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Hey, fellow kindred spirits! Thank you for following The Silver Petticoat Review. We hope we’re a positive and fun place to be.

Now, we blush as we ask, but we’re just going to get right to the point. The Silver Petticoat Review is a project of love but it costs a lot of money to keep running. Over the years it’s transformed from a blog to a full-on entertainment site, run like an online magazine. And since we’re working without any investors, the cost of running the website is high. From premium web hosting, marketing, maintenance, plugins, and various other tools, we put in more than we get out!

Not to mention that we (Amber and Autumn) work full time on this site as well as having other full-time jobs. And unfortunately, it’s losing its sustainability. Both cost and time wise. The more traffic we get, the more content we have, the more expensive (and time-consuming) this entertainment site is to run.

But since we love what we’re doing and we hope we’re putting out useful content, we’d love to keep going. So, we’re asking for direct one-time Pay Pal donations to help.

In the future, we’ll likely also add monthly subscriptions as well as a Silver Petticoat Store! So, stay tuned for these exciting developments. We hope to turn this into a full-time entertainment site/business. And we hope to be able to even pay writers in the future.


If you love our vision and what we do, and you’d like to help keep the site running, we’d be incredibly grateful for a donation. We do ask for a $3 minimum due to fees. And please leave a message for us with any Silver Petticoat tips for future content for us to put into consideration.

Again, we’re truly grateful and thankful for your support. Expect to see some exciting additions to The Silver Petticoat Review coming soon!

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