6 Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)

the fiery heart; romantic vampire heroes

Adrian starts off as lazy, playboy Moroi but he evolves into a romantic vampire hero. After his romance with Rose, he realizes he can be strong on his own. He knows he can be a better person and save the day. After he meets Sydney, he becomes more determined to be the great Moroi vampire he was meant to be.

#7 Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)

Romantic Vampire Heroes
Photo: WB

Ah, Angel is the epitome of the Byronic vampire seeking love and redemption. He helped Buffy save the world several times and did so again (we hope) at the end of his own show. Angel’s deep love of humanity spurs him on from one heroic act to another.

#8 Mitchell (Being Human)

Vampires in Film and Television
Photo: BBC

Mitchell was a tortured soul who tried to devote his life to doing good when he moved in with Annie and George. He helps save the day a few times and his heart warms up in the process. His romance with Annie was sad and beautiful. In the end, Mitchell makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect others.

9. Dracula (NBC’s Dracula)

steampunk Dracula; romantic vampire heroes
Photo: NBC

To me, this version of Dracula is one of the most romantic and heroic. In his guise as Alexander Greyson, he does try to do good deeds and protect Mina in the process. However, the past haunts him and so does his desire to walk in the sun. He is a hero motivated by passion and the need to be with his true love.

#10 Bones (The Night Huntress Series)

at grave's end book cover

Sadly, Bones is not on the book cover. Still, Bones is snarky, a good fighter, but also a hero. He protects the world from other vampires that wish to harm it. Bones is not afraid to fight and stand up for what he thinks is right. His relationship and devotion to Cat is the stuff romantics swoon over. Content Note: These books have frequent adult content.

Feel free to sound off about your favorite romantic vampire hero in the comments!

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